Thursday, July 24, 2008

Leggy Beauty

Men can always stare at your cleavage and talk to your boobs all the time but most of the time they will never say no to a pair of immaculate and sexy pair of legs. And which is why I am going to magnify the importance of owning a pair of sexy legs. Walk down the street and see how many ladies are wearing miniskirts and hot pants nowadays. Why do they wear them?

The answer is simple - They too want to flaunt their legs. If you have it, why not flaunt it?!! All sorts of fashion become an ally if you have beautiful legs; be it in a mini-skirt or a long gown, the way you flaunt your legs becomes even more momentous if your legs are well-proportioned and spotless. That's why when you have big boobs, a top with low neckline is always a must so that it is visible even to the one who is blind!

Look at those legs.....

While not all women have beautiful faces like Angelina Jolie's, Jessica Alba and bla bla bla or have big boobs like Pamela Anderson, Carmen Electra and bla bla bla, a pair of sexy and flawless legs can still be yours if you are willing to take the necessary steps and the right amount of effort in taking care of the skin of your legs.

First, you have to realize that your beauty regimen should not be confined to your upper body parts. Obvious as it is, some women think that caring for their faces would be enough because after all people only look at your face when they talk to you (except some cases where they talked to the boobs). But having a beautiful face or shapely torso is hardly equated with having irresistible pair of legs. Therefore, you need to separately pamper your legs and not only focus on the face!

oggle oggle oggle

According to experts:

1. Moisturize All The Time

Having smooth and glowing skin on your legs is a direct result of adequately moisturizing them. Moisturizing your legs will make them feel soft and supple, enough to be described as silky. When choosing a moisturizer for your legs, always take into consideration the type of your skin to avoid unwanted reaction on your legs.

For me, I like to use moisturizer that are less oily because oily moisturizer tend to leave marks on the bedsheets when I applied them before I go to sleep. Therefore I'm now using the VMV HYPOALLERGENICS Illuminants Body Brilliance Hand and Body Lotion. It may also be used as an interim moisturizer on the face, neck, chest, and hands. Although it is not scented but I really like it because it's not oily and you can apply any fragrance after moisturizing without having to worry aboutthe blend of both scents.

2. Exfoliate And Buff Your Legs Regularly

The appearance of your legs can be affected by the layers of dead skin cells that are accumulating on them. This unhealthy layer can cause some skin problems and blemishes on your legs because dead skin cells can block the pores on your skin. So the answer is exfoliate, exfoliate and exfoliate. But don't overdo it.

You can go about this by using loofah or other soft abrasive materials that are specifically made for your skin. With exfoliating gels or just ordinary soap, you can gently rub these materials on your legs and, in the process, scrape off dead skin layers. After you have done the exfoliating part, remember to apply lotion to moisturize and give your legs a buff finish.

In my own opinion, exfoliating once a week would be enough. Too much of it will damage the skin I think. For body scrub, you can try some of the varieties at Body Shop like the fruity ones or the cocoa butter which is good for the skin. I like the smell of Body Shop Passion Fruit Body Scrub.

3. Nourish Them With Vitamins

As a new younger looking layer of skin takes the place of the scraped dead layer, you need to nourish your legs with vitamins that can strengthen and improve the health of the skin on your legs. The new skin layer can be more receptive and responsive to nourishment and any other leg treatment, hence always follow up the exfoliating and the buffing of your legs with the application of skin nutrients. Applications that are rich with vitamins A, B complex, C, and E are usually the best for your skin.

And since cocoa butter is good for the skin and chocolates is made of cocoa butter, I think I have to try spreading some chocolate onto my legs for leg therapy sessions. I have yet to try but I think it would be awesome to give it a go when I'm free to melt the chocolate. Anyone want to lick my legs?

4. Be Careful When Shaving

Unwanted hair growth on the legs can make them unsightly. This is why many women shave or wax their legs. But the problem with shaving is that, you can easily nick the skin of your legs if you are not too careful with the razor. What starts off as an attempt to make your legs look smooth and sexy can easily end up in bleeding cuts.

To prevent this from happening, always use top quality razors. And always take your time while shaving your legs; this way, you do not feel pressure so you have greater control of the razor.

Call me unadventurous or what, that's why I never use razors for my legs or anywhere! You can try Veet Cream & Mousses where you don't need to use any blade to remove the hair. Just apply the cream or spray on the mousse, after 3-6mins, wash it off and you're all done. For me I just use the 3 minute hair removal cream - it's cheap and fast. Considering the many times you'll be using it to remove the hair from your legs, the cheaper the better! Waxing however will give you a longer period before the hair grows back but use it only if you can stand the pain. Well, I haven't wax my legs before so I wouldn't know but somewhere else where the sun couldn't shine, you can ask me. Not that painful la!

Ooh La La - where can I get this?

I was just asking around this afternoon whether what turn guys on. Was it the FACE, BOOBS or LEGS? Well as many have said LEGS but I couldn't believe that BOOBS come in last! Either they are embarrassed to admit it or boobs really aren't important attractive attributes at first sight. For me, I like to stare at people's legs especially when they're in shorts or mini skirts. It's just my usual way of checking them out and whether their shoes matched their clothes. Often I find people paying less attention to the legs and shoes and rather focus more on their faces with all the right make-up, earrings and other accessories....

Well, it's time to buck-up ladies. Show the guys your killer legs today by just paying a little more attention to the legs and which I would like to advice the ladies not to shop or cheap and uncomfortable shoes for the sake of fashion. A good pair of shoes should not leave unsightly marks on the feet. I have had shoes that cuts my skin especially slightly above the heel spot and I always get scolding from my dad who strictly warn me to take care of my legs and to make sure they are free from scars.

My new shopping harvest

I love shoes. I really love beautiful and sexy shoes. I have also added a new pair of NINE WEST to my shoe cupboard. That was my first pair from Nine West which I've got at a very good bargain. Right now I have a collection of 3 pairs of Aldo (my fav), 3 pairs of Zara, 1 pair of Guess, and half a dozen from Vincci. Another good thing to splurge on expensive shoes is that the shoe tends to last longer. I have a number of cheap shoes that lasts me only for a month or so! The most important criteria of choosing a shoe is that it complements the feet rather than the feet trying to accommodate the shoes!

How do you like my new silettos?

I don't know how comfortable Nine West will be until I test it out. And I still haven't have found an occasion to wear them out! But I do know the heels looked great. Moreover I have no grey shoes so I'm not guilty for splurging on them!

They are not exactly the best pair of legs or the most beautiful pair but they are my legs and I'm proud of them!!!

More legwhore pics....

Now doesn't it make you wonder whether you should start taking care of your legs now?
Show the men what you've got!!!


Anonymous said...

Eiling, to be very hinest to you, as for me when i look at girls, i would rate legs first,especially long and silky legs which is a very rare spieces in malaysia, then complextion, fair would be my preference, boobs-not oversize-34B would be nice then face. All this are good criterior but not the most important criterior, the most important will still be the character and femininity. this is my personal opinion so i hope you girls out there wont get offended. Anyway i dont choose friends just because of their looks so i dont bother how they look. the most important value is still the friendliness,honesty and good hearted. like what you post today.keep it coming. Cheers.and take care. Ray111

YilingL said...

OMG like what we've just learnt in chinese class today... "CHE LIAN"!!

Janefen said...

Eiling, I totally agree with you !! indeed a good post =) having a pair of beautiful legs is seriously important. I also judge a girl beautiful by looking at their beautiful legs. For example, karen mok. I like her a lot and find her gorgeous as she has a pair of beautiful long legs. It's indeed important to take care of our legs..must be well toned =)

KY said...

becareful what you wish for, Eiling!

-eiling- said...

RAY111: Thanks. Yep inner beauty is always important but the outlook is also the attraction factor. That's why Malaysians ladies should take good care of their legs!

YILING: Well, you must assets to be "che lian" Muahahah

JANE: Yeah her legs are nice and long!

KY: What did I wish for?? Someone to lick the chocolate off my legs?!! *wink wink*

li wei said...

girl..i can assure you the pair of nine west will last you a long long time. i had a pair in 2005 and its not wearable anymore only early this year.i've worn it for walking on roads and to office most of the time. but of course great care has to be taken as usually the bottom rubber of the heels usually comes off.but that can be fixed by the street cobbler.

as for the choice of leg hair removal, why not try epilator.the machine is electrically powered, its dry and not messy. Most important, it epilates the entire hair out of the skin without leaving the root. Usually it lasts me bout 3 weeks before i need another round.

-eiling- said...

LI WEI: Yeah yeah I have seen the epilators but I haven't got one yet. Maybe I'll give it a try. Where did you buy yours and the brand?

Let me put my 9west to the test and see how long it can last! Haha...

ziling said...

What the hell is "che lian"? since when we learn that word in chinese class? Oh gosh, i think I've been napping in class with eyes wide opened again!

Wei, My BIRTHDAY NEXT WEEK!!! I want Nine West also okay?

vialentino said...

wow...very very sexy pics!

-eiling- said...

Ziling: Ok la I buy you Nine West (in your dreams)....muahaha

Vialentino : Haha..yeah...

mimid3vils said...

U do have a pair of sexy legs...which I really envy... :(

Philip said...

From a Photographer's point of view, long and sexy legs are a big asset to any girl.Whether looking at her from the front or from behind, she is always beautiful and sexy.You do carry a pair of exceptionally sexy long legs.Could it be because you eat a lot of chocolates? haha.

-eiling- said...

MIMI: Thanks. You can have 'em too. Start to take care of your legs. Spoil them and buff them up!

Philips: That's why models always have longer legs and a shorter upper half. It'll make them look nicer when carrying a dress. It's not due to eating chocolates but spreading chocolates on them?!! LOL

Anonymous said...

I hope this is not a harassment. Eiling has a pair of most beauty legs. I like them very much.

li wei said...

eiling, i'm using the brand Panasonic. got mine from harvey norman when they have promotion. but you can find them in Jusco or Parkson electrical dept or any other big electrical stores. there are other brands might you might wanna check out like Braun or Philips.

rubberseeds said...

You must be kidding.If it is really true, then he got the toughest job of licking chocolates all over the full length of your long legs....

Anonymous said...

eiling why not post something about men since you are a girl- like things that girls look out for in men and girls preference and criterior a men must have before he can be your bf?

Yatz said...

now that are some sexy legs :D

-eiling- said...

Anonymous: It's not harrassment but compliment. Thanks.

Li Wei: Ok, I'll go check them out. Thanks for the info!

Philip: I'll make sure I only apply a thin layer of chocolate or either that he has to love chocolates! LOL

Ray111: Good idea. Let me do some research and survey some girls.

Yatz: Whose legs? mine?!! LOL

Anonymous said...

.....licking chocolates all over the full length of your long legs..

no lah, i think her legs taste better than chocolate (not another harassment)

-eiling- said...

Anonymous: Wah...thank you for your compliments!!!

Johnny Ong said...

i truly agree on yr statement that guys look at the legs as well. very true indeed

-eiling- said...

Johnny: More reasons for girls to take care of their legs!

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