Sunday, July 20, 2008

Hennessy Artistry @ Bukit Kiara

The latest Hennessy Artistry @ Bukit Kiara 25th July 2009. Click here.

It's getting bigger and bigger. I remembered having my first taste of Hennessy Artistry events starting with Velvet in Zouk and moving on to Aloha in KL and now, Bukit Kiara Indoor Arena. The string of Hennessy Artistry events were indeed happening, not to mention the free flow of Hennessy Miami, and Shanghai all night long! This time, even the guest celebrities/performers were of class boosting people like Flo Rida, Machi, DJ Latin Prince, Pop Shuvit and guest celebrity like Utt was also there!

My First Taste at Velvet

My invitation was thanks to Greg whom has friends working with Spiral. The venue was appropriate with enough space for us to party. It was not as crowded as the previous events at the clubs. This one has enough space for you to move and shake, and even maybe doing a break dance or two.

Inside was impressive too. There were 3 spots for people to hang around - Hennessy KL, Hennessy Shanghai and Hennessy Miami. Those with VIP passes can access the slightly elevated platform in front of the 3 backdrops where others can hang around in the centre. There were also 2 or 3 bars so that people do not have to crowd at one place to wait for their drinks.

I had 10 glasses of these

Three of us

Greg and us

Lucky Calvin

Lucky Me

Inti students unite

Just me

I missed the first part of the performance. When I came at about 10pm, an in house DJ was spinning. After that, Pop Shuvit came up and sang a few songs. We were hanging around at Hennessy Miami which was a strategic location because it's very near to the stage. After Pop Shuvit, Machi came on and did their rap. Although 99% of what they rapped is of something I couldn't understand, the music was still good. I wasn't sure whether are they rapping in Cantonese, Mandarin or Hokkien?!! The one that steals the show had to be Flo Rida. I loved the last song they performed yesterday - LOW - Low, low, low, low low low low........

Managed to spot Shaolin Tiger taking photographs

I left the place at 1am as my sister wants to go home to sleep because she has to wake up early this morning for her usual music class on Sundays. I have had my 10 glasses of free Hennessy so it's time to hit home because I can feel the alcohol kicking in already. Was half drunk half conscious that I could still walk to the car and then took a shower before climbing onto the bed. I managed to meet some of my friends as I was leaving so it was not too bad after all. I also love the free Polaroid shots at Hennessy Artistry!

KY, Myself and My sisters

However, one incident left me being very unhappy - I lost one side of the earrings! I darn love the earrings I bought from East India Company and this is the first time I was wearing it out and I have to loose it! Damn.... Can't get the same pair anymore as that was the last pair on sale! How could I not realise that I dropped one of them?!!! How could I? Sob.. sob...

Hello Mr.Policeman, I want to report my missing earring. Could you please help me search for them?

Anyone seen my earrings or found it, please return it to me. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

wah wah wah good nite out. so u manage to pick up any lengchai or not? Ha ha...

KY said...

Greg looks like he has ear rings on the "THE ART OF MIXING" photo. :D

-eiling- said...

KY: Ya ya I felt it too when I was putting the text into the photo. Better not let him know! Haha

Anonymous: Leng Chai? Got leng chai but never pick up. More interested in drinking anyway.

YilingL said...

yeah i think free flow is better than pciking up leng chai! the former doesn't come very often... while the latter, well go read some mags and oggle at the handsome models la.

Janefen said...

I read a few reviews about this as it looked really cool. Too bad I missed it as wasn't in the mood to go that time. haha...nice shots !

Michael said...

So little photos geh? More more more!

-eiling- said...

Yiling: Ah yes... I prefer to oggle at the magazines than miss my free alcohol.

Janefen: I thought you were going too. Nvm ther's always another one.

Michael: The rest are not so nice. We don't have canggih cameras like yours!

ziling said...

Why are you publishing FAT pictures of me without my permission?

Hei Yau Chi! I shall burn your house!
..... then I have no where to stay... burn your bed is good enough! It's SMELLY anyway!

Michael said...

Want to correct you on your post. At 10pm, it was an inhouse DJ that was spinning.

DJ Latin Prince couldn't be spinning at 10pm as he only arrived at the arena at 11pm and hung around at the backstage getting drunk.

So yah, just want to point out that little error to you.

-eiling- said...

Ziling: you burn my bed, i'll burn yours.

Michael: Thanks! I'll correct that.

Jen said...

it was awesome! but free flow is so wasted on me because i can hold so little alco in me, its miserable -____-"

-eiling- said...

Jen: Well, it's all about practice... so you must come out more often!

Yatz said...

aiseh..i missed out lots of people that night..

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