Monday, June 23, 2008

Testing KY's Discount @ Ah Foong Bak Kut Teh Sunway

Ever since KY posted up his "discount" at Ah Foong Bak Kut Teh, everyone got so excited and of course I have to personally test out the outlet and also the discount since KY recommended it in his blog sometime ago about this wonderful place in Sunway.

KY - when he's not eating, he's in his working clothes.

What would be a better way than to have KY himself accompany me to the BKT place right? I believed that there's no free lunch in the world but he proved me wrong. There really is free lunch because it was his treat today! Look, I didn't device a plan to cheat you for lunch k? I was just merely asking him why he didn't bring any dragon balls (Tau Sar Piah) back from Penang for me?!! I made him felt bad and remorseful that he agreed to give me a treat at Ah Foong's. Why would I ever wanna decline a free lunch right?!!

The menu - colourful and meaningful to those who doesn't know chinese!

Additional new dish - the fish head claypot style.

KY and his ever hungry look "Don't make me hungrrrry". Some of the dishes we had - Bak Kut Teh with pig's stomach and intestines, hot sour vege and Fried you tiao.

Well, I have to say that KY didn't disappoint me with his free lunch. It tasted quite good and better than most of the BKT shops out of Klang. It's reasonably priced and the food is good. However, the fried you tiau is not that fresh because it was not too crunchy. The best was still at Asia Cafe. I guess sometimes people are just lazy to drive all the way to Klang for a taste of BKT and of course with the recent petrol price increase, need I say more?!! There's another reason to eat here - the 10% discount doink!!! Just mention "KY discount" like what KY posted before and you're on your way to save some money!

Oh, he's so proud of his 2 pages of A3 size publicity. Even "Ho Chiak" is only A4. LOL

Looks like the tauke really treat him like a celebrity. There was another copy of his post on the tiled walls. Haha fehmes KY.... Even when we just stepped into the shop, he came and greeted him. When asked whether did anyone came to use the discount, he told us that they were quite a number already asked for the discount and there were also another table behind us using the discount when we were they. But they didn't notice KY was there. People only recognize discounts - not the person! Sad-ler.

KY was excited about the discount and then anticipated for people to greet him and then felt disappointed because the 2 buggers left without noticing him! (that was made up by me though)

In his post if you notice, he did mention that "p/s: I’ve always paid full price to eat there myself" but today he didn't. The boss automatically gave him a 10% discount. And I don't have a chance to utter "KY discount". Ceh, no fair. Bring KY himself to the shop also no additional 10% discount meh?!! Thanks KY!!! You really are a walking discount today!

I can steal the address and review from KY's post but according to him I can't steal the map! Copyrighted woh. Like anyone would wanna steal a map drawn by a 3-year-old. hehe....

446, Jln PJS 10/11
47800 Bandar Sunway

On a separate note, do I look better without glasses or with glasses. My new glasses quite stylish because it has zero power and I just wear it for fun to transform myself from sexy to serious secretary-look! I think I looked like a medical student don't I?!!!

With or without?!!

[Disclaimer: This is strictly my honest opinion and tastes vary with tastebuds. Please do not even waste your time trying to sue me because just like my sister, we ain't rich! Thnx]


KY said...

Cheated me out of a free lunchhhhhh!

rubberseeds said...

So next time when I eat there I will also mention KY's Discount.Hope it doesn't expire.To me you look more beautiful in glasses

-eiling- said...

KY: I didn't. You offered willingly.

PHILIP: Thanks. I can't find my glasses today. Don't know where I left it!

yapthomas said...

"Like anyone would wanna steal a map drawn by a 3-year-old. hehe...."

Totally Agree!!
More like 2 years old tho... hahaha

-eiling- said...

THOMAS: Very smart!

Jason said...

Where did you take this photo? Is it in Genting Klang? Near to Genting Court? There is a Fish Shop beside the BKT restaurant? If yes, could you describe how the boss look like? Tks.

zilinglim said...


-eiling- said...

JASON: Nope. This shop is in Sunway. Opposite Sunway Pyramid in the housing area.

ZILING: MUAHAHAH. Tuck Kee nicer but this is not bad also.

Neo said...

With or without, both I like! :)

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