Tuesday, June 24, 2008


OMG it's been one hour that I'm hogging the youtube in front of my Samsung SyncMaster 193p monitor after my gym session at Celebrity Fitness. Guess what I have been watching? Or what was so interesting that kept me glued to the screen? It's him.....

I am just drooling over his body. Look at his hips - sexy!

Ever since I had a taste of the Korean Drama series "Full House" I fell head over heels for Rain. He's 6ft, has a adorable face, cute smile, sexy and well-built body, sings and smooth dancer. What more can you ask from a guy?!!

I'm never the Jap/Korean celebrity fanatic but for him, I made an exception. His main attraction was his body of course! How could he had such sweet abs?!! God, I wish I could have a taste of him. Grrrrr...... He reminds me of the Hong Kong actor Steven Ma though but he doesn't possess the body of Rain's... It's raining men!!!

This song is called Sad Tango. His dance moves is just impressive and I'm completely hooked. I think I've watched this clip more than 3 times today. Pay attention when it's 1:35, that's when he pulls up his shirt. LOL

Watch this video as well and you'll know why! Gosh, I was hoping I was the girl dancer in the video. Yummy.... I love the part where they tore his shirt and how me moved his hips. Definitely good in bed no doubt! I think I've watched this more than 6 times! Crazy.

And a year ago I was laughing at people who paid so much to watch his concert and I was like WTF is he that everyone was so crazy about?!! Now I realised I what a waste that I missed his concert! Will you marry me RAIN?!!! I heart for you.............. I think someone's going to puke.


KY said...

it's okay to dream once in a while, eiling.

-eiling- said...

KY: You might never know when the dream comes true! I am still waiting for him to marry me. Muahahha

Anonymous said...

I think your apperance look like a Korean girl. May be I am not the first one to say so

-eiling- said...

me korean? you gotta be kidding. honestly I don't think I looked like Korean because some people thoght I looked Hong Kongish

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