Friday, June 13, 2008

The Moodie Report

Shameless advertorial of meself.....

Extracted from The Moodie Report June 2008 edition.

Oh, I finally pump my first tank of RM2.70 petrol yesterday and guess what?!! Before the increase, for a 3/4 tank, I'll only need to pay RM92.00 and yesterday, I paid a whopping RM112.00 for 1/2 the tank! F*CK

And the good news was I heard that my company is not going to increase the mileage claim and anyone who asked will get chopped. Everyone's revising the petrol and mileage allowance and how are we going to survive with the existing wages?!! Tell me, tell me!!! Hmm... time to look for a job that pays higher mileage claims?!! Any suggestions?


Anonymous said...

I suggest you to get into modeling. You can make big money for at least 20-30 years. Then you don't have to worry about pumping expensive petrol into big cars. That is the privileges of pretty ladies and don't miss the opportunity.

rubberseeds said...

Just suddenly becoming lazy!

Anonymous said...

work for beryl's?

KY said...

take the LRT. :D

-eiling- said...

ANONYMOUS: Modeling? Hmm..never strike my mind and btw I don't have the cut for it so forget about that option.

Philip" Who's lazy?!!

ANONYMOUS: Beryl's?!! No way, am not going back to supermarket days.

KY: What a good suggestion. Glenmarie has no access to LRT. Duh x3

rubberseeds said...

Without salary increment and better mileage claim, you don't have to work so hard lo!

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