Sunday, June 15, 2008

Hennessy Artistry @ Aloha KL

I know, I know this should have been posted long ago but I was feeling kinda lazy to write about the parties that I have attended last month including the post on the MAS Temptation night at The Apartment KLCC. Greg invited my sister, her friends and me to the Hennessy Artistry party at Aloha on the 31st May and it so happened that it also coincide with my Grandma's birthday at Sri Kembangan. The journey to Sri Kembangan passing through the roundabout in front of The Mines was hell as I was stuck there for more than 30 minutes stationary.

The dinner should have ended earlier but due to the traffic jam, our dinner got delayed and my sister and I had to leave the dinner at 9.00pm to head to KL. We were lucky as Calvin offered to be the driver for the day so we drove to his house in Sri Petaling and hopped into his Nissan Latio.

Greg managed to put us in the VIP's list with access to the top floor and free flow of Hennessy all night long! booze is always an attraction to me. After trying so many versions of Hennessy cocktails, I still like Miami the best. It was very crowded at the time we were there and only after 1am, the crowd began to leave and it left us with more space to breathe! Phew..

Pamela (from Amazing Race Asia Season 2) was the MC of the night. PointBlanc was there to perform and then followed by Bangkok Invaders and VJ Callen.

KY and his blogger friends were there too. I also met some of my long lost friends there! Now, let me bore you with more pictures.

Me & Greg

Me & Yiling

Calvin, forgotten name, Greg & Me

Me, KY & Nicholas

Me, KY & Rachel

Me, Greg, Calvin, Yiling, Ivan & Param

*Starstruck* Daniel Tan & Me

If you don't know who Daniel Tan is, check it out here! He also happens to go to the same gym as mine! haha...


Simon Seow said...

OMG, it's Ah Long. I still haven't post this yet, so you're still early.

-eiling- said...

SIMON: haha... so how come you have not post about this yet?

KY said...

your face is extra red on the last pic!

-eiling- said...

KY, do you have to remind me on that?!! I know... maybe too shy... *blush*

Anonymous said...

A separate subject.
I thought Godiva is very expensive, but there are some chocolates in Switzerland that are even more expensive. Just two little balls cost like 20 euros

-eiling- said...

hmm.. glad you found out. Godiva doesn't really have to be godly chocolates that only god can afford. It's just their branding and publicity that makes people think that's the best.

In fact, there are many chocolate artisans out there that makes exceptionally great chocolates but not comercialized ones. Those are really for super rich people and those who sought extraordinary chocolate indulgences. Like I superlove Valrhona chocolates but not many people have heard of it. Just like Mulberry handbags are more expensive than Burberry's.

akema said...

and i thot fidani was the best.

-eiling- said...

I didn't say Fidani wasn't the best. It's still the best as long as I worked there! Muahaha...

Anonymous said...

I feel like it is quite a distance away for our people to accept the very expensive branded food. My relatives will not feel anything if I buy them expensive chocolate.

-eiling- said...

Well, that's because most people don't see the value of the chocolate. To them chocolate is just another chocolate so no point getting expensive ones. However, for those who appreciates chocolate like wine appreciation, then the quality and price does matter.

You have to really see whom are you buying for.

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