Friday, June 27, 2008

Go Spaniards!!!

I am definitely in a very good mood this morning as I know that my favourite team in Euro 2008 has made it to the FINALS!!! Yay... It's a 3-0 win over Russia.

Not that I am a football fanatic, but I do like certain matches and of course I'll extremely like it if my player is in the match, whom is none other than Iker Casillas. I think I am in love with him for almost 3 years already and it was really a delightful moment to see him again in the big match against Germany this Monday 30th June at 2.45am. Hmm... I think many people will be on leave on Monday so I am expecting a traffic-jam-free next Monday. Just don't disappoint me.

Iker on the ground after the semi-finals

Iker has been performing very well in the Euro 2008, where he managed to save two goals from the penalty shootout against Italy! Well done! This morning, he did very well in saving a good header from Russia at 88'. OOoooh, it’s difficult to believe that such an accomplished player, in the one position that most favors experience over youth, is still so young and he's just 27 years old. Ladies and gentlemen, meet the best keeper in Spain, and perhaps the best in the world.
IKER CASILLAS (pronounced as "Ca -sias")

Most expensive hands

Why would I say he's the BEST?!! This year in La Liga, Casillas won the Trofeo Zamora for top keeper in the league, allowing just 32 goals out of 36 matches, for a ridiculous average of 0.89 per game. No one else was under 1. Without that kind of stability at the back, Real Madrid never would have taken this season’s La Liga title, the team’s 31st and Casillas’ fourth. To go with his Zamora trophy and four league medals, Iker has won two Champions Leagues, a UEFA SuperCup, and an Intercontinental Cup. He is one of the most loyal club men in Europe as well, never having played for a side other than Real Madrid. (taken from Worldcupblog)

I am truly looking forward to Spain vs Germany. The Germans has been indeed almost the universal's favourite but the Spaniards are no loser either. They have come a long way, it's just that they never have the luck to win big titles even with such an impressive team. I'll keep my fingers crossed. Gol, Gol, Gol....Que tengas suerte Espana!


KY said...

Go Germany! :P

-eiling- said...

ceh. go Spain!!!

Anonymous said...

I like those girls who ran naked into the field for their team

-eiling- said...

haha...i'm definitely not one of 'em

Anonymous said...

an unrelated question.
Can anyone tell me what is the best way to travel from KL to Melaka, and how long does it take?

-eiling- said...

ANONYMOUS: The best way and probably the cheapest would be by bus. You can get a bus to Melaka in KL Sentral or Pudu Raya. The bus will probably drop you off in Melaka Sentral. The journey is about 2 hours.

Simon Seow said...

Spain won the Euro Cup. Woot!

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