Monday, June 30, 2008

EURO 2008 FINALS : Spain 1 - 0 Germany

I had barely 2 hours of sleep and I have to report to work this morning. How wonderful if I can just take half a day off to bask in the joyous occasion of my winning football team. It was indeed a miracle that I can wake myself up at 2.45am this morning to walk downstairs and switch on the TV to see the live match between Germany and Spain.

When everyone else in the universe is betting on Germany to take home the trophy, I chose to stand by Spain still. Not because they have more handsome players or they have a 69-year-old coach that looked like he's 85 but because of their spirit and performance in this championship.

Spain has had it bad years, never pass the quarterfinals for almost 2 decades and this time, they manage to play in the Finals. The win was long awaited after 44 years since their first win in year 1964.
Both teams had used the 4-5-1 formation for the match. Spain played well in the first half of the game, having a very clear shot at the goal at 22' by Fernando Torres but the ball went sliding off Lehmann's fingers at the side of the goal post. However, that did not deter him from scoring at 33' when Lehmann allowed the ball to fly past him. Lehmann, at 38 years old is too old for the game. His movement is somehow rather slow. The crowd was estatic. This is the goal that differentiate them from the Germans in winning the title. The Spaniards have more shots on target than the Germans during the first half. It was as if the Germans didn't try hard enough.

Hero of the day- Fernando Torres (9)

During the second half of the game, the spanish players were more laid back and was defending rather than attacking until towards the 15 mins to the end of the game, they tried their luck for another goal. The Germans were all the way attacking during the second half to score an equaliser but luck were not on their side. In midway, the italian referee booked both team's captains Michael Ballack and Iker Casillas over a row between their players. Michael Ballack has been in bad luck because he was really not performing to the standards yesterday, loosing ball possession and had fouled in numerous occasions. German's Schweinsteiger was also in a bad shape, with bad estimation in scoring a few times as he clearly had some good shots on target opportunities.

After the 90mins + 3 mins injuiry time, it is obvious that Spain is taking home the trophy. I would say that Casillas had done well in the game by pushing away several near goal attempts with his superb skills. Luis Aragones might be the oldest coach, but he sure is still mighty. Joachim Loew looked dejected and so did the players. The rejection and disappointment on their faces were apparent. Spain on the other side was savouring their victory and kissing the trophy. It was fresh to see Torres at 24 years old, brought glory home today. He was also the one that was attacking in the whole match until he was substituted by Daniel Guiza towards the end of second half.

I'm wearing Red today in support to my team's winning. I'm also expecting a free home cooked meal and RM50 I won from the betting *wink*


KY said...

the RM 50 is to pay for the home cooked meal? :P

-eiling- said...

Nope. The RM50 is what I won from another betting. hehe

Anonymous said...

Betting is illegal. You will be under arrest. Many funny things are happening nowadays in this country.

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