Monday, June 02, 2008

Bambo9 Get Together

It has been too long a time when I used to go clubbing with a group of friends. It has always been an invitation to glitzy parties and launchings that I have been attending for the past few weeks. It's good la for all the free food and liquor but lacked the good company of ol' mates. Among all of them, I've always been the one partying so this time around, I initiated the get together at Bambo9 @ Plaza TTDI. Was told by my friends to book early as it is usually fully booked. I went there once or twice and it was really crowded, so I called the number I posted on my blog in the previous post.

Gee, Me & Li Wei = 3 black beauties from Ipoh

Haha...apparently, no one answers the call no matter how many million times I called! I got so fed up, I just stop dialing and told them to try our luck on that day itself. So Saturday came, and the place was half empty. My friends were quite disappointed la. Earlier, I told them that the last time I was here, there were quite a few good looking hunks. And that night, I also don't know where did all the uncle from all over town suddenly popped by Bambo9. maybe they thought this is the place for some tai chi moves or some tea gallery. There ain't no tea but only alcohol, uncles!!! Are you sure you got the right place? Or maybe you should look opposite where there's the outlet named TAO, with a gigantic incense stick in the middle of the bar? Why nowadays, all these clubs and bars have these zen zen names to foncused the uncles?

Me, Li Wei & Calvin

So as we were dancing, there was this uncle who kept on staring at our table. It was so annoying that I felt like scooping out his eyeballs with the ice cream scoop. Look elsewhere la like maybe on the podium where you have 2 sexy girls in mini skirts and midriff and black bra with high white boots dancing?

Felt so tu-lan so have to start puffing

I brought my Al Capone mini cigars that I got it FREE over to Bambo9 to finish it. I had 3 sticks and Gee helped me with 3 sticks and yet we couldn't finish the pack. The rest of it? I took it to the airport and gave it to my promoter to finish it. Can't believe I had 3 that night for a girl who doesn't smoke for 24 years. Champion.

Tequila shot

It was also my first taste of Tequila. I have never had a tequila. Yes, go on and laugh about it. Well, at least I though after one shot, I will at least feel my head spinning but it didn't. It felt like - NOTHING! Ceh and I thought it was supposed to make me feel high. Cherry popped with no kick. Ditto.

Cheers (3 looked left and 3 looked right, so odd.)

It went down. Gulp.

I walked out of Bambo9 perfectly fine. No seeing stars above my friends' heads and of course I can't see stars above mine. Maybe not coming here again soon due to lack of leng chais and atmosphere.

The bouncer can't even take a still picture. Why blurred one?!!


li wei said...

ohh..u notice bout the uncle...he's really a ham-sap-looking-uncle-eyeing-for-chicks-and-try to-sell-them-goldfishes. so sorry for him tat he has got the wrong table....

-eiling- said...

Yup. That uncle somemore all alone wei. waiting to con some girls. hehe

KinKy_BiatCh said...

lol, i totally love ur blog,girl!! =P

one of the best blog i ever read. hehe xD

btw, saw u at bar celona that nite when u won the ipod. LOL xD

btw, may i know where bamboo's located? =3

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