Monday, June 30, 2008

EURO 2008 FINALS : Spain 1 - 0 Germany

I had barely 2 hours of sleep and I have to report to work this morning. How wonderful if I can just take half a day off to bask in the joyous occasion of my winning football team. It was indeed a miracle that I can wake myself up at 2.45am this morning to walk downstairs and switch on the TV to see the live match between Germany and Spain.

When everyone else in the universe is betting on Germany to take home the trophy, I chose to stand by Spain still. Not because they have more handsome players or they have a 69-year-old coach that looked like he's 85 but because of their spirit and performance in this championship.

Spain has had it bad years, never pass the quarterfinals for almost 2 decades and this time, they manage to play in the Finals. The win was long awaited after 44 years since their first win in year 1964.
Both teams had used the 4-5-1 formation for the match. Spain played well in the first half of the game, having a very clear shot at the goal at 22' by Fernando Torres but the ball went sliding off Lehmann's fingers at the side of the goal post. However, that did not deter him from scoring at 33' when Lehmann allowed the ball to fly past him. Lehmann, at 38 years old is too old for the game. His movement is somehow rather slow. The crowd was estatic. This is the goal that differentiate them from the Germans in winning the title. The Spaniards have more shots on target than the Germans during the first half. It was as if the Germans didn't try hard enough.

Hero of the day- Fernando Torres (9)

During the second half of the game, the spanish players were more laid back and was defending rather than attacking until towards the 15 mins to the end of the game, they tried their luck for another goal. The Germans were all the way attacking during the second half to score an equaliser but luck were not on their side. In midway, the italian referee booked both team's captains Michael Ballack and Iker Casillas over a row between their players. Michael Ballack has been in bad luck because he was really not performing to the standards yesterday, loosing ball possession and had fouled in numerous occasions. German's Schweinsteiger was also in a bad shape, with bad estimation in scoring a few times as he clearly had some good shots on target opportunities.

After the 90mins + 3 mins injuiry time, it is obvious that Spain is taking home the trophy. I would say that Casillas had done well in the game by pushing away several near goal attempts with his superb skills. Luis Aragones might be the oldest coach, but he sure is still mighty. Joachim Loew looked dejected and so did the players. The rejection and disappointment on their faces were apparent. Spain on the other side was savouring their victory and kissing the trophy. It was fresh to see Torres at 24 years old, brought glory home today. He was also the one that was attacking in the whole match until he was substituted by Daniel Guiza towards the end of second half.

I'm wearing Red today in support to my team's winning. I'm also expecting a free home cooked meal and RM50 I won from the betting *wink*

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Of Wines and Whisky

Offer me a glass of wine, the chances of me declining it will almost be impossible. With exception to the rule that you must know what you're about to offer me. I am a french wine person, especially Burgundy wines, using Pinot Noir grapes and from the Grand Cru and Premier Cru. These are the terms to classify the vineyards. Wine is not something that you should just gulp it down or "bottoms up" with your friends. It's something that should be appreciated like how you would appreciate a good piece of art.

Best way to enjoy the wine is to open the bottle and let it "breathe" for almost 4-5 hours for a new wine (produced a few years ago) and maybe about 2-3 hours for vintage wines (before year 2000). Don't ever drink straight from after opening the bottle. A good wine should have a good "nose" and try to swirl it around the glass before having a taste of the wine. This is the best way to enjoy the wine to the fullest. There's no reason to rush the wine down the throat because the art of drinking wine is always to appreciate it to the fullest sip by sip, taking one's own sweet time. A dinner with wine usually will take me about 3-4 hours to end. By the end of the dinner, everyone would have drank at least a bottle of wine!

This shelf of wines will cost you almost RM70k! Try recognising the wines. You'll never know when you're offered a chance of a lifetime to sip from these bottles.

Romanee-Conti will burn RM33k off your bank account.
I will be patiently waiting for my friend to open this bottle as promised.

If you want to offer me whisky, then you can save your speech. I never liked whisky. I don't know why, maybe it's the taste that I always reckon that how could anybody drink these stuffs?!! It smelled like cockroach right?!! However, my friend pestered me to try the single malt whisky that night, assuring me that I would love it at first sip. Okay, being an obliging a person, I tried. It was different!!! Not kidding, but definitely different and smooth....

Provenance Scotch Whisky

Single malt whisky is a whisky which is distilled at a single distillery, and which is made completely from a single type of malted grain, traditionally barley, (although there are also single malt rye whiskies). Most single malt whiskies are distilled using a pot still. Single malts are produced all over the world, but the best known single malts come from Scotland, Ireland and Japan. The source of water used will also influence the taste of the whisky. Usually spring water will be used.

Chivas, be it the 12 year old regal or 18 is actually an example of blended whisky. However, under Chivas, they do have Longmorn 16, a single malt whisky which is quite nice but I don't think it's available in Malaysia. A place where you can find single malt whisky is Single And Available in Bangsar Village.

Another nice single malt whisky is The Dalmore. I had the privilege to try the 35-year-old whisky last week. It was an indeed a "tongue" opener for me. The taste was smooth and the smell was just superb. I also liked the way they package the bottle. It comes in a wooden box with a signature reindeer logo. The location of where Dalmore was produced qualified it as a "highland" malt.

We are drinking bottle No.23 out of the 1000 bottles produced for the world. 1974 bottle is out and thus a 1973 bottle can cost up to RM5k today.

Well, I can conclude that not all whisky taste like cockroach. So for a change, I had a few glasses of Chivas 12 at Poppy yesterday. In clubs, I still prefer my Vodka Lime anytime over other drinks. Oh, by the way, Grey Goose is my absolut(e) favourite vodka.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Go Spaniards!!!

I am definitely in a very good mood this morning as I know that my favourite team in Euro 2008 has made it to the FINALS!!! Yay... It's a 3-0 win over Russia.

Not that I am a football fanatic, but I do like certain matches and of course I'll extremely like it if my player is in the match, whom is none other than Iker Casillas. I think I am in love with him for almost 3 years already and it was really a delightful moment to see him again in the big match against Germany this Monday 30th June at 2.45am. Hmm... I think many people will be on leave on Monday so I am expecting a traffic-jam-free next Monday. Just don't disappoint me.

Iker on the ground after the semi-finals

Iker has been performing very well in the Euro 2008, where he managed to save two goals from the penalty shootout against Italy! Well done! This morning, he did very well in saving a good header from Russia at 88'. OOoooh, it’s difficult to believe that such an accomplished player, in the one position that most favors experience over youth, is still so young and he's just 27 years old. Ladies and gentlemen, meet the best keeper in Spain, and perhaps the best in the world.
IKER CASILLAS (pronounced as "Ca -sias")

Most expensive hands

Why would I say he's the BEST?!! This year in La Liga, Casillas won the Trofeo Zamora for top keeper in the league, allowing just 32 goals out of 36 matches, for a ridiculous average of 0.89 per game. No one else was under 1. Without that kind of stability at the back, Real Madrid never would have taken this season’s La Liga title, the team’s 31st and Casillas’ fourth. To go with his Zamora trophy and four league medals, Iker has won two Champions Leagues, a UEFA SuperCup, and an Intercontinental Cup. He is one of the most loyal club men in Europe as well, never having played for a side other than Real Madrid. (taken from Worldcupblog)

I am truly looking forward to Spain vs Germany. The Germans has been indeed almost the universal's favourite but the Spaniards are no loser either. They have come a long way, it's just that they never have the luck to win big titles even with such an impressive team. I'll keep my fingers crossed. Gol, Gol, Gol....Que tengas suerte Espana!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Interview on TV3 & 9TV

Remember the post where I had an exhibition at Matrade for MIHAS 2008?!! Well, TV3 & 9TV did interview me for the news segment and I was on national television!

But it was crap. I don't sound right too. I had to talk about my products in Bahasa and I don't know why I did quite a pretty bad job there. On normal days, my Bahasa seemed to be fine but that particular day, I just spoilt it. Ish.....

It became "rojak" my bahasa and english interview. Paiseh only....


The video is a few minutes and I'm on at 1.05.

Oh, by the way, watch RTM1 this Friday at 5.30pm because my boss and the chocolate factory will be making an appearance. Stay tuned.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


OMG it's been one hour that I'm hogging the youtube in front of my Samsung SyncMaster 193p monitor after my gym session at Celebrity Fitness. Guess what I have been watching? Or what was so interesting that kept me glued to the screen? It's him.....

I am just drooling over his body. Look at his hips - sexy!

Ever since I had a taste of the Korean Drama series "Full House" I fell head over heels for Rain. He's 6ft, has a adorable face, cute smile, sexy and well-built body, sings and smooth dancer. What more can you ask from a guy?!!

I'm never the Jap/Korean celebrity fanatic but for him, I made an exception. His main attraction was his body of course! How could he had such sweet abs?!! God, I wish I could have a taste of him. Grrrrr...... He reminds me of the Hong Kong actor Steven Ma though but he doesn't possess the body of Rain's... It's raining men!!!

This song is called Sad Tango. His dance moves is just impressive and I'm completely hooked. I think I've watched this clip more than 3 times today. Pay attention when it's 1:35, that's when he pulls up his shirt. LOL

Watch this video as well and you'll know why! Gosh, I was hoping I was the girl dancer in the video. Yummy.... I love the part where they tore his shirt and how me moved his hips. Definitely good in bed no doubt! I think I've watched this more than 6 times! Crazy.

And a year ago I was laughing at people who paid so much to watch his concert and I was like WTF is he that everyone was so crazy about?!! Now I realised I what a waste that I missed his concert! Will you marry me RAIN?!!! I heart for you.............. I think someone's going to puke.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Testing KY's Discount @ Ah Foong Bak Kut Teh Sunway

Ever since KY posted up his "discount" at Ah Foong Bak Kut Teh, everyone got so excited and of course I have to personally test out the outlet and also the discount since KY recommended it in his blog sometime ago about this wonderful place in Sunway.

KY - when he's not eating, he's in his working clothes.

What would be a better way than to have KY himself accompany me to the BKT place right? I believed that there's no free lunch in the world but he proved me wrong. There really is free lunch because it was his treat today! Look, I didn't device a plan to cheat you for lunch k? I was just merely asking him why he didn't bring any dragon balls (Tau Sar Piah) back from Penang for me?!! I made him felt bad and remorseful that he agreed to give me a treat at Ah Foong's. Why would I ever wanna decline a free lunch right?!!

The menu - colourful and meaningful to those who doesn't know chinese!

Additional new dish - the fish head claypot style.

KY and his ever hungry look "Don't make me hungrrrry". Some of the dishes we had - Bak Kut Teh with pig's stomach and intestines, hot sour vege and Fried you tiao.

Well, I have to say that KY didn't disappoint me with his free lunch. It tasted quite good and better than most of the BKT shops out of Klang. It's reasonably priced and the food is good. However, the fried you tiau is not that fresh because it was not too crunchy. The best was still at Asia Cafe. I guess sometimes people are just lazy to drive all the way to Klang for a taste of BKT and of course with the recent petrol price increase, need I say more?!! There's another reason to eat here - the 10% discount doink!!! Just mention "KY discount" like what KY posted before and you're on your way to save some money!

Oh, he's so proud of his 2 pages of A3 size publicity. Even "Ho Chiak" is only A4. LOL

Looks like the tauke really treat him like a celebrity. There was another copy of his post on the tiled walls. Haha fehmes KY.... Even when we just stepped into the shop, he came and greeted him. When asked whether did anyone came to use the discount, he told us that they were quite a number already asked for the discount and there were also another table behind us using the discount when we were they. But they didn't notice KY was there. People only recognize discounts - not the person! Sad-ler.

KY was excited about the discount and then anticipated for people to greet him and then felt disappointed because the 2 buggers left without noticing him! (that was made up by me though)

In his post if you notice, he did mention that "p/s: I’ve always paid full price to eat there myself" but today he didn't. The boss automatically gave him a 10% discount. And I don't have a chance to utter "KY discount". Ceh, no fair. Bring KY himself to the shop also no additional 10% discount meh?!! Thanks KY!!! You really are a walking discount today!

I can steal the address and review from KY's post but according to him I can't steal the map! Copyrighted woh. Like anyone would wanna steal a map drawn by a 3-year-old. hehe....

446, Jln PJS 10/11
47800 Bandar Sunway

On a separate note, do I look better without glasses or with glasses. My new glasses quite stylish because it has zero power and I just wear it for fun to transform myself from sexy to serious secretary-look! I think I looked like a medical student don't I?!!!

With or without?!!

[Disclaimer: This is strictly my honest opinion and tastes vary with tastebuds. Please do not even waste your time trying to sue me because just like my sister, we ain't rich! Thnx]

Friday, June 20, 2008

MAS Training & more

It has been a very tiresome week for me. I finally have a day off today and tomorrow actually. However, my sister gave me a rude-awakening this morning, waking me up from my sound sleep asking me to go to work. I'm on leave la!!! It was also supposed to be my Saturday off tomorrow but I need to get back to work because some Pn Sri is visiting the factory and I had some agendas instructed by boss. So no choice but to get my ass back to work tomorrow after Jill's Birthday party tonight.

How nice to wake up at 10.30 am on a working day! I almost forgot how enjoyable the day can be without passing through the morning madness on the roads and having to read dozens of emails every morning. Then reality sets in as phone calls and smses came streaming in when I was on the toilet seat in the bathroom not more than 10 seconds after my handphone was switched on...

Yesterday's schedule had been really crazy, I rushed to KLIA for a meeting with the MAS delay team at 11am, then collected some samples from Chef at the Regional Lounge, interviewed a new promoter at McDonalds before rushing back to the factory at 1pm. It took me 20 mins from KLIA to reach the factory in Glenmarie, my record time and yes, I've been speeding like a mad woman behind the 4w drive. It might only take me half that time if I'm driving some Porsche.

The MAS cabin crew arrived at 2.00pm for a training session with my chef and I. It was a chocolate factory visit and product knowledge training for them to be familiar with Fidani as the brand is selling on board in every MAS flight. It was also my first time providing training to air steward and stewardess. I was also very excited and it will be an experience to me. Who knows that one day, I can find a new career in the training department?!! You'll never know....

So that was me babbling on Fidani and how good it is. Well, I was rather surprised that they were all very attentive and cooperative. Many times, the listeners are quite passive when it comes to answering questions and voicing out their opinions but it's not the case when it comes to MAS cabin crew!

They had a fun time with Chef Amer when he told them what goes into making chocolate and the difference between white, milk and dark chocolate. Sorry, no revealing of recipes though.

The best session is of course the chocolate tasting session where most of them really loved the durian chocolates. I was also quite surprised because usually people will give me a kinda look when I asked them to try the durian chocolates.

All of them were so into the durian chocolates that they had to purchase some of it on the spot. We also gave them a goodie bag and everyone was extremely happy. Phew...another mission accomplished. After that, I had another discussion session with my boss before calling it a day.

So, Mom came home last week. No more cooking anymore for me which is another reason to celebrate besides the cleaning and emptying the thrash bin. It had been 2 months that my sisters and I have been sharing the house chores. She came home with a few luggages bagging liquor, handbags, wallets, accessories, cooking utensils, my Wilton baking utensils and of course pots and pans. Haha... yep, that's my mom. Every time she comes back from Dubai, there will be at least 2 new handbags and lots of cooking pots and pans. It's cheap I supposed.

And as usual, she did her occasional complaints about how dirty the house was especially under our beds and hers too, there were too much dust everywhere and all sorts of dirt she can dig in the house. I hope she would not be nagging about the same thing a week later. I spent my whole afternoon today watching the Korean drama "Full House". I am no big fan of Korean drama but after watching how cute some actors can be and the ooh la la body of RAIN, I'm hooked. I think I've watched 4 episodes this afternoon... Shit, is this how I should spend my leave?!! I hate you RAIN.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Daddy Dearest

It was Father's Day just 2 days ago and I think I have never NEVER actually celebrated the special occasion with my dad. He's always not around simply because he's been posted overseas all these while.

A few days ago, he sent me an email:


Here is another article why chocolates is good for you
Last Friday, we went to Abu Dhabi and shopped in Choithram, an Indian owned large supermarket chain in UAE. Your previous brand Tango is well stocked here; Tudor brand is also sold. So, i bought a Tudor milk chocolate with roasted hazel nuts costing AED 13.95 with 20 pcs inside (around RM 12.35). Your mum wants me to eat dark chocolate; so, i also bought Lindt Swiss Classic. I want to start really eating choc as i feel there are healthy food products, just as drinking Chinese tea, especially green tea.

Lim Baba

My Lim Baba is so cute. I gave him that name because me and my sisters always call him Ba Ba and then we just felt like adding the surname there to make him more adorable. I told him why did he ever buy those brands like Tango (I managed that brand previously) and Tudor Gold?!! Those are not real chocolate and they are certainly not good for health! Only chocolate made with cocoa butter will be good for the health and remember to check the ingredient listing. If there's no mention of cocoa butter and only contains vegetable fat, then it's a compound chocolate.

I know I'm mean criticising my previously managed brand but I'm just telling the truth. My dad has a principle that is to be loyal to the company and therefore he supports whatever products the company produces. But hello Lim Baba?!! I'm now working for Fidani, which is fine gourmet chocolates. Why are you still eating a RM12 chocolate with 20 pieces?!! You should be eating a RM4 per piece of chocolate!! I also told him to eat dark chocolate as it is better than milk chocolate because it contains more cocoa and less sugar and milk. Most of the time the milk they use is not really milk, it's whey powder so no point promoting milk chocolate is good!

I miss you Lim Baba. Faster come back k? I want a new phone. (he'll be back on July 4th)

Although I did not manage to celebrate Father's Day with Lim Baba, I did celebrate Father's Day with my boyfriend's father. We went to a restaurant in SS2, the Chow Yang area where the shop is in the same row as Original Kayu Nasi Kandar.

Don't ask me why it's called Shanky cos I really have no idea at all. But lucky it's called shanky and not shaky.

Their Signature Tauhu (Beancurd). Not too bad. It's fried to a crispy texture outside and inside it's their own homemade beancurd.

This is the Guinness Stout Pork Ribs. Don't worry, you won't get drunk eating them.

We ordered a steamed cod fish. The cod fish wasn't very fresh because the meat isn't tender and smooth enough for my liking. Wasted.

Spinach in superior stock. It's nice but wasn't what I expected it to be because I expect the spinach to be submerged into a bowl of soup with anchovies and century egg style!

Overall, the dinner was quite satisfying and the price is still reasonable at RM80 for 4 person. I didn't see why we should splurge in fancy restaurants on Father's Day because it's a total waste of money as everyone tries to sell their set meals and not to mention the full bookings. A simple dinner like this is also okay mah hor... I paid for the dinner. See, this future daughter in law (FDIL) so nice hor?!! Where to find?!!

[Disclaimer: This is strictly my honest opinion and tastes vary with tastebuds. Please do not even waste your time trying to sue me because just like my sister, we ain't rich! Thnx]

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Hennessy Artistry @ Aloha KL

I know, I know this should have been posted long ago but I was feeling kinda lazy to write about the parties that I have attended last month including the post on the MAS Temptation night at The Apartment KLCC. Greg invited my sister, her friends and me to the Hennessy Artistry party at Aloha on the 31st May and it so happened that it also coincide with my Grandma's birthday at Sri Kembangan. The journey to Sri Kembangan passing through the roundabout in front of The Mines was hell as I was stuck there for more than 30 minutes stationary.

The dinner should have ended earlier but due to the traffic jam, our dinner got delayed and my sister and I had to leave the dinner at 9.00pm to head to KL. We were lucky as Calvin offered to be the driver for the day so we drove to his house in Sri Petaling and hopped into his Nissan Latio.

Greg managed to put us in the VIP's list with access to the top floor and free flow of Hennessy all night long! booze is always an attraction to me. After trying so many versions of Hennessy cocktails, I still like Miami the best. It was very crowded at the time we were there and only after 1am, the crowd began to leave and it left us with more space to breathe! Phew..

Pamela (from Amazing Race Asia Season 2) was the MC of the night. PointBlanc was there to perform and then followed by Bangkok Invaders and VJ Callen.

KY and his blogger friends were there too. I also met some of my long lost friends there! Now, let me bore you with more pictures.

Me & Greg

Me & Yiling

Calvin, forgotten name, Greg & Me

Me, KY & Nicholas

Me, KY & Rachel

Me, Greg, Calvin, Yiling, Ivan & Param

*Starstruck* Daniel Tan & Me

If you don't know who Daniel Tan is, check it out here! He also happens to go to the same gym as mine! haha...

Friday, June 13, 2008

The Moodie Report

Shameless advertorial of meself.....

Extracted from The Moodie Report June 2008 edition.

Oh, I finally pump my first tank of RM2.70 petrol yesterday and guess what?!! Before the increase, for a 3/4 tank, I'll only need to pay RM92.00 and yesterday, I paid a whopping RM112.00 for 1/2 the tank! F*CK

And the good news was I heard that my company is not going to increase the mileage claim and anyone who asked will get chopped. Everyone's revising the petrol and mileage allowance and how are we going to survive with the existing wages?!! Tell me, tell me!!! Hmm... time to look for a job that pays higher mileage claims?!! Any suggestions?

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Peony Garden

I was hesitating whether to post the Peony Garden food review first or the Hennessy Artistry party at Aloha. Ok, so I was thinking I better post the Peony Garden first so that I can beat KY to it. Haha, KY, I post it first! (pulls out tongue)

The interior

Right after my work on Saturday, I drove down to Kota Damansara to meet up with KY at Poeny Garden. It was actually my first time meeting him after chatting for a week on MSN. It was a peculiar way of how we get to know each other - blogs! Ok, maybe not that peculiar la but this is definitely first time meeting up with a stranger/fehmes blogger. Well, I have nothing to loose - free food and meeting new friends in a completely safe environment.

There was nothing much that goes on in PG (Peony Garden) except for the conversations between the boss and KY which I found to be hilarious but I couldn't laugh out loud.

BOSS: Can I have a look at your blog?
KY then tried to access his blog through his handphone.
ME: (in my mind) OMG, how could you not check out his blog before you even set up for this food review?!!

BOSS: What if what you have written does not really portray my concept?
KY: That's why you have to tell me what is it all about.
ME: (in my mind) LOL OMG OMG

Besides all these, there were also some other amusing questions about the blog like what will happen to his restaurant review when KY post new ones. The boss is definitely not a very amicable guy as he was so into the review that makes me feel obligated to post whatever he told us about the food like how special the ingredients are and etc etc. But what he doesn't know that usually bloggers don't have a rigid style of writing and we write whatever we feel like it. We don't like to be told what to write!!!

The big Poeny flowers drawing that adorns the wall is printed not drawn!

To start off with, the decorations of the shop is hmm...(trying to find a nice word) plain. The colours are okay but the interior design (furnitures, fixtures & orientation) is boring. He tried to bring out the nyonya side of it but I feel that I can do a better job being an adviser to him on antique furnitures. At least my whole house is filled with antiques so I am qualified to give advices. He also mentioned that the furnitures are for sale if anyone is interested which he also has dedicated 2 glass showcases to display the porcelain plates and teacups for sale.

Plates at RM15 each

I will give credit when credit is due. I have to say that despite the outlook of the restaurant which is not to my liking, the food is not as bad as the owner's sense of decoration. The food served are traditional northern nyonya cuisine from Penang. I can't remember all the names of the food but I think KY will do a pretty good job by tagging all of them. According to KY, the food reminds him of his mom's cooking. So, I would have conclude that the dishes here are very much home-cooked style. The prices are on the average side from RM8.00 (vege dish) to RM25 (prawns).

The dishes that we tried. KY finished most of it!

A visit to PG is definitely an experience as I have not seen with my own eyes how people carry out food reviews although KY is not a journalist but just a blogger! Now I know why he wanted to write about food because he gets to eat them for free everytime! Lucky bugger.

Fehmes Blogger at work

After completion of the job, to reward ourselves, we went to The Curve for Baskin Robbins! Thanks KY!


No.26-1, Jalan PJU5/10,
Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara,
47810 PJ.
Tel: 03-6141 8323

[Disclaimer: This is strictly my honest opinion and tastes vary with tastebuds. Please do not even waste your time trying to sue me because just like my sister, we ain't rich! Thnx]

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Too Sexy?

Just look at the picture below and tell me what do you think about it.

Don't tell me that I looked ugly then. I know la I was not that good looking when I was in Form 5 but at least I looked younger and innocent. Uh hmm...

Actually if you were to tell me that my white blouse is too sexy or too provocative, I would be worried. Damn worried. It might lead you to molest and rape me which leads to teen pregnancy and all sorts of immoralities. OMG! I don't wanna get pregnant!!! I didn't know I looked sexy in my white blouse or do I have any intention to attract man. It was merely a uniform I was forced to comply with by the government. So are you condemning that the government approved the wrong uniforms which students have been wearing for ages?

Don't laugh, this is exactly what made the headlines in all major newspapers in our country and I am not even surprised by the fact that the person who made such statements is not any better herself or some doctor should get her brain checked. OMG and the papers are wasting people's time reading nonsense. Have you have nothing else to publish Mr Editor? Even the people at the papers are not in their right mind when publishing these headlines. Wasting advertisers monies and all. We pay RM1.20 for crap. In this Bolehland, we are capable of coming up with the most ridiculous headlines. What's next? Pinafore and baju kurung skirts are too short? Haha...

According to the National Islamic Students Association of Malaysia vice-president Munirah Bahari, “The white blouse is too transparent for girls and it becomes a source of attraction. It becomes a distraction to men, who are drawn to it, whether or not they like looking at it. Crap. Double crap. The only one who was drawn to it and make it a big issue, was you! If this is how you gain attention, then it sure worked. FYI, they were also involved in the banning of the Salem Cool Concerts and Gwen Stefani's concert claiming that she's dressed indecently.

Oh great, and to support your theory, the last time where a girl was raped in the tinted bus was not even wearing a white blouse. She was all covered. And the cases of missing children are not wearing school uniforms either. What say you?

So, from now on, girls just forget about being street smart, bringing pepper sprays, being careful and all. Just don't wear white blouses especially school uniforms and you'll be fine. Someone should really check her pea brain out. Oh, maybe she doesn't even have one too. Let common sense prevail!

I think this is sexy. Did my kindergarten uniform managed to attract you?!!

Monday, June 02, 2008

Bambo9 Get Together

It has been too long a time when I used to go clubbing with a group of friends. It has always been an invitation to glitzy parties and launchings that I have been attending for the past few weeks. It's good la for all the free food and liquor but lacked the good company of ol' mates. Among all of them, I've always been the one partying so this time around, I initiated the get together at Bambo9 @ Plaza TTDI. Was told by my friends to book early as it is usually fully booked. I went there once or twice and it was really crowded, so I called the number I posted on my blog in the previous post.

Gee, Me & Li Wei = 3 black beauties from Ipoh

Haha...apparently, no one answers the call no matter how many million times I called! I got so fed up, I just stop dialing and told them to try our luck on that day itself. So Saturday came, and the place was half empty. My friends were quite disappointed la. Earlier, I told them that the last time I was here, there were quite a few good looking hunks. And that night, I also don't know where did all the uncle from all over town suddenly popped by Bambo9. maybe they thought this is the place for some tai chi moves or some tea gallery. There ain't no tea but only alcohol, uncles!!! Are you sure you got the right place? Or maybe you should look opposite where there's the outlet named TAO, with a gigantic incense stick in the middle of the bar? Why nowadays, all these clubs and bars have these zen zen names to foncused the uncles?

Me, Li Wei & Calvin

So as we were dancing, there was this uncle who kept on staring at our table. It was so annoying that I felt like scooping out his eyeballs with the ice cream scoop. Look elsewhere la like maybe on the podium where you have 2 sexy girls in mini skirts and midriff and black bra with high white boots dancing?

Felt so tu-lan so have to start puffing

I brought my Al Capone mini cigars that I got it FREE over to Bambo9 to finish it. I had 3 sticks and Gee helped me with 3 sticks and yet we couldn't finish the pack. The rest of it? I took it to the airport and gave it to my promoter to finish it. Can't believe I had 3 that night for a girl who doesn't smoke for 24 years. Champion.

Tequila shot

It was also my first taste of Tequila. I have never had a tequila. Yes, go on and laugh about it. Well, at least I though after one shot, I will at least feel my head spinning but it didn't. It felt like - NOTHING! Ceh and I thought it was supposed to make me feel high. Cherry popped with no kick. Ditto.

Cheers (3 looked left and 3 looked right, so odd.)

It went down. Gulp.

I walked out of Bambo9 perfectly fine. No seeing stars above my friends' heads and of course I can't see stars above mine. Maybe not coming here again soon due to lack of leng chais and atmosphere.

The bouncer can't even take a still picture. Why blurred one?!!

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