Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tax Free Asia Pacific Exhibition

I went missing for a week, neglected my blog and lost sleep over the two exhibitions which was held back to back in 2 different countries! Lucky, I was still alive and kicking so that you guys can see what's cooking in Singapore on the 12th to 15th.

I stayed at Swissotel The Stamford (tall building) that cost $S400 a night!

It was Fidani's debut at the Tax Free exhibition and everything has to be perfect from stand to publicity. This year has been a challenge to me as I have never before handled such a big project (2 projects to be exact) where I have to organise and execute the plans from filling up the never-ending forms (each exhibition has a set of more than 20 pages of forms), working with the ID for the stand design, decide what product to exhibit, invitation of customers to writing press releases. These of course do not include the contingency plans that I have to prepare just in case of emergencies. Life for me during April & May was crazeee. Anyone that asked me out for lunch was turned down because I don't even have the chance to eat.


Front View

Side View

Fidani Display

I must say that the design was quite impressive. The money spent was worth it. A stand like this easily cost RM100k for the set-up and another RM20k for stand space. All the stands at the exhibition namely Bacardi, Diego, Toblerone, Mars and MNG were all nicely built. If I count the number of exhibitors who actually took the standard shell scheme booth, I can tell you that it's less than my 10 fingers. This is what you call an exhibition of international standards and due to the nature of duty free business, everything has to be done in class. I am loving the exhibition already.


3rd from left is Albert Chiang (Boss of Bonia)

With Boss, and Dato Gary Thanasan (publisher of KLIA Times)

With Kevin, interested agent for Dubai

With a potential client from Middle East

With Carolina, she's responsible for the optical brand of B+D. She gave me a pair of sunglasses worth $S100. So sweet of her.

With my GM, Amy (I took over her job), and my colleague Daphne

My boss actually instructed us to take a picture of every client or important people we met at the stand! Maybe he wanted them to be documented so that we won't forget their looks! haha...


Chef Amer being interviewed

Melody interviewing me for The Moodie Report.

The editor of Gulf-Africa also did a short write up for Fidani. Read the article here. There were quite a few interviews and after attending to all of them, I can actually repeat the whole introduction thing for Fidani like a broken record. We were a good story for them because this is our first time exhibiting here and it's always interesting to read something about a new kid on the block. It's time to bring Fidani out of Malaysia.


Well, at the end of the exhibition, it has been a tradition to exchange goods or simply just to give away the exhibits because sending all the goods back to one own's country is not cost effective. Often, the charges for the freight is more than what the goods are worth except for some exceptions like jeweleries, liquor and expensive products. Even when it comes to liquor, throughout the show it has been free flow and on the last day, some of brands do give away bottles of them but no one wanted it due to customs check and heavy baggage. I had a bottle of Stella beer on the last day and it tasted great. This is the exhibition where you can drink and take, while smelling the nice fragrances from perfume stands and get free chocolates.

Not wanting to loose out in the freebies scouting, I walked around to see what can be exchanged with chocolates. Before the last day, one of our manager has already helped us get bags and bags of chocolates from Hersheys, Mars, Toblerone and other brands. There were also free umbrellas, giant Chupa Chups and also bags given away.

Warning: The following pictures can be disturbing and don't watch if you have a faint heart. Don't get the wrong impression of me. I am NOT REALLY a freebie queen. Haha...

Disturbing and alarming? Those are just the chocolates and I have a few more things that I didn't show which includes the cosmetics from Clarins, VMW, Givenchy, Loreal and Jenifer Lopez & Swiss Army perfumes, a pair of sunglasses from B+D, a carton of cigarettes, some mini cigars and some T-shirts. I know, I know.....I can't help but take them all home and share it with my family, friends and colleagues. When I board AirAsia (sadly, my company only allowed us to fly AirAsia for destinations that it covers), my check in luggage was already 15kg and I had to carry more than 8kg of chocolates in my land luggage. My arm almost break.

Overall, it had been an enjoying show. Now back to reality, I have to send emails to everyone thanking them for visiting and also to follow up on the inquiries. I hated the following part the most! I have to write a report too on both the exhibitions and the returns of investment which will determine the participation in the coming exhibitions. Haih.....

Angels please come to my rescue


YilingL said...

and that is why i call her a 'lucky bitch'... hhehehe in a good way though. gawd, can u tell how much i love ur job??!!! pls go to more exhibitions and get more free stuff!! oh jen if ur reading this, im sure u hate her more than i do.

-eiling- said...

Guess you would say that! You love the freebies not my job... Jen, please don't be influence by Yiling.

KY said...

Oooo the exhibit, can you like, bring em back cos I can use some furniture!

-eiling- said...

KY: Oh you meant the sofa? Or the espresso coffee machine?!! Haha, it's all in my office now.

KY said...

I want em all!!!!!! :D

rubberseeds said...

You better give out most of those goodies...I think your waist will grow thicker if you are too greedy!

-eiling- said...

KY: can't give them to you cos it's office properties. You buy them la!!

Phillip: At this moment in time, everything have been given out except one box of neuhaus chocolates. haha

Anonymous said...

I saw you living with so many different kinds of delicious food, yet you can keep a slim body. The food must be there for you to see and not to taste.

-eiling- said...

Haha...actually I ate every morsel of it. Choose only the best! That's why need to to waste money at the gym.

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