Sunday, May 25, 2008

Bacardi Razz Launch Party

A black bat enclaved in a red bubble,
It's red, it's new, it's raunchy,
I smelled the sweet raspberry in a bottle,
It's a taste of Bacardi Razz.

I was invited by Amy who works at Bacardi-Martini to have a taste of Bacardi Razz at Bar Celona (Sunway Pyramid) on Friday. It was the launching party of Bacardi Flavors range and since dunno-how-long-ago, Bacardi had launched Bacardi Limon, Bacardi Apple and this year, Bacardi Razz. This new Bacardi carries the flavor of fresh Raspberries and thus the colour red and name.

Bacardi Razz

Yummy fresh air-flown raspberries

I asked my youngest sister and her boyfriend Calvin to tag along since she always complain how I get to go to all the glitzy parties while she sulked at billion of numbers in the office. Calvin's summer holiday here was timely and "useful" because we appointed him as our driver and as a reward, he will be given unlimited booze for that night. Haha....

Me and Yiling

It was not free flow for the whole bar but only at the VIP area that we were sitting at. The sad thing is that the VIP area is towards the back of the bar and it's not that happening compared to the front where the DJ console is positioned. Did I forget to mention that Bar Celona has sexy bartenders that are dressed in skimpy top and ultra-short skirts with high boots? They too will dance on the bar-top, giving "ample view" to those who stand at the bar counter. No prize for guessing what you can see underneath.

Me, Alicia and Amy

Me with a glass of Bacardi Razz and a raspberry

The Crowd & the VIP tables

Bacardi Models (haha)

Me, Yiling & Calvin

When the clock strikes 12am, the MC called for 5 couples to take part in a game. The couples have to watch a video clip of Bacardi and then emulate the actions in the video in their dances. The video clip was played 5 times and then the couples have to strut their stuff. Watch the video here:


The winner takes home 3 bottles of Bacardi and the others take home 2 bottles. Bar Celona is running a promotion of 2 bottles of Bacardi at RM480 which is a good deal because a bottle of it cost RM299 at Bambo9.

I kept on drinking till 1am. Honestly, I think Bacardi Razz is a bit too mild for me. So I had Bacardi Apple halfway through. The fresh raspberries are specially air-flown for this event and we had a great time munching on the berries. I wanted to leave but I was determined to stay until they announced the lucky draw winners for the 2 iPod Classic 80GB which are up for grabs for the night.

Hmm..must be us winning the iPods

The night came, the MC called out 2 names and no on went to claim the prize so another two more names are drawn. They announced the first name, a guy went up to collect the prize. I was heartbroken because I thought if he would have left, they could draw another name. The second name was announced. I was ecstatic and I couldn't believe my ears. The MC called for Lim Ai-ling (Eiling), and I am very certain that is my name because most of the people call me ai-ling instead of ee-ling.

Haha..It's actually me

I ran to the stage and they told me that they need my IC for verification, so I ran back to my seat and take my purse along. To win the iPod, I need to answer one very (damn) simple question "name another flavor of Bacardi besides Razz". Ceh, Bacardi Apple la! And I took the iPod home. So simple. I still couldn't believe my luck. Was never that lucky. I should have sense my luck coming that day because I have a discussion with my boss, and didn't get any scolding from him! Gosh, I must watch out for this kinda sign next time so that I can buy a lottery.

Lucky B*tch

Ooh, it was a good choice coming to this party. Calvin kept on hassling me to give him the iPod since I already have a iPod mini. No way.... after all, you didn't help me mop the floor yet! You can read my sis's post here.

Love you Bacardi....


YilingL said...

what kinda poem is that!! hehe thanks for the invite... we had fun :) next time call me again and we'll win another iPod!

Jen said...

oh god look at all that free stuff.

rubberseeds said...

You certainly are getting a bit cray on lottery now!Anyway, good luck.

-eiling- said...

Jen: What free stuff? Only the iPod la besides the free booze.

Philip: Nope I'm not addicted to gambling. Look I didn't buy today! haha

Huai Bin said...

Free booze???????????????????

I didn't get your text. :p

-eiling- said...

HB: Too late, it's over.

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