Friday, April 18, 2008

Too Mad Too Furious

"Heav'n has no rage, like love to hatred turn'd, nor Hell a fury like a woman scorn'd" best describes how I was feeling today. I was scorned not by man but by a terrijible, horrijible and vegetable kinda scam that auto sends out posts to the walls of Facebook.

He who sends out these messages has no heart, no soul and no sanity. All he cares was money, money and money from those who clicks on his website and make purchases of these little pill wonders that maketh a man's pride into a huge monster. The monstrous lovestick is guaranteed to make your woman happy and gay. In return for his happiness, my dignity suffered.

The first msn phrase I got from Lester this morning was, is your facebook hijacked? "It kept sending out these pills on enlargement on Facebook". I was so shocked that I logged on to see what happended and to my horror, the message was on all my friend's list walls. Seriously, I was so busy these days, where do I have time to post all these nonsense?!! Somemore tarnish my goodname. I was damn angry loh... I wanted to curse the fella who hacked my account and I shall do it here.

Though I seldom swear profanities in my blog except for the few times where my car was stolen and I had a mental block, it leave me no choice but to swear here!

F%@# those people who hacked my Facebook.
Stupid a$$hole Facebook that stupidly allow the mass sendout posts.
You're so f%@kingly annoying because I have to change my password.
F you F you F you X million of billion times.
Hope that your website got F%@ked too!
Bus3rd betul!

Seriously I hate junk mails and scams and viruses. If these don;t exist, having a computer and surfing the net is actually quite hassle free. So you know what I did? I went to every page and delete it off the walls rather than just send another mass sendout saying that my Facebook has been hacked. Applause applause for my determination....

My day has yet to be spoilt by this incident because I'm heading to Velvet tonight after so many months. Henessey Artistry here I come!

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Antares said...

Know what you mean about getting hacked by spammers! Sucks big time. But I love your rainbow turtles! So clever whoever programmed that widget... I'm tempted to steal! :-)

Cheers, Eiling.

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