Monday, April 28, 2008

Santai Spa and my tired days

Sigh... I think for the next two months, I'll be extremely tired and exhausted. Not only I have my ongoing projects and never ending workloads, I have to stay home and cook dinner for my sisters. Usually, when my mom is in Dubai, my youngest sis will take care of everything from washing clothes to bills and dinners. However, she too will have to grow up and leave college into the working world. Thus it's her first day at Public Bank today. May Teh Hong Piow look after the welfare of its workers!

I rushed home after 5pm to start preparing the dishes that I wanted to cook tonight. Since I have already boiled the pork ribs with chinese cabbage soup, I prepared 2 other more dishes - simple and fast. The first one would be white beancurd with pork and the second dish would be fried long bean and onions omelette. So for the past 1 hour before posting this, I was busy washing, cutting and marinating. Now I have to wait for my sis to come back from work to start cooking the dishes. Sigh (again) .....

With the rate I am going, I think I'm badly in need of a good massage and spa treatment. So, talking about Spa, I'm supposed to over on the Santai Spa at the Regional Lounge which I have tried the other day during the opening ceremony. There's about a 1000sqf space for the spa centre located just before the walkway to the washrooms. One may easily passed by without noticing the spa but there shouldn't be a problem locating it.

The spa centre is managed by KL Integrated Healthcare (KLIC) Sdn Bhd. How often do we see spas being managed by professionals and these professionals have Chiropractic Physicians to oversee the smooth running of the operations and procedures done onto customers. I met Dr. Nick Boden (Chiropractic Physician) himself and he did provide me some info of the spa industry in Malaysia. It is in the plan that the government will impose that all spas and reflexology centres will require professionals to be based in these outlets. This measure will ensure that no one is to run a spa without any knowledge on how to give the proper massage and treatment to the customers. Massages if not done properly will affect the spine and the last thing we want is an enjoyment turned into hell.

The set up of the spa centre is quite simple and requires only a small space. However there is still a private room for the full body massage individually or as a couple. The room is cosy and warm but the only turn off was the pink towels. The Asst Operations Manager was telling me that they too didn't want that colour but they had no choice as that's the only colour available from the towels company.

There are a few types of services:

Kilat massage (express massage for neck, shoulder & back) - RM78 for 20mins
RM 98 for 30 mins
RM 111 for 40 mins

Ampuni Reflexology (signature foot massage) - RM88 for 30 mins
RM118 for 40 mins

Tropical Touch massage ( foot, head, shoulder & back) - RM158 for 30 mins
RM198 for 40 mins

Facial - RM138 for 30 mins

Manicure - RM68 per treatment and RM7 per finger for nail art

Pedicure - RM88 per treatment and RM7 per toe for nail art

Spa Foot Scrub - RM35 per treatment

Actually I don't think it's very expensive considering its location at an airport lounge. What is a 100 bucks compared to a business class ticket?!! The concept is good because restless travelers can now rest and relax at the spa centre with is just a few steps away in the lounge itself. The services are excellent too. The masseurs are guided by Tunku Baldi himself whom is the master trainer and therapist in teaching these girls (mostly from Sarawak) to massage using the right technique.

Tunku & me

Just a ten minute massage from Tunku himself sent me to heaven. He is really professional and he targets all my problem points with no hitch. He was telling me that I was the stiffest among all the others and I am like a piece of wood - kayu! haha Would have just asked him to write a letter to my boss telling him that I will need some allowance for "personal development" due to severe stress and heavy workload.

Overall the sneak preview of the spa has been enjoying and if money is not a problem, I'll definitely be coming here again.


kevin said...

looks nice!

btw there is this fish spa thingy in Pavillion you could try out. its at the elevator to 7th heaven. overlooks GSC and the makan lane.

grace said...

Hi there,

I notice ur blog posts contain some of my friends pics like calvin, li wei and hue gee, jasmine saw.. and u look very familiar to me....
I was wondering where we met b4 besides ipoh....

-eiling- said...

Kevin: Thanks. I have also heard of the fish spa but haven't have the chance to try. Sounds ticklish!

Grace: I don't think I have seen you before. Have I? But you do know my cousin Leong Heng Loong right?

Anonymous said...

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