Wednesday, April 23, 2008

MAS Regional Lounge Official Opening

I attended the Mas Regional Lounge Official Opening at 11am today as a guest, supplier and a blogger. Haha... multi-identities! I don't think they have invited any bloggers as the lounge is filled with press and reporters so I thought it'll be nice of me to cover the event for them. The opening that I attended last week was for the CEO's friends and cherished Enrich members but this one is the official opening for press release. For previous post, click here.

The view from the lounge.

Honestly, I really love hanging around at the Regional Lounge at the Contact Pier than the Golden Lounge in Satellite Building. It's new and had a very spacious setting combined with a great interior design. The lounge is renovated at the cost of RM4million spanning across 14000sqf and is done by RYO. The chairs and lounges have been specially customized for MAS and it's super comfortable. The Lounge for its first and business calss is opened from 5am-2am and it can accomodate up to 190 passengers.

Spacious and classy

The opening started with the speech of MAS Deputy Chairman, Y. Bhg Dato N. Sadasivan and then followed by the tour around the lounge. After the tour, the reporters and guests are treated to lunch and cocktails before proceeding to the Business Centre for an interview with Dato himself and the CEO of Golden Boutiques, Dato Raja Nordiana.

I heard that there's about 100 guests here

The array of food was good and the carving station with the roasted chicken and beef was yummy. However, the carving station is only there for the opening. Other days - ditto. Maybe due to cost reasons. Haha... The chefs are positioned to assist the guests and to make sure that they get the utmost service from the staff. Service was perfect.

Chef Radzi posing for my shot.

Cute Salmon Sushi Balls

The dessert spread is very tempting too. I don't need to describe them but the look of the pictures will tell. But of course the highlight of the day has got to be the Fidani Finest Chocolate Creations. I sponsored 100 mini boxes of chocolates and also 200 over pieces to be served on the buffet table. Very kind of me eh? Oops I mean my company. Some of the cameraman were busy zooming at the wonderful chocolates for quite sometime compared to other desserts which made me very happy of course. The chef told me to watch tonight's Bulletin Utama but I couldn't make it on time to reach home.


Tempting chocolate fountain. The strawberries were delicious!

My table standees at the cost of RM55 each!

Sinful Indulgence

The other time, the guests were given a goodie bag with spa products, Estee Lauder and a RM200 voucher but this time the guests were given a mini MAS aeroplane, some perfume samples and RM50 voucher redeemable at the Temptations showcase in the Business Centre. Well, I pestered the manager to give me one too and he did.

Temptations Showcase

I searched for the gift within the value and the only thing I can get was the Universal plug! I wanted to use my Enrich points to top up and it's such an embarrassment that I only had 3800 miles compared to my distributor, Mr.R whom has half a million miles! I told him that I would like to pinch his miles and he allowed! But nah, I didn't do it because I needed the universal plug anyways.

Universal Travel Plug at 3500 miles = RM50

I redeemed the Lolita Lempicka Perfume the last time at 14 000 miles = RM200

After the food, the various beverages (Latte, Teh Tarik, Earl Grey) and hanging around, I had a free massage at the Santai Spa located within the Lounge. I shall blog about my experience there later! The best is always the last and Mr. R has been so nice that he opened the last bottle of Dom Perignon Vintage 2000 in the Lounge today. I had 2 glasses before meeting up with my GM at the lounge for a discussion.

Best served when the glass is chilled too.

I left the place at 5.00pm and it's time to head home. The whole day was spent at KLIA again. I think if you were to blindfold me, I could still find my way around the building. The lounge is indeed a great place, providing a nice & comfortable ambiance for the passengers to relax before boarding. After coming so many times, the staff there has already recognised me. Maybe next time I could just hang out there like Mr.R which the lounge has become like his canteen in KLIA!

My super high heeled shoes and sexy leggings.

Too bad I didn't take a full picture of myself today. I was dressed to kill.... the mosquitoes. LOL

For more on Regional Lounge, read here.


KrazyBananaz said...

Haha! Cute sushi balls! Maybe you ought to camwhore yourself and let the mosquitoes lives...


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yup. it's delicious too, the mosquito must die! ahah

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