Saturday, April 19, 2008

Hennessy Artistry @ Zouk KL

Hennessy Artistry - The Global Art of Mixing was held at Zouk KL on the 18th April 2008. It was my first time attending the Hennessy event. Have heard so much about it and finally I got invited by Greg to Zouk. Woohoo...

It's been such a long time since i last step foot in Zouk. I think the last time I was there used to be last year's December. Was actually quite excited going to Velvet again. This event is actually a music campaign promoting a mix of music of different genres by different talents from all over the world. It mixes sound, visuals and drinks to bring you the ultimate experience.

There were DJ Andrew K all the way from Greece, Sexy siren DJ Keri who looks as good as she sings and she's famous for intertwining her vocals to her set of progressive mixes and house beats and lastly VJ Callen. VJ Callen who?!!

VJ Callen
Ever since his start as a DJ way back in 1985, local dance legend Callen has been tirelessly working to promote all things electronica within the scene. Callen’s involvement with Tempo, KL’s first commercial dance party promoter, spurred the scene to greater heights. He soon left to set up Excessive Records, the leading record and DJ gear specialty shop/organizers. His most recent collaboration as a member of Altered Image (with Terence C and Didjital), showcases his passion for visual wizardry as a VJ - an important complement to their hybrid electronica sound. They’ve also since become the winners for Heineken Music Thirst Studio 2005.

DJ Keri
Keri is a musical prodigy that has been all over the world many times, traveling to the most exotic places on the planet. From Moscow to Beijing, Jakarta to Amsterdam Keri has performed to tens of thousands of people worldwide. Her only mission: to touch as many people in the world as she can with her "unique" sound. An interesting fact about her is that she had been featured in Playboy (October 2003)(April 2004), FHM & Maxim Magazines (that interests you isn't it?). She was also a former Ms. Louisiana 1993 (MARMAS) & Miss Contraband Days 1989, a famous 2-week festival celebrating the legacy of Jean LaFitte in Lake Charles, LA.


For invited guests, the event starts at 9pm to 11pm. In that time period, all Hennessy was on the house. I, of course drink to my heart's content. I am not so much a Hennessy person but it tasted not too bad. After so many glasses, I think I would not be hesitating another Hennessy sometime soon - not trying to suck up their asses after they gave me all the free booze. Ok, partly. Before stepping into Velvet, we hang around the reception area just to see who's who and "kepoh" a little while. Greg had a mission - he was supposed to bring McD for his friends whom are also the organisers (Spiral) of the event so went through the McD Drive Thru before going down to KL. He felt embarrassed because this is the first ever time that he had to carry the McD plastic bags into a club!! Congratulations Greg! Adam C was there. The others - I have no idea.

Greg & his invitations

His colleague stood up on him. So does my friends. Wasted only our hard-to-obtain invitations. Free booze not better than movies meh?!! 1 glass of Hennessy = 2 movie tickets. Can do the calculations or not?!! We walked into Velvet after the registration at the reception and there was a girl whom helped us took a polaroid picture of Greg, Joe & me. I had to pretend that I was half a head shorter due to some-people-lack-of-height conditions. Shit, my height has always been a problem of getting guys especially if they're shorter than me. They'll get intimidated by my gigantic frame and model height! Muahaha... self praise is the best praise.

Joe, Me & Tomato Greg

We started off with a glass of Hennessy Miami (cognac + lime + mint). Liked the name? You can make it yourself here:

Legend has it that the Hennessy Mint Julep was the drink of the Miami fashionable society during the 1930’s. Fresh and elegant, this cocktail was indeed perfectly suited for Miami’s hot cocktail parties. Hennessy Miami is a delicious combination of Hennessy, lime juice and fresh mint leaves directly inspired by the Hennessy Mint Julep.

DJ Keri that night. Orange hair!!

There were some mixing of house beat and DJ Keri's vocals. I am not so much of a house music type of person, but I guess the beats that night were tolerable. The crowd only start streaming in by 11pm, because only then Velvet is opened for the public with a RM35 cover charge with 1 drink. So I was really smart, before it strikes 11pm, I went for another round of Hennessy with both my hands holding one glass each! I felt that there should be some activities carried out during the event like maybe some Hennessy bottles to be won. I think the previous Artistry event with Kat Deluna should be better because I don't see things hyped up with DJ Keri.

V is not for Vendetta. It's something notti but i shouldn't say.

Greg was so generous that he promised me that he will introduce 2 good looking guys to me. Last minute bonus, I've got Buy 2 Free 1 package. Ian, Alex and Joe are all his friends. Ian and Alex are working for Spiral, the organisers of that nights event and so they were walking around the whole night to keep their guests entertained whom one of them should be me!

This is moi and that is Ian

Sexy siren in the house with Ian and Alex. Threesome. Fun.

As the night goes on, Greg went and ditch me to hang out with the Hennessy girls. Ceh, I also can hang out with some Hennessy man - but sadly there isn't such thing. So, I went over to Deep's table and drink with him. Little do I know that when he introduced Joyce to me, the petite girl with short red hair, was actually Kinky Blue Fairy. I didn't know it until I went home, start blogging and suddenly it dawned upon me that familiar face is her! Aiyah, should have taken a pic with her. Or do you know that Adam C used to be her boyfriend? Joyce is a marketer, blogger, writer, fashionista, photographer and social commentator. How she can juggle between work and being a fairy still remains a ? mark to me.

Deep & Me

At Hennessy Artistry - The Global Art of Mixing, we don't only mix sound, visual and drinks. We mix with people too - the life to the event. I regretted not getting one of the guy's name which I mistakenly took his drink at the bar. He told me that I can have it if I want too but nah, I wouldn't want a taste of a stranger's saliva. He's cute... too bad, I missed the boat.

Ian invaded my picture.

After dropping by at The Loft and also dancing at the Velvet, it's time to head home. It was already 2am. Greg was already waiting outside and since he was my driver of the day, I listened. It was a fun night, free booze and good music and of course good looking guys. I did manage to buy myself my favourite Laici Martini (Yeah, you've read that right, I bought it myself. Didn't your mom teach you not to accept drinks from strangers?!!). It tasted the best at Zouk so far. Good night and hello morning.

Thanks Greg.


ShaolinTiger said...

Didn't see me there leh?

-eiling- said...

Nope. I didn't recognize the bloggers. Didn't know Suanie and KY was there too. Next time I'll look out.

Simon Seow said...

You don't even recognize Joyce's striking red hair lol. You won't know me because I'm not fehmes. You going to Heritage Mansion tomorrow for Cat Caught My Tongue party?

YilingL said...

simon: yeah my sister abit wat =_=" one. so red also cannot recognize!

eiling u shud have brought me there, then i tell u who is who... okla maybe the femes bloggers la.

-eiling- said...

Eleh, jangan nak belagak Lim Yiling. Next time I sure recognize one....

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