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Bambo9 @ Plaza TTDI

Stole from Kinky Blue Fairy

The name sounds as confusing as the place. Seriously Saturday was my first time ever at Plaza TTDI. You see, I stay in a part of Selangor where there's no entertainment and no night life so for a girl like me to venture into a new place, there's some risks involved. I searched the net for the place so that I will not get lost in the middle of Taman Tun Dr. Ismail (TTDI) and ask Greg to come out and save me. I don't need men's help.

I was actually so lazy after my dinner with my sister at Rakuzen in Subang Jaya. You can read her review here. We over-ordered and my bum was just too lazy to move so I rejected the invitation to Bambo9 that night. It was Greg's boss's birthday and he too invited me to join him but I declined. As I was blogging at home, the noisy Greg kept on sending me smses to lure me out telling me how good the Apple Bacardi tasted. I can't resist temptation so I surrendered and lazily drove all the way to Plaza TTDI.

Bacardi Apple

Lucky I managed to find the building despite my first visit there and as I was approaching the building, there was an open carpark just slightly opposite the building but I refused to park there eventhough the parking attendants were frantically waving at me to park there. I drove around the building and into the carpark. It was so confusing because after you turn left into the building's parking alley, you have to make an immediate left turn into the parking area or else if you missed the turning, you'll have to pass by the residents' parking and then make a big round to turn in again. The parking is RM3 per entry. I missed that turn once and including circling around to finally decide to park inside that building, I circled Plaza TTDI 3 bloody times. Don't even mention how small the opening was for my big fat car to squeeze in. If I scratch my car, Greg you better pay.

That was not the end of my nightmare. After I parked my car, I had trouble finding the way to the upper floors. Firstly, I took a flight of stairs up to only find myself lost in somewhere of the building with misleading stairs and locked doors. I was alone and so I panicked and hurried back to where I came from. Even then, I don't know where my car was already but I saw an outlet painted with green so I approached it and only to find a lift. I was so relieved, I could cry. The lift took me to the ground floor and as I stepped out of the lift, I was so smart to walk out from the concourse and into the outside pavement because there's where I spot Bambo9 when I drove past. So can you imagine I walked out and into Bambo9 only to stopped by the bouncer telling me that I need to go in from another entrance. So I thought it was the door on the left but it was locked. He then told me it's at the back of the building. WTF?!!

Then, I trudged to the back, the concourse area and saw Greg there waiting for me! It was so embarrassing that I have to walk a big round only to find the entrance near the lift where I came out. This was really my first time being so confused. After that, I party all the way. Trying to make up for the trouble I went through to get into the building and also the stares from the petrol station attendants when I was stopping by at Shell to fill my car. They must be thinking I must be some hooker in shorts and low cut V top. Ish.... That's why girls, it's better to have a full tank of petrol if you wanna hang out late for your own safety.

I didn't drink much because I'm only interested to dance. I think Greg's boss would have opened at least 3 bottles that night and the liquor girls kept talking to him. Probably they see $$$ in him. i spot a few good looking guys too but was just too shy to approach them. Oklah, I may seem like a loud girl but sometimes can be shy also mah!

Preparing the Flaming Lamborghini

Greg's boss could really hold his drinks as he drank some Tequila shots before I came and them so Bacardi and then the Flaming Lamborghini. Respect! After the FL, he was perfectly all right. Now that's what I call a seasoned drinker.

In Action

That's not the end. When I wanted to leave, I accidentally went down to B2 instead of B1 and can't find my car. They said I'm drunk but I wasn't cos that night I only had 2 Bacardi and the rest was Coke in disguise!

I might come back (for the good looking guys crowd), or I might not (hate the confusing carpark). My cherry popped for Bambo9 in Plaza TTDI.

Address C-1-5/6 TTDI Plaza, Jalan Wan Kadir, Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, 60 000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel 03 – 7727 9511 or Aileen @ 019 239 5817
Open 6pm – 3am everyday

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