Monday, April 28, 2008

Santai Spa and my tired days

Sigh... I think for the next two months, I'll be extremely tired and exhausted. Not only I have my ongoing projects and never ending workloads, I have to stay home and cook dinner for my sisters. Usually, when my mom is in Dubai, my youngest sis will take care of everything from washing clothes to bills and dinners. However, she too will have to grow up and leave college into the working world. Thus it's her first day at Public Bank today. May Teh Hong Piow look after the welfare of its workers!

I rushed home after 5pm to start preparing the dishes that I wanted to cook tonight. Since I have already boiled the pork ribs with chinese cabbage soup, I prepared 2 other more dishes - simple and fast. The first one would be white beancurd with pork and the second dish would be fried long bean and onions omelette. So for the past 1 hour before posting this, I was busy washing, cutting and marinating. Now I have to wait for my sis to come back from work to start cooking the dishes. Sigh (again) .....

With the rate I am going, I think I'm badly in need of a good massage and spa treatment. So, talking about Spa, I'm supposed to over on the Santai Spa at the Regional Lounge which I have tried the other day during the opening ceremony. There's about a 1000sqf space for the spa centre located just before the walkway to the washrooms. One may easily passed by without noticing the spa but there shouldn't be a problem locating it.

The spa centre is managed by KL Integrated Healthcare (KLIC) Sdn Bhd. How often do we see spas being managed by professionals and these professionals have Chiropractic Physicians to oversee the smooth running of the operations and procedures done onto customers. I met Dr. Nick Boden (Chiropractic Physician) himself and he did provide me some info of the spa industry in Malaysia. It is in the plan that the government will impose that all spas and reflexology centres will require professionals to be based in these outlets. This measure will ensure that no one is to run a spa without any knowledge on how to give the proper massage and treatment to the customers. Massages if not done properly will affect the spine and the last thing we want is an enjoyment turned into hell.

The set up of the spa centre is quite simple and requires only a small space. However there is still a private room for the full body massage individually or as a couple. The room is cosy and warm but the only turn off was the pink towels. The Asst Operations Manager was telling me that they too didn't want that colour but they had no choice as that's the only colour available from the towels company.

There are a few types of services:

Kilat massage (express massage for neck, shoulder & back) - RM78 for 20mins
RM 98 for 30 mins
RM 111 for 40 mins

Ampuni Reflexology (signature foot massage) - RM88 for 30 mins
RM118 for 40 mins

Tropical Touch massage ( foot, head, shoulder & back) - RM158 for 30 mins
RM198 for 40 mins

Facial - RM138 for 30 mins

Manicure - RM68 per treatment and RM7 per finger for nail art

Pedicure - RM88 per treatment and RM7 per toe for nail art

Spa Foot Scrub - RM35 per treatment

Actually I don't think it's very expensive considering its location at an airport lounge. What is a 100 bucks compared to a business class ticket?!! The concept is good because restless travelers can now rest and relax at the spa centre with is just a few steps away in the lounge itself. The services are excellent too. The masseurs are guided by Tunku Baldi himself whom is the master trainer and therapist in teaching these girls (mostly from Sarawak) to massage using the right technique.

Tunku & me

Just a ten minute massage from Tunku himself sent me to heaven. He is really professional and he targets all my problem points with no hitch. He was telling me that I was the stiffest among all the others and I am like a piece of wood - kayu! haha Would have just asked him to write a letter to my boss telling him that I will need some allowance for "personal development" due to severe stress and heavy workload.

Overall the sneak preview of the spa has been enjoying and if money is not a problem, I'll definitely be coming here again.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Blues Rules!

I was at Original Kayu in SS2 watching the most anticipated EPL match when the blues clashes with the reds. Actually I was expecting another boring match with 11 silly men from each team running around the field kicking one small miserable ball. I mean how interesting can it get if it's not a World Cup?!! I am no fan of both teams because I only like Real Madrid for silly reasons of course. What's more to see in a match other than ogle at the handsome and buff looking football players right?

You have the right to differ because there's actually more to football. I understand now why guys prefer watching at the public places like mamak stalls because of the atmosphere. People clad in their favourite team jerseys and shouted when there's a slightest chance of scoring. For me, I was busy savoring my nasi Kandar during the first half of the game.

Nemaja Vidic

At the ninth minute, United's Nemanja Vidic was carried off on a stretcher with a facial injury. He was bleeding from the mouth after Drogba's knee knocked into his jaw and it's a pity for him to exit within less than 10 minutes of the game.

Michael Ballack

The hero of the day for the Blues was Michael Ballack. Two goals from him kept alive Chelsea's title hopes as they overcame Manchester United 2-1 in a pulsating clash at Stamford Bridge.

Ballack had given Chelsea a 45th minute lead and he sealed a vital win in controversial circumstances by slotting home a penalty five minutes from time. However, a monumental blunder by Ricardo Carvalho gifted United a 55th minute equaliser to Wayne Rooney.

Ballack's goal sparked emotional scenes as all the Chelsea players held up Frank Lampard's number eight shirt with the message 'Pat Lampard - R.I.P'. Ballack who had taken his shirt off, was then booked by Wiley. It was a tribute to Lampard's mother, who passed away from pneumonia on Thursday.

With Chelsea's 2-1 win, it is now on par with Man Utd with chances of grabbing the EPL trophy this season. However, the goal difference is quite significant and with 2 more wins from Man Utd, they'll emerge as the champions in this EPL. Just looking at Christiano Ronaldo's egoistic face can send me boiling. Someone please just break his leg!

Chelsea's coach - Avram Grant

I think Avram Grant should be quite happy with his team's performance yesterday. Drogba, Cole and Shevchenko had done a good job yesterday in preventing a near equaliser from United. Drogba has been very fit and they were talks of Chelsea wanting to sell him off to Barcelona. During the duration of the game, there were a number of dramas of fighting scenes between the two teams. It was interesting though to see the players head lock with each other. I know I am evil... muahahaha....

Sometimes it just feel so funny to see a German player saving the day for an English club. Where have the good English players gone? Why clubs are allowed to sell and buy players as to when and where they wish? Don't they care about the players' feelings when deciding who and whom has to be sold? At the end of the day, it's just another game and money. It's my waste of time trying to understand how the game works so I just sit down and enjoy and learn not to ask stupid questions during the match.

The food is not that great with the price you pay for. Mind you, these Kayu Kayu names are not cheap. Yesterday was packed with football fans and the guys are all smoking when the tension intensifies between the teams. Hello?!! It's not even you playing the games, so why so stressed? Do you know that football not only causes heart attack but it shortens life too due to heavy smoking and numerous teh tariks!

No reason to say football is a healthy sport if you are not in it. Watching kills.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

MAS Regional Lounge Official Opening

I attended the Mas Regional Lounge Official Opening at 11am today as a guest, supplier and a blogger. Haha... multi-identities! I don't think they have invited any bloggers as the lounge is filled with press and reporters so I thought it'll be nice of me to cover the event for them. The opening that I attended last week was for the CEO's friends and cherished Enrich members but this one is the official opening for press release. For previous post, click here.

The view from the lounge.

Honestly, I really love hanging around at the Regional Lounge at the Contact Pier than the Golden Lounge in Satellite Building. It's new and had a very spacious setting combined with a great interior design. The lounge is renovated at the cost of RM4million spanning across 14000sqf and is done by RYO. The chairs and lounges have been specially customized for MAS and it's super comfortable. The Lounge for its first and business calss is opened from 5am-2am and it can accomodate up to 190 passengers.

Spacious and classy

The opening started with the speech of MAS Deputy Chairman, Y. Bhg Dato N. Sadasivan and then followed by the tour around the lounge. After the tour, the reporters and guests are treated to lunch and cocktails before proceeding to the Business Centre for an interview with Dato himself and the CEO of Golden Boutiques, Dato Raja Nordiana.

I heard that there's about 100 guests here

The array of food was good and the carving station with the roasted chicken and beef was yummy. However, the carving station is only there for the opening. Other days - ditto. Maybe due to cost reasons. Haha... The chefs are positioned to assist the guests and to make sure that they get the utmost service from the staff. Service was perfect.

Chef Radzi posing for my shot.

Cute Salmon Sushi Balls

The dessert spread is very tempting too. I don't need to describe them but the look of the pictures will tell. But of course the highlight of the day has got to be the Fidani Finest Chocolate Creations. I sponsored 100 mini boxes of chocolates and also 200 over pieces to be served on the buffet table. Very kind of me eh? Oops I mean my company. Some of the cameraman were busy zooming at the wonderful chocolates for quite sometime compared to other desserts which made me very happy of course. The chef told me to watch tonight's Bulletin Utama but I couldn't make it on time to reach home.


Tempting chocolate fountain. The strawberries were delicious!

My table standees at the cost of RM55 each!

Sinful Indulgence

The other time, the guests were given a goodie bag with spa products, Estee Lauder and a RM200 voucher but this time the guests were given a mini MAS aeroplane, some perfume samples and RM50 voucher redeemable at the Temptations showcase in the Business Centre. Well, I pestered the manager to give me one too and he did.

Temptations Showcase

I searched for the gift within the value and the only thing I can get was the Universal plug! I wanted to use my Enrich points to top up and it's such an embarrassment that I only had 3800 miles compared to my distributor, Mr.R whom has half a million miles! I told him that I would like to pinch his miles and he allowed! But nah, I didn't do it because I needed the universal plug anyways.

Universal Travel Plug at 3500 miles = RM50

I redeemed the Lolita Lempicka Perfume the last time at 14 000 miles = RM200

After the food, the various beverages (Latte, Teh Tarik, Earl Grey) and hanging around, I had a free massage at the Santai Spa located within the Lounge. I shall blog about my experience there later! The best is always the last and Mr. R has been so nice that he opened the last bottle of Dom Perignon Vintage 2000 in the Lounge today. I had 2 glasses before meeting up with my GM at the lounge for a discussion.

Best served when the glass is chilled too.

I left the place at 5.00pm and it's time to head home. The whole day was spent at KLIA again. I think if you were to blindfold me, I could still find my way around the building. The lounge is indeed a great place, providing a nice & comfortable ambiance for the passengers to relax before boarding. After coming so many times, the staff there has already recognised me. Maybe next time I could just hang out there like Mr.R which the lounge has become like his canteen in KLIA!

My super high heeled shoes and sexy leggings.

Too bad I didn't take a full picture of myself today. I was dressed to kill.... the mosquitoes. LOL

For more on Regional Lounge, read here.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Bambo9 @ Plaza TTDI

Stole from Kinky Blue Fairy

The name sounds as confusing as the place. Seriously Saturday was my first time ever at Plaza TTDI. You see, I stay in a part of Selangor where there's no entertainment and no night life so for a girl like me to venture into a new place, there's some risks involved. I searched the net for the place so that I will not get lost in the middle of Taman Tun Dr. Ismail (TTDI) and ask Greg to come out and save me. I don't need men's help.

I was actually so lazy after my dinner with my sister at Rakuzen in Subang Jaya. You can read her review here. We over-ordered and my bum was just too lazy to move so I rejected the invitation to Bambo9 that night. It was Greg's boss's birthday and he too invited me to join him but I declined. As I was blogging at home, the noisy Greg kept on sending me smses to lure me out telling me how good the Apple Bacardi tasted. I can't resist temptation so I surrendered and lazily drove all the way to Plaza TTDI.

Bacardi Apple

Lucky I managed to find the building despite my first visit there and as I was approaching the building, there was an open carpark just slightly opposite the building but I refused to park there eventhough the parking attendants were frantically waving at me to park there. I drove around the building and into the carpark. It was so confusing because after you turn left into the building's parking alley, you have to make an immediate left turn into the parking area or else if you missed the turning, you'll have to pass by the residents' parking and then make a big round to turn in again. The parking is RM3 per entry. I missed that turn once and including circling around to finally decide to park inside that building, I circled Plaza TTDI 3 bloody times. Don't even mention how small the opening was for my big fat car to squeeze in. If I scratch my car, Greg you better pay.

That was not the end of my nightmare. After I parked my car, I had trouble finding the way to the upper floors. Firstly, I took a flight of stairs up to only find myself lost in somewhere of the building with misleading stairs and locked doors. I was alone and so I panicked and hurried back to where I came from. Even then, I don't know where my car was already but I saw an outlet painted with green so I approached it and only to find a lift. I was so relieved, I could cry. The lift took me to the ground floor and as I stepped out of the lift, I was so smart to walk out from the concourse and into the outside pavement because there's where I spot Bambo9 when I drove past. So can you imagine I walked out and into Bambo9 only to stopped by the bouncer telling me that I need to go in from another entrance. So I thought it was the door on the left but it was locked. He then told me it's at the back of the building. WTF?!!

Then, I trudged to the back, the concourse area and saw Greg there waiting for me! It was so embarrassing that I have to walk a big round only to find the entrance near the lift where I came out. This was really my first time being so confused. After that, I party all the way. Trying to make up for the trouble I went through to get into the building and also the stares from the petrol station attendants when I was stopping by at Shell to fill my car. They must be thinking I must be some hooker in shorts and low cut V top. Ish.... That's why girls, it's better to have a full tank of petrol if you wanna hang out late for your own safety.

I didn't drink much because I'm only interested to dance. I think Greg's boss would have opened at least 3 bottles that night and the liquor girls kept talking to him. Probably they see $$$ in him. i spot a few good looking guys too but was just too shy to approach them. Oklah, I may seem like a loud girl but sometimes can be shy also mah!

Preparing the Flaming Lamborghini

Greg's boss could really hold his drinks as he drank some Tequila shots before I came and them so Bacardi and then the Flaming Lamborghini. Respect! After the FL, he was perfectly all right. Now that's what I call a seasoned drinker.

In Action

That's not the end. When I wanted to leave, I accidentally went down to B2 instead of B1 and can't find my car. They said I'm drunk but I wasn't cos that night I only had 2 Bacardi and the rest was Coke in disguise!

I might come back (for the good looking guys crowd), or I might not (hate the confusing carpark). My cherry popped for Bambo9 in Plaza TTDI.

Address C-1-5/6 TTDI Plaza, Jalan Wan Kadir, Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, 60 000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel 03 – 7727 9511 or Aileen @ 019 239 5817
Open 6pm – 3am everyday

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Hennessy Artistry @ Zouk KL

Hennessy Artistry - The Global Art of Mixing was held at Zouk KL on the 18th April 2008. It was my first time attending the Hennessy event. Have heard so much about it and finally I got invited by Greg to Zouk. Woohoo...

It's been such a long time since i last step foot in Zouk. I think the last time I was there used to be last year's December. Was actually quite excited going to Velvet again. This event is actually a music campaign promoting a mix of music of different genres by different talents from all over the world. It mixes sound, visuals and drinks to bring you the ultimate experience.

There were DJ Andrew K all the way from Greece, Sexy siren DJ Keri who looks as good as she sings and she's famous for intertwining her vocals to her set of progressive mixes and house beats and lastly VJ Callen. VJ Callen who?!!

VJ Callen
Ever since his start as a DJ way back in 1985, local dance legend Callen has been tirelessly working to promote all things electronica within the scene. Callen’s involvement with Tempo, KL’s first commercial dance party promoter, spurred the scene to greater heights. He soon left to set up Excessive Records, the leading record and DJ gear specialty shop/organizers. His most recent collaboration as a member of Altered Image (with Terence C and Didjital), showcases his passion for visual wizardry as a VJ - an important complement to their hybrid electronica sound. They’ve also since become the winners for Heineken Music Thirst Studio 2005.

DJ Keri
Keri is a musical prodigy that has been all over the world many times, traveling to the most exotic places on the planet. From Moscow to Beijing, Jakarta to Amsterdam Keri has performed to tens of thousands of people worldwide. Her only mission: to touch as many people in the world as she can with her "unique" sound. An interesting fact about her is that she had been featured in Playboy (October 2003)(April 2004), FHM & Maxim Magazines (that interests you isn't it?). She was also a former Ms. Louisiana 1993 (MARMAS) & Miss Contraband Days 1989, a famous 2-week festival celebrating the legacy of Jean LaFitte in Lake Charles, LA.


For invited guests, the event starts at 9pm to 11pm. In that time period, all Hennessy was on the house. I, of course drink to my heart's content. I am not so much a Hennessy person but it tasted not too bad. After so many glasses, I think I would not be hesitating another Hennessy sometime soon - not trying to suck up their asses after they gave me all the free booze. Ok, partly. Before stepping into Velvet, we hang around the reception area just to see who's who and "kepoh" a little while. Greg had a mission - he was supposed to bring McD for his friends whom are also the organisers (Spiral) of the event so went through the McD Drive Thru before going down to KL. He felt embarrassed because this is the first ever time that he had to carry the McD plastic bags into a club!! Congratulations Greg! Adam C was there. The others - I have no idea.

Greg & his invitations

His colleague stood up on him. So does my friends. Wasted only our hard-to-obtain invitations. Free booze not better than movies meh?!! 1 glass of Hennessy = 2 movie tickets. Can do the calculations or not?!! We walked into Velvet after the registration at the reception and there was a girl whom helped us took a polaroid picture of Greg, Joe & me. I had to pretend that I was half a head shorter due to some-people-lack-of-height conditions. Shit, my height has always been a problem of getting guys especially if they're shorter than me. They'll get intimidated by my gigantic frame and model height! Muahaha... self praise is the best praise.

Joe, Me & Tomato Greg

We started off with a glass of Hennessy Miami (cognac + lime + mint). Liked the name? You can make it yourself here:

Legend has it that the Hennessy Mint Julep was the drink of the Miami fashionable society during the 1930’s. Fresh and elegant, this cocktail was indeed perfectly suited for Miami’s hot cocktail parties. Hennessy Miami is a delicious combination of Hennessy, lime juice and fresh mint leaves directly inspired by the Hennessy Mint Julep.

DJ Keri that night. Orange hair!!

There were some mixing of house beat and DJ Keri's vocals. I am not so much of a house music type of person, but I guess the beats that night were tolerable. The crowd only start streaming in by 11pm, because only then Velvet is opened for the public with a RM35 cover charge with 1 drink. So I was really smart, before it strikes 11pm, I went for another round of Hennessy with both my hands holding one glass each! I felt that there should be some activities carried out during the event like maybe some Hennessy bottles to be won. I think the previous Artistry event with Kat Deluna should be better because I don't see things hyped up with DJ Keri.

V is not for Vendetta. It's something notti but i shouldn't say.

Greg was so generous that he promised me that he will introduce 2 good looking guys to me. Last minute bonus, I've got Buy 2 Free 1 package. Ian, Alex and Joe are all his friends. Ian and Alex are working for Spiral, the organisers of that nights event and so they were walking around the whole night to keep their guests entertained whom one of them should be me!

This is moi and that is Ian

Sexy siren in the house with Ian and Alex. Threesome. Fun.

As the night goes on, Greg went and ditch me to hang out with the Hennessy girls. Ceh, I also can hang out with some Hennessy man - but sadly there isn't such thing. So, I went over to Deep's table and drink with him. Little do I know that when he introduced Joyce to me, the petite girl with short red hair, was actually Kinky Blue Fairy. I didn't know it until I went home, start blogging and suddenly it dawned upon me that familiar face is her! Aiyah, should have taken a pic with her. Or do you know that Adam C used to be her boyfriend? Joyce is a marketer, blogger, writer, fashionista, photographer and social commentator. How she can juggle between work and being a fairy still remains a ? mark to me.

Deep & Me

At Hennessy Artistry - The Global Art of Mixing, we don't only mix sound, visual and drinks. We mix with people too - the life to the event. I regretted not getting one of the guy's name which I mistakenly took his drink at the bar. He told me that I can have it if I want too but nah, I wouldn't want a taste of a stranger's saliva. He's cute... too bad, I missed the boat.

Ian invaded my picture.

After dropping by at The Loft and also dancing at the Velvet, it's time to head home. It was already 2am. Greg was already waiting outside and since he was my driver of the day, I listened. It was a fun night, free booze and good music and of course good looking guys. I did manage to buy myself my favourite Laici Martini (Yeah, you've read that right, I bought it myself. Didn't your mom teach you not to accept drinks from strangers?!!). It tasted the best at Zouk so far. Good night and hello morning.

Thanks Greg.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Too Mad Too Furious

"Heav'n has no rage, like love to hatred turn'd, nor Hell a fury like a woman scorn'd" best describes how I was feeling today. I was scorned not by man but by a terrijible, horrijible and vegetable kinda scam that auto sends out posts to the walls of Facebook.

He who sends out these messages has no heart, no soul and no sanity. All he cares was money, money and money from those who clicks on his website and make purchases of these little pill wonders that maketh a man's pride into a huge monster. The monstrous lovestick is guaranteed to make your woman happy and gay. In return for his happiness, my dignity suffered.

The first msn phrase I got from Lester this morning was, is your facebook hijacked? "It kept sending out these pills on enlargement on Facebook". I was so shocked that I logged on to see what happended and to my horror, the message was on all my friend's list walls. Seriously, I was so busy these days, where do I have time to post all these nonsense?!! Somemore tarnish my goodname. I was damn angry loh... I wanted to curse the fella who hacked my account and I shall do it here.

Though I seldom swear profanities in my blog except for the few times where my car was stolen and I had a mental block, it leave me no choice but to swear here!

F%@# those people who hacked my Facebook.
Stupid a$$hole Facebook that stupidly allow the mass sendout posts.
You're so f%@kingly annoying because I have to change my password.
F you F you F you X million of billion times.
Hope that your website got F%@ked too!
Bus3rd betul!

Seriously I hate junk mails and scams and viruses. If these don;t exist, having a computer and surfing the net is actually quite hassle free. So you know what I did? I went to every page and delete it off the walls rather than just send another mass sendout saying that my Facebook has been hacked. Applause applause for my determination....

My day has yet to be spoilt by this incident because I'm heading to Velvet tonight after so many months. Henessey Artistry here I come!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A day's best food

Some say I have the best job in the world - I beg to differ. They told me that I am lucky because I get to experience so many things that many would envy - I say there is a sacrifice. They said I gained weight - I totally agree and I'll tell you why.

It's a surprised that many people actually googled for MAS Golden Lounge and when they read my blog entry about the lounge, I get to see it through the analytics section of my nuffnang account. I wonder to myself why these people are looking for the lounge. Are they doing a research or simply because they wanted to see how it looked like?

The search keywords

Yesterday, I was invited by the MAS Golden Lounge Manager to attend their launching party of the newly renovated Regional Lounge at the Contact Pier in KLIA. The lounge has been given a RM2million facelift and has been opened for about a month ago. The official launching to the media and press will be next week and yesterday is just a party for the friends and some Enrich members of the CEO of the Golden Lounge, Datuk Raja Nordiana. She has been actively involve in promoting the Enrich card - loyalty program for MAS and also the Temptations (In-Flight) shopping.

The entrance with the water feature

The total concept for the Regional Lounge is based on the theme "Rimbun" as explained by En. Sabry, the Senior Manager. He is the guy responsible for all the MAS Lounges all over the world and it's no surprise that I actually do envy his job. He gets to travel and also use all the MAS Lounges when we economy class travelers have to wait and stare at each other in the boarding gate. The "Rimbun" concept is based on the richness in flora and fauna in the country. He wanted to create a forest like concept with all the right elements in the lounge such as the use of water, wood and also the fern design-sandblasted partition.

The online surfing area with a nice view

Among all the other lounges (Domestic & Satellite), this Regional Lounge at the Contact Pier is the best! It's new and the food selection for the business class passengers are better here compared to the Satellite Business Lounge. However, I still liked the free-flow of Haagen Daz ice-cream at the First Class Lounge in Satellite! If they serve Haagen Daz here, MAS will be running in a budget deficit! The business lounge is used by hundreds of passengers a day and this new lounge will serve the regional flights.

A place to relax and have a cuppa

I was quite impressed with the overall design of the lounge. The best thing about this lounge is the toilet! You have to pay the washroom a courtesy call. Every cubicle has a shower area in it for passengers to refresh themselves. Clean white towels are provided and don't worry about toiletries because the necessities like toothbrush, comb, shampoo, body wash and lotion are provided! How cool is that? They're all L'occitane!!! I was washing my hand in there with the L'occitane hand soap and then followed by the lotion.... Wah syoknya. What to do, I don't have money to fly business and first class, if not I also won't be so "jakun".

The buffet area and the Swiss Chef overlooking the details

I love the beverage bar. You can order anything from Austin Chase Coffee, cappuccino, espresso, latte, hot chocolate, tea and a wide array of other drinks. It's all free of charge of course! I can't count the number of times I've had lunch at the lounge. Everytime I was in KLIA, the manager is kind enough to offer us free food at the lounges. Now, it's like my regular eating place in KLIA. Usually it's self-service at the lounge but because I knew them, they always serve the food & drinks directly to my table. Service is excellent. The staff are all courteous as well. Damn, I really like to spend time there.

The salad and beverage bar

The beverages are from Mr.R who supplies great coffees and also the liquors. I knew Mr.R for about half a year now, and he's so kind. He have been helping me to get my chocolates into MAS as well. Later, you'll see that Fidani is everywhere! Haha... Yesterday I was also fortunate to meet another Mr.R who supplies the food from Pan Pacific to the Lounge. Another business opportunity for me! He's been so nice because I hardly knew most of the guests and he had been keeping me company. I was surprised that when he kissed my hand, he said I smelled like chocolate! LOL That's why I'm so sweet mah!

The dining area and also the business centre

I waited for my boss to come and he finally showed up at 3pm when everyone else has left. I needed his signatures so I stayed. If not, I would have left long ago when the party ends at 2.30pm. When he came, I knew it will take some time before I can go because he has this new idea that he wants me to implement at the lounge. It was a good day for me to attend the party yesterday because I met so many important people that I should be visiting them and I haven't due to the hectic schedule. Yesterday, I get to meet most of the staff of the Golden Boutique (In flight shopping) whom I corresponded through emails for almost 1 year without knowing how they looked like! I have also invited them to take their cabin crew to my chocolate factory for a tour and product familiarization training. So who wants the MAS air stewardess hp no?

Want to know what I'm drinking?

Sometimes, I'm just afraid to see Dato because everytime I see him, he'll have new ideas which he would like to see it being implemented. It's good but everytime he does that, his ideas evolved and what have been discussed are thus void. I'm finding it a bit hard to cope with it because right now, I have more than 6 projects on hand to complete and I'm short of hands, legs and brains. Lucky I stayed on yesterday because the best is always kept for the last. Mr.R was so generous to open 2 bottles of his Dom Perignon Vintage 2000 for our indulgence. If you don't know what Dom Perignon is, does Moet & Chandon ring a bell? If still no, click here. It costs about RM1600 per bottle duty paid. I had four glasses of that heavenly champagne. I don't usually take champagne because wine runs in my blood but this champagne is nice and smooth, provided properly chilled at about 10-12 degree celcius.

RM1600 in a bottle

When I saw the clock striking 5.30pm, I know it's time to leave because I have another session at 8pm in Jaya Palace and I need to collect the chocolates from my factory that closes at 6pm. Before I go, I was given a RM200 voucher for me to redeem any gifts from the temptations showcase in the lounge and I got myself a bottle of Lolita Lempicka perfume! Inside the goodie bag, there were a bottle of moisturizer, body soap, a bottle of basil massage oil from Tanamera and also a correction powder from Estee Lauder. They removed my Fidani Chocolates because I wouldn't be needing them...I have lots of them at the factory. MAS really give good freebies. Everything was done with class. So I finished work that day by just drinking and making merry. What a life! I wished everyday is yesterday.
For MAS Regional Lounge launching, click here.

Well, that wasn't the end of my day. Although I can feel some drunkness in me due to much drinking and not much solid food, I went home and took some dinner before I head to Jaya Palace for another round of wine drinking.

I drank from all these bottles - 1 glass each

The cock scares me already

We had Burgundy (French Wines) yesterday. Seriously, after trying Bordeaux and Burgundy, I began to like Burgundy. It's very easy to spot a Burgundy following the tips given by the wine connoisseur, whom are my wine drinking friends now. According to her, the bottle of a Burgundy is like a women with a heavy bottom. Just look at the different bottles below and you will be able to differentiate. Another point to note is that Burgundy has this ruby red coloured wine. Although the red is not as dark as Bordeaux, the taste is not compromised. Bordeaux contained more Carbernet Sauvignon grapes and thus it has more tanins and also it smelled more of tobacco. However, Burgundy is using the Pinot Noir grapes and to me, it smells better.

Burgundy VS Bordeaux

The colour of Burgudy resembles the Ruby

I have always been drinking Australian & Spanish wines but now I've developed a taste for French wines. French wines are the old age wines and they're easier to drink. If you only have one body, I suggest you fill it up with the best wine and don't waste it on others like the Yellow Tail or Lindemans because these brands don't make good wines. The wines come from different vineyards and you'll never have the same taste in the same bottle.

I liked the Chassagne-Montrachet Year 2006

This bottle costs more than RM200

The food was very interesting too. For the first time in my life, I had foie gras as appetizer and it was superb if you don't remind me how it was made. I know it's cruel but it tastes good especially the one that we had yesterday was brought back all the way from France. It will set you back RM400 for a can of foie gras that is the size of a can of sardine fish. After that we moved on to Sharks fin with Fish Maw braised soup. Now I'm getting a bit sick of sharks fin and abalone because we had abalone with chicken feet. It used to be my favourite but now I don't fancy it anymore. I told Mr.L that ever since I met him, I've gained quite a bit of weight. It was good food and good wine all the way. We had never had a single normal (what normal chinese people with normal earning would eat) chinese cuisine except for that green vegetable dish.

KOBE beef Shabu Shabu

What I was surprised is the shabu-shabu dish. In the middle of God-knows-how many dishes, they brought in a metal pot filled with soup and vegetables. Then 2 plates of beef slices were served together with a plate of the beef balls. Little do I know that those beef slices are Kobe beef of different cuts! OMIGOD, is this how they eat?!! I never knew Kobe tasted like heaven. It was so orgasmic savouring the tender beef in my mouth. Now I hate TGI Friday's Steak. I can't even saw it with the knife! Kobe beef goes very well with the wines and it's a great combination. If i continue to eat like this for a few more times, I'm scared that I will be needing the Marie France Bodyline service soon.

The wine of Flies

We ended the meal with the Clos des Mouches. I quite like the label though with the cute flies on the top left hand corner. Mouches is flies in French. I can't believe my day. I started with a white wine in KLIA at 11am and I end the day with red wine at 12.30am. If a mosquito were to bite me that night, it will die from 2 causes - either posioned or drunk due too the level of alcohol in my blood stream. Don't ask me to donate blood, I'll make them high.

Wish you have my life, don't. You will suffer from kidney failure soon.

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