Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Wine Escapade

It's 5pm, and I'm heading towards Sunway Damansara to Asia Euro for money and wine. I'm not selling myself, pardon you but I was there to collect the money for the chocolates that I have helped my friends to buy over the last weekend. Mr. L and E was so nice to invite me for a drink with their usual "kakis" at the office. The office was impressive with racks and racks of wines and liquor. Feels like a haven for work. We had wine and some accompanying dishes like cheese, roast duck and roast pork. Seriously, wine and roasted pork complements each other so well. I only stayed for 3 glasses of wine and then I bought a bottle of Xisto 2004 for my General Manager's Birthday tomorrow. Hope he likes the Portugal wine as it is of limited production and it's RM176 minus the beautiful complimentary wooden carrier that E gave to me. I was touched by their generosity.

Premium Packaging

Xisto 2004 - pronounced as "shees-too"

The last week, we had all the wines from the left bank of France such as Chateau Ferriere and Lalande Borie from Margaux and this time, we had wine from the right bank from villages such as Saint-Emilion and Pomerol. I forgot to mention that a bottle of Chateau Ferriere will set you back RM300 and we had 5 bottles of it the last time. You do the calculations.

Saint-Émilion is one of the principal red wine areas of Bordeaux along with the Medoc, Graves & Pomerol. The region is much smaller than the Médoc and adjoins Pomerol. The Romans planted vineyards in what was to become Saint-Émilion as early as the 2nd Century AD. In the 4th Century, the Latin poet, Asonius lauded the fruit of the bountiful vine.The town was named after the monk Émilion, a travelling confessor, who settled in a hermitage carved into the rock there in the 8th century. It was the monks who followed him that started up the commercial wine production in the area.

Pomerols are the smoothest, richest, instantly appealing wines. The intense plummy fruitiness and velvet richness come from the overwhelming use of the Merlot grape (usually 80% - 100%). The wines are gentle with a lush ruby colour. These can be drunk at a younger age than most of the Cabernet Sauvignon based wines of the Medoc region.

Pezat Bordeaux Superieur 2005 - Fruity Merlot-based wine with a good dose of oak and terroir, drinking very well. An excellent value Claret, made alongside the great St-Emilion Grand cru, Château Teyssier. The stunning 2005 vintage has produced a big wine which will hold for a number of years. Costs around RM100.

Chateau Teyssier (St Emilion) 2004: A really dark hue here, very dense right out to the rim. It has a slightly reserved but very promising nose, with dark fruits and fading notes of honeyed oak. Nice weight on the palate, creamy, but quite cool in style, before it shows a denser, more meaty side through the midpalate. This has a fine, firm style with a good backbone of acidity and ripe tannins at the finish. About Rm100-150.

La Fleur de Boiiard (Pomerol) 2004: A dark hue, rich earth with an amazing aroma. Costs around RM132.

I love to take shots of cocks

I've never before taken so much interest to get to know about the wines I drink but now I do. It's not about the amount of wine you drink, it's more to what you drink. No doubt I'm now trying to brush up my wine tasting skills so that I am able to find my favourite bottle besides Xisto (only if I can afford it!). Forget about new age wines like Australian wines, try French Bordeaux or Pinot Noir and you'll be hooked.


YilingL said...

u really remember all the frenchie names of the wines or u google wan ????

hehe ask u remember other things cannot remember, these can remember so well....

my bday also coming....

EILING said...

your birthday is end of the year la doink. don't lie.

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