Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Wine Escapade

It's 5pm, and I'm heading towards Sunway Damansara to Asia Euro for money and wine. I'm not selling myself, pardon you but I was there to collect the money for the chocolates that I have helped my friends to buy over the last weekend. Mr. L and E was so nice to invite me for a drink with their usual "kakis" at the office. The office was impressive with racks and racks of wines and liquor. Feels like a haven for work. We had wine and some accompanying dishes like cheese, roast duck and roast pork. Seriously, wine and roasted pork complements each other so well. I only stayed for 3 glasses of wine and then I bought a bottle of Xisto 2004 for my General Manager's Birthday tomorrow. Hope he likes the Portugal wine as it is of limited production and it's RM176 minus the beautiful complimentary wooden carrier that E gave to me. I was touched by their generosity.

Premium Packaging

Xisto 2004 - pronounced as "shees-too"

The last week, we had all the wines from the left bank of France such as Chateau Ferriere and Lalande Borie from Margaux and this time, we had wine from the right bank from villages such as Saint-Emilion and Pomerol. I forgot to mention that a bottle of Chateau Ferriere will set you back RM300 and we had 5 bottles of it the last time. You do the calculations.

Saint-Émilion is one of the principal red wine areas of Bordeaux along with the Medoc, Graves & Pomerol. The region is much smaller than the Médoc and adjoins Pomerol. The Romans planted vineyards in what was to become Saint-Émilion as early as the 2nd Century AD. In the 4th Century, the Latin poet, Asonius lauded the fruit of the bountiful vine.The town was named after the monk Émilion, a travelling confessor, who settled in a hermitage carved into the rock there in the 8th century. It was the monks who followed him that started up the commercial wine production in the area.

Pomerols are the smoothest, richest, instantly appealing wines. The intense plummy fruitiness and velvet richness come from the overwhelming use of the Merlot grape (usually 80% - 100%). The wines are gentle with a lush ruby colour. These can be drunk at a younger age than most of the Cabernet Sauvignon based wines of the Medoc region.

Pezat Bordeaux Superieur 2005 - Fruity Merlot-based wine with a good dose of oak and terroir, drinking very well. An excellent value Claret, made alongside the great St-Emilion Grand cru, Château Teyssier. The stunning 2005 vintage has produced a big wine which will hold for a number of years. Costs around RM100.

Chateau Teyssier (St Emilion) 2004: A really dark hue here, very dense right out to the rim. It has a slightly reserved but very promising nose, with dark fruits and fading notes of honeyed oak. Nice weight on the palate, creamy, but quite cool in style, before it shows a denser, more meaty side through the midpalate. This has a fine, firm style with a good backbone of acidity and ripe tannins at the finish. About Rm100-150.

La Fleur de Boiiard (Pomerol) 2004: A dark hue, rich earth with an amazing aroma. Costs around RM132.

I love to take shots of cocks

I've never before taken so much interest to get to know about the wines I drink but now I do. It's not about the amount of wine you drink, it's more to what you drink. No doubt I'm now trying to brush up my wine tasting skills so that I am able to find my favourite bottle besides Xisto (only if I can afford it!). Forget about new age wines like Australian wines, try French Bordeaux or Pinot Noir and you'll be hooked.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Things you can do with a Treadmill

How about dancing on a treadmill?

Watch this.

The video clip was amazing with nearly 32 million views and 40k of comments. I read that they did the video using a home camera and no video generations was done. The video have to be filmed at one go so I wonder how much they have practiced to be this good. Anyways, who came out with this wonderful idea of dancing on a treadmill? If you watch closely, at 59 sec, the guy with pink pants on your front left almost fell but he did a great job because it's just a minor mistake. Hope you really enjoyed the clip as much as I did.

The next time I hit the gym, I'll try that on the treadmills.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

BMW Sauber F1 Pit Lounge 2008

This is what I called nice food, nice booze, nice music, nice cars and everything spice. Oops, I forgot to mention the good looking hunks and there lots of them. I know I sounded sarcastic, but there were really many of them. It is a rare occasion after all trying to enter into a room full of good looking young and middle-aged man. What's even better is that these people are actually owners of BMWs and Mini Coopers. Emily has invited me to join her yesterday night at the Pit Lounge because she is the proud owner of a red mini cooper 7 series after all! She's a customer and so she got invited, get it?!! The outdoor was fully parked with mini coopers, bmws, bmws, and damn BMWs. It would really be an insult to park a Benz there that night.

Emily and her ever bright idea suggested that we should park at Hotel Nikko and walked to the Pit Lane Park located at the KLCC open car park along Jalan Binjai under the drizzles of rain. So there you have 2 very pretty and sexy ladies walking under the umbrella for about 500m to the venue in very high heels and wedges, and the worst of all, my new Aldo wedges were wet! As we reached the pit lane, we realised we would have just parked opposite - the PNB Darby building! At the entrance gate, a very cute mat salleh asked me whether I would need an umbrella and I kindly declined. I was stupid. I would have just accepted his kind offer. Stupid.

F1 Car, Covertible BMW and BMW Z4 Coupe

The event has already started when we reached there. The testing of the F1 car and some speeches have already begun. Each of us are given a pair of ear plugs to protect our ears from the screeching sound of F1 cars. It's not a race but just some showing off with some U-turns due to space constraint. There is also international DJs from New York (whom I know no one) were brought here to spin. The music was good and of course the DJ is pretty too. Not many people danced at the dance floor because most of them preferred to stand by the side and watch. I think they're too old for this!


The set up of the party was superb. Nice ambiance, nice lighting and cosy chairs. The helpers (waiters & waitresses) were also very courteous and attentive. They have cute desserts and finger foods going all round the party with nice variety of booze such as wine, champagne, beer, cocktails and laici martini. Free food, free booze and free music - beats clubbing anytime. Even if you asked for directions to the washroom, there'll be a man in suits to show you the way. Wow, this is what I called good customer service from the purchase of the car to after sales service. BMW did set a high standard that night compared to the Mercedes Benz C class launch that I went to last year.

They served these celestial treats as well!

I stayed on till 12 midnight because I find it a little bored since I know no one there. I did manage to catch a glimpse of Christien, Lanvin and Sazzy Falak. Oh I got a phone number from a guy and I met this interesting guy, what's his name...Eckle, Hackle or Ackle from Germany?!! who owns a dentures factory in Zhuhai China. He told me that some of his customers are at the party yesterday since I asked him what does he do for a living. I told him that thanks to me, his business has xpanded because I sell chocolates and he makes dentures. Very expensive dentures. But made in China. Haha, I wonder whether those dentures will have that stamped on them?!!!

Who's bringing sexy back? My sexy back...

All's well ends well. Emily was devastated because someone took her beautiful umbrella. Then there was this guy who told us, "What the hell, just take someone's la" and she told him "it's wrong to do that and I won't". Haha sometimes she can be so straight but it's true because I hate people claiming things that don't belong to them. Imagine someone did the same thing to them one day. So we walked back to the hotel car park under some light drizzling. The 5 minute walking journey back there was a helluva experience. I was getting all the "phweet and hello" from the cars that passed by. I'm not surprised if those are the people who "lepak" beside the road and like to tease girls but these people are driving BMWs! Oh come on, your attitude doesn't match your car la! I hurried back to the hotel and Emily was slowly trudging from behind due to very high-heeled shoes and sorrow over her stolen umbrella.

My new hairstyle evolution for 2008.
The left is 2 inches longer than the right and some rust to highlight the hair.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Pasta Zanmai @ 1Utama

After severe begging from my sister on Sunday, I agreed to meet up with her for lunch on Tuesday at Pasta Zanmai. She was so crazy about going there because she has got a cut-out from The Star to have her pasta at 50% off the normal price. Since I've just received my quite-satisfying-bonus, I've decided to give her a treat. Pasta Zanmai is a branch out of it's Sushi Zanmai outlet. This outlet under the same management serves only Japanese-style pasta and you won't find your sushi or bento set here. However, they do have side dishes and also some tepanyaki set.

The Outlet

The entrance to the outlet is so small that you probably miss it. It's at the same row with Carl's Jr, Canton I and Genki Sushi, along the walkway to Jusco. They have a small section in front of the seating area selling Japanese food stuffs and ingredients just like the Sushi Zanmai outlet in Sunway Pyramid.

Green Tea - RM3/pot

Short-neck Clam Miso Soup - RM6

Soft Shell Crab Pasta topped with Sesame Sauce - RM22

Blanched Beef Pasta topped with Sesame Sauce - RM25

Sesame Seeds for Topping

The Clam Miso soup actually comes in quite generous portion which I shared with my sister. The soft shell crab pasta was good. The crab and fish roe was a nice pairing to the pasta, which I find it interesting, different from the normal carbonara, bolognese or aglio olio pasta. However, the cream sauce was a bit too thick. The beef pasta was great too with the tender beef slices that you don't have to chew it like a chewing gum before swallowing it down. The sesame seeds are given for us to add to our pasta. The best part is that we can grind the seeds on our own. IMHO, the pasta portions are enough although the big bowl might make the pasta servings look miserably small. Trust me, for an average eater like me, it's more than enough.

It's a very fresh concept. I liked it very much. The ambiance is cosy and warm. The menu is extensive from pasta to desserts and the beverages all looked so yummy. I would definitely come back again but then again the price is not that cheap enough to be coming back once a week!

Nice VS Not so nice

[Disclaimer: This is strictly my honest opinion and tastes vary with tastebuds. Please do not even waste your time trying to sue me because just like my sister, we ain't rich! Thnx]

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Dope sucking out my life!

I've found a new addiction - DOPE (actually means drugs). Well, I'm not taking drugs, it's just that I'm addicted to the Dope Wars Application on Facebook where you can earn money, buy dope and sell them. It's like a tycoon kinda game where you can invite others to join in the game and have some fun.

I've been playing since one day ago and I'm hooked. Straight after gym today, I was hogging the computer till midnight buying and selling dope. I was busted 4 times and losses amounting to 6 million bucks!

My Profile

I started out as a hustler and now I'm a distributor with a 20 million estimated wealth! The best thing is that you get to use the money and buy some blings and show them off in your profile.

The Map

This page shows the various places you can click on to buy the dope and then you can go to another place to sell them, whichever price is higher so that you can make maximum profit. To go to the train station, firstly you must purchase the train tickets from the store. It was fun as with the train ticket, you can go to Las Vegas and play the slot machines. I clicked too many times and now my fingers are numb.

My Mansion

With the money, you can upgrade your mansion and add some cool stuffs to your place like hunks, cars, motorbikes and whatever you like for 40 000 dollars each item or you can upload your own like what I did with the Longmorn 16 whiskey. I have some cool stuffs in my mansion like a gold toilet bowl, a sleek black car, a handsome hunk and my booze.

My addiction to the game has sucked some life out of me. I've been spending so much time in front of the computer clicking and then clicking again when I was devastated that the busted scene took so much wealth from me! So...I continue to buy and sell again to make more $$$. I know it's crazy because in the end, I don't know what I've gained from the game. However, it was quite fun. Makes me feel like a dope queen. Now I'm waiting for my dope to grow.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Easter Alert

Calling all people who celebrates Easter and all chocolate fans.... How often do you get good quality gourmet chocolate easter eggs? Now, it's time for you to grab some at the Fidani counter at Ground Floor One Utama (New Wing) in front of Guess. We will be there until the 24th bringing you the best sinful easter indulgence yet guilt free because it's good chocolate! Prices start from RM6 for 100g and we have chocolate bunnies selling at RM20 too!

Can you resist these adorable eggs?

Don't miss this good opportunity to sink your taste buds with orgasmic chocolate eggs! Better still, buy some for your loved ones. (I know this post has been another shameless advertorial)

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Calvin and the Ipoh Girls @ Maria's

Maria's Restaurant and Cafe is quietly tucked in the Metropolitain Square of Damansara Perdana, just above Citibank. You can't see it from the outside, so it's difficult if you're looking around for this place. My friend chose this place was because it is the same owner that opened Maria's in Ipoh. The daughter, Mary Ann is also from Main Convent it seems and Maria Tan is her mother. They have now opened another outlet here in Damansara Perdana.

Calvin, the Birthday Boy was kind enough to pick Hue Gee, Li Wei and me at their apartment as Sook Yun is already at Maria's. He's the birthday boy, and he has to pick us! Haha...the power of girls....We managed to get a good parking spot because parking spaces can be limited over there. We were happy chatting away that we even forgot to press the button in the lift so we just stayed in the lift for more than 30 seconds without realising we were going nowhere until Calvin pointed out to us - classic girls night out! Turn left from the lift and walk a bit further and you can spot the restaurant with a A4 sized Maria's on the glass window.

Pictures paint a thousand words...

The entrance to Maria's

Nice, warm and cosy yet stylish.

A nice mix & match interior design with warm
colours and beautiful black chandeliers.

What should I eat for dinner?
? ? ?

The menu has a variety of food from steaks, pastas, seafood, sausages and their signature pies. The dessert menu is filled with Movenpick Ice-cream and cakes. The normal main course will cost about RM15-RM30 and the steaks are priced at RM40 and the Australian Wagyu Beef costs about RM80/100g. Not too bad for a small restaurant like this to be serving Wagyu Beef!

Mushroom soup with Croutons

Fish & Chips (local Garoupa)

Grilled Salmon Fillet

Double Veal Bratwurst


Moist Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Ice-Cream

The food was good. Not to the orgasmic level but worth the price. The service is good too because we had a special request for the birthday boy and they fulfilled it. However, they shortchanged my salad. I ordered a plate of Veal Bratwurst that comes with sauerkraut but I hated it so I asked them to change it into salad for me. When the food came, I found that it already come with a salad but they didn't give me an extra portion of the salad even though I didn't want the sauerkraut. They have to improve on their generosity.

What's a better way to celebrate Calvin's birthday than camwhoring?!!

The Birthday Boy..
A thorn among the roses!

His piece of cake

The birthday boy being treated like a KING!

Better not let your boyfriend sees this!

Refused to answer his stupid questions

My dear girlfriend - Hue Gee

The 4 Ipoh girls!

The Tiramisu tasted so good that the girls had a cat fight over the dessert! Hair pulling is our way of fighting! hahaha....

The similarity between us girls and the restaurant - we are from IPOH! See, told you Ipoh food is good and we have good tastes too!

Nothing Fancy, Just a Simple Indulgent Experience!

Maria Kitchen
C313A, Center Wing, Metropolitan Square,
No.2, Jalan PJU 8/1, Bandar Damansara Perdana,
47820 Petaling Jaya.
Tel: 03-77252313

[Disclaimer: This is strictly my honest opinion and tastes vary with tastebuds. Please do not even waste your time trying to sue me because just like my sister, we ain't rich! Thnx]

Monday, March 03, 2008

I Sleep Better With Chipster Jigs!

What's all these hype about Chipster that made Kennysia, Kyspeaks and Kimberlycun doing photo shoots with those packet of!

I on the other hand, has more originality than you ever imagined. I don't want to sleep with the much-over-publicised-Chipster but instead chose a brand that has stolen my heart a few months ago ever since I started eating them. Never thought the brand that existed so long on the supermarket shelves was not given the right attention and limelight unlike this newbie Cheapster Chipster! My new love is JIGS!





How's that for an entry to Nuffnang? I'll add the tagline - Oops...didn't know I've bought the wrong brand! Then, I'll write to Jigs - How about my 1 year free supply of Jigs?!! Siao gila....

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Playing Teacher

Sometimes bad England English or badly written emails is simply annoying. The grammar is wrong. The punctuation is wrong. The sentence structure is wrong.... The one who writes is also something wrong. What happened in school? Didn't the teachers teach you how to use grammar wisely or to use the right adjectives and verbs? Ok, having said all these, I'm not trying to prove that my England is very powderful English is very powerful or trying to offend anyone here with not so good English writing skills but you should have at least put some effort into improving the language.

I couldn't take it anymore so two days ago, I did something out of the extraordinary. I received CC copies of my assistant's email replies to customer enquiries with some grammar errors and verbs missing so I wrote to her on how to amend her email. It's important to have an immaculate piece of writing to customers especially when we are selling premium chocolates. our customers are educated and they will have high expectations on how we answer their enquiries.
That wasn't very interesting huh? Then, I received a email from Mr. Hi (that's not his real name) whom is representing E company which provides solutions from A to Z on designing to fabrication. He wanted to ask whether I will be needing his services for my upcoming exhibition at Matrade. And his email read:


Good day to you!

Just take a minute to introduce my self. I am Mr. Hi here from E Company. We are one of the company which providing the services from A to Z, from designing concepts to fabrication through out the whole events, exhibitions, conferences, road shows, no matter in neither Malaysia nor Overseas project.

Understand that your company is participating the up coming events, MIHAS @ MECC - 7th - 11th May 2008.

Wondering is there a chance for us to propose any design concepts for your esteem company? Or you have your own design, so we may able provide an quote and fabrication. As we can have a well plan earlier instead of last minute with better quality of out come.

Appreciate to receive your reply soonest. If possible, we can havean shot appointment to gather more information.

In coming future, you may look for us for any small, medium and large scale of events, exhibition, conference, road show.

Let me know should you need our profile for your kind reference. I will email to you.

Here, I wish you a very success in future!
Best Regards,

I was appalled at the fact that they are still companies sending out these type of emails out to their clients. they should have at least get it proof read before allowing their employees to send it out assuming that this was not written by Mr.Hi himself. If he wrote this, then he should be embarrassed about it when he sees my reply. I told him that I will not be using his services as I have my own appointed ID and contractor. I also told him that he made too many mistakes in his email and I can't help but to correct it for him. This is my amended version:


A very good day to you!

Please allow me to introduce myself. I am Mr. Hi from E Company. We are one of the companies that provides services from A to Z, from designing a concept to fabrication for any type of events, exhibitions, conferences, and road shows at any location in Malaysia and Overseas.

I understand that your company is participating in the up coming event - MIHAS @ MECC - 7th - 11th May 2008.

I was wondering whether is there a chance for us to propose any design or concept for your esteemed company? Or if you do have your own design, we would like to provide you with a quote on fabrication. We hope to work with you in the early stage so that the outcome of the project would be perfect.

Hope to hear your favourable reply. If possible, may I set an appointment to gather more information on this project from you?

In the future, you may look for us for any small, medium or large scale of events, exhibitions, conferences and road shows.

Do let me know should you need our profile for your kind reference. I will email it to you.

Here, I would like to wish you a very good day and thank you for your time!

Thanks and wishing you all the best.


Well, it doesn't end there. He replied:

Dear Eiling Lim,

Glad to receive your promt respond. It is really supprise me and thank you for the amended version. You are kind enough person.

Wondering isthere a chance to try your Finest Chocolate or not.


Best Regards,


I was quite surprised that he replied. I thought he'll just ignore my email and thought that I must be crazy! Is he flirting with me on the last line? hmm... maybe or maybe not... Funny.

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