Wednesday, February 27, 2008

What would you buy with RM1000?!!

So what would you buy if you have RM1000 in hand?

Would you buy this?

A pendant with diamonds & ruby

Or would you buy these?

A tower of Neuhaus chocolates (3kg) worth RM1000

Fidani box of 150 pcs of hand-crafted gourmet chocolates for RM1000

Which one would you choose to buy? You must be thinking that it's crazy to spend so much on chocolates but they are people who are willing to spend that amount on these indulgences. It's not about the perceived value but the experience and enjoyment derived from savouring these delicious celestial delights. However, if you choose to buy chocolates over diamonds for the same price, you have proven yourself to be in the upper society. In the end it's not the value you're getting but what you choose to spend on. I will definitely congratulate you for moving on to an entire new level of spending your moolahs. You have finally understood on how to live large, look for the finer things in life and to of course splurge on something normal people won't, such as chocolates!

Rafflesia 128 pcs of chocolates for RM1500 anyone?


Jacko said...

Who manufactured Rafflesia? Why is it more expensive than Fidani?

dReaMer said...

Can't you recognise the shapes of the chocolate? Still need to ask meh... Maybe their box is bigger so have to sell more expensive!

EilinG said...

Look carefully at the chocolates, you'll see.

Does the word "gimmick" answers all?

Jacko said...

So it's a new product of Fidani?

EilinG said...

It's not exactly a new product but it's a suggestion to customer that we can provide such a product. It will not be sold directly at the outlets and only on special request basis.

jacko said...

but would anyone pay 1000 for it?

EilinG said...

There might be. It depends on how we market it. Honestly, it's another gimmick. Just for publicity purposes! Do you want to be my first customer? I'll charge you RM800!

Jacko said...

More like RM80

EilinG said...

I'll get you 10 bars of Cadbury for RM80 inclusive of personal tax and service charge.

Steffi said...

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