Friday, February 15, 2008

A Squeaky Chinese New Year

The year of the earth rat has finally arrived! Besides being so busy for the past one week until I have no time spare for the blog, the biggest reason was due to my sickness. I fell ill from the 3rd day of CNY until today. Cough has become my companion and fever has just left me. Well, for now, I was hoping cough will leave me alone tomorrow as I'm getting sick of his number of occurrence in a day.

What's the best thing about CNY? I would say the money concealed in the ang pows that need no effort to earn except some Gong Xi Fa Cai wishes and of course the biggest criteria is being single! The other would be the red capped bottle goodies and mandarin oranges! So can you imagine what a bummer that I couldn't eat any of those during this CNY? I only managed to drink half a can of Anglia Shandy! On normal CNY occasions, I would have at least 3 cans a day!

Bottles of sinful treats

Organic Crispy Seaweed

So can you imagine everyday I was staring into these bottles of goodies and not able to eat them because apparently I have a throat infection and I can't take fried food! The feeling was bad. I have been coughing non-stop and fever lasted for 3 days. But I was thankful that I have been able to resist the cookies because if not, I would have gained at least a few kilos during CNY.

I have updated the list of the must-go-places to collect Ang Pow and of course my parents are still ranked 1st place! This year my grandma has improved her ranking from 6th place to become 4th place in my list. Congratulations to PoPo...

Ang Pow Collection Ranking

  1. My Parents - RM1000
  2. My Boyfriend's Parents - RM50
  3. My Music Teacher in Ipoh - RM30
  4. My Grandma, Ms. Koh - Inti Students' Affairs Director & My Music Teacher - RM20
  5. My Relatives - RM10

Total collection as of yesterday, 15th February stands at RM 1500. This is the exact amount I needed to fill into my bank account as paid the same amount to the person whom I've crashed my car into. My car escaped unhurt but her Honda Civic was dented and the car boot lock was spoilt. Therefore, I didn't really make a gain this year. However, I've just got a bonus from the company and of course increment, and I have given the bonus to my parents. If small fortune don't leak out, big fortune won't roll in!

To my relatives - very soon, you all will not even be in my Top 5 list so I suggest all of you to consider for next year to increase your ang pow money to me! Look at it this way, there are not many more years I'll be earning ang pow from all of you. Give me 3 years maximum and then I'll get married and will be giving ang pows to your children. If you give me RM10, I'll give half of that to your children, so don't blame me! Then years ago, you gave me RM10 and ten years later, I am still receiving RM10. Have you have no idea how much inflation has gone up? I am so disappointed with you guys. Even other people have given me more than you - my own relatives! What a shame!

I am still sick today and my throat is killing me. I took some mandarin oranges and pomelo yesterday. Those must be the culprits! Someone please cure me...please....


YilingL said...

another on the list.

#6 music teacher mr teh- rm20

soon, our relatives will be out of the list since top 5 already they are not in. hehe, so uncles and aunties reading this, please buck up, be generous and good luck in having ur ratings increased next year!!

4 more days left to give me ang pow!! fast! hurry!

*dateline can be extended by request :D

Calvin Goh Seow Chung said...

Eh, Eiling, when you wanna start giving me and Yiling?


EilinG said...

not so soon! maybe you give first...

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