Sunday, February 24, 2008

Late Lunch @ Kedai Kopi Ah Khoong

I had a late lunch on Saturday because I had breakfast @ 9am in the office. I had the Hakka Mee + Extra Fried Wantons take away from the Chicken Cuisine Coffee Shop near my office. That's the only row of coffee shops and a few restaurants for my source of food everyday at work since it's the nearest place to my office. There are not many places to eat chinese food in Glenmarie & Batu 3 Shah Alam (both of these places are in the same area).

Jon brought me to Kedai Kopi Ah Khoong for lunch. Initially we wanted to eat the traditional dessert such as Yam Cake, Popiah, Fried noodles & sweet dessert such as black glutinous rice and ginkgo barli. That was why we went there at 3pm. In actual fact, they only start at 4pm! But I was hungry then, so I couldn't wait. I had the Khoong Kee Kampar Fishball Noodle. I used to come here for breakfast on Sunday mornings but I had not been coming here for a long time. This corner coffee shop is situated in Sea Park, opposite the used-to-be-Ruby-theater that has turned into a market. This particular fishball noodle stall is a hidden gem. If I were them, I would have opened my own signature fishball noodle shop! I would have franchised it like the mushrooming of Oldtown White Coffee!

The Stall

To be honest, I have never liked to order fishball noodles in KL because of the lack of standard in the taste of the fishballs and the art of making dry noodles! I grew up in Ipoh remember? Ipoh people are famous for its fussy taste in food! And to add up to that, my grandma is a maker of the greatest fishballs remember?!! However, this stall has stood up to it's name with good taste and affordable price. My bowl of dry noodles with 3 fishballs, 1 piece of beancurd with fish paste and a piece of "fu pei" costs only RM4. The fishball tasted good with the right texture. The dry noodles has been done beautifully with the right texture of the noodles and the sauce. I liked the bean sprouts that go with the noodles. It's exactly like the style I liked from Tai Kar Lok in Ipoh.

The Delicious Kampar Fishball Noodles

After eating almost every morsel of the food, I kept on peeping on the dessert stall to see whether has it been opened or not for my sweet indulgence. It was still early and there's still 15 minutes to 4pm so we decided to wait. As the clock strikes 4pm, I walked straight to the stall asking the lady. The old lady asked me to wait for another 5 minutes because the van that brought the food has not arrived and I was tired from waiting so I told her it's okay, I'll come next time. Then she told me not to leave as the van just arrived in front of us. So, I waited patiently as they get prepared. In the end, I bought 3 packets of Black glutinous rice dessert, 1 fried popiah, 1 packet of noodle and 2 pieces of Yam cake. Total bill was RM7.80. I think it's quite cheap! I didn't want to sit there and eat, so I had them to be taken away. When I reached Jon's house, I really couldn't finish it all. All I did was to eat a little bit of everything....

The Dessert Stall
(apparently they supply to Makan Makan in Kota Kemuning)

The Black Glutinous Rice

The Fried Noodles with Fried Popiah

The Yam cake

This is certainly a good place for good old time food that is affordable. I would definitely recommend this place. it's really a hidden gem in PJ.

[Disclaimer: This is strictly my honest opinion and tastes vary with tastebuds. Please do not even waste your time trying to sue me because just like my sister, we ain't rich! Thnx]


Wai Kin said...

It's probably a little late to leave a comment, but I wanted to let you know what a great write-up it was. I was doing a little "googling" on my dad's shop and your blog showed up. I'm glad you enjoyed the meal.

You were right about the franchising idea. However, my family had a pretty "old school" way of running a business, not necessary a way that would make them any wealthier. But who knows, if Kampar fishball still retains its popularity into the future, we might play with the franchising idea again.

Anyways, feel free to stop by again!!

-eiling- said...

Hey Wai Kin, Thanks for the compliments. My compliments to your dad's fishball noodles. I really like them. And I agree with you that running it the old skool way is the best. At least the taste is consistent. I hope to see Kampar fishball noodles in the mall next time! Lol..

I will defintely go there again! Hope to see you there next time.

Wai Kin said...

You will see my mom and sister most of the days, and you can feel my spirit in the fisballs... haha
I am a few thousand miles away, but hopefully will get to go home some time this year.

Hit me up with some of your designer's chocolate!!

-eiling- said...

Hey, didn't know you were that far away! Anyways, I hope I don't see spirits in the fishballs. That would scare the hell out of me! Do drop me a mail when you're back.

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