Monday, February 25, 2008

An Eclectic Restaurant

Don't ask me what's with food and me nowadays, I seemed to be eating endless and endless of food. I don't usually have heavy lunches but recently I have been having lots of good lunches outside my office. Must be my craving for food or it's the time of the month....

So today's review is on Soho @ 1Utama which I had 2 weeks ago. I have always pass by the restaurant by the highway outside 1 Utama, on the way to Mutiara Damansara but I have never tried it. I've always wonder what does this Soho have in resemblance to the Soho in City of Westminster, London. The Soho in London is an entertainment district which has its reputation of its nightlife and sex shops. I'm not really sure whether it is still what I've described as I didn't pay a visit to Soho when I was in London. That's one of my regrets. Despite I was there for holiday for a month, I didn't even visit the much talked about Soho!

Anyways, back to the Soho at 1 Utama, they did describe the restaurant as a entree to an electic choice of chinese cuisine with endless choices of food and chinese tea for everyone and even the purist according to their claim. I can't stop laughing. Scroll down the picture, look hard and you know what I mean...

Can you see the English jargons, bombastic wordings and those big words they have used to describe their concept? I think it's not good enough if you use big words without attention to its spelling. Entree is spelled entre instead. Appetit turned Apetit. And what is London Cool? I know London is a cool place but I don't see the meaning here. The ones I've boxed in blue is what I called big words. I mean how many of you would wish that you have your dictionary with you to check on the meaning and also the correctness of the words used here considering their poor spelling. Haha, that's why I took a picture of it so that I can check my Wikipedia!

This is a problem with unskilled writers. They used big words to replace simple words but sometimes they neglected the feelings of the readers. It's a frustration of reading something which we could not understand. The objective of the restaurant is to ensure that the customers are comfortable and appreciate the concept of it's restaurant and not make them feel inferior of their language skills. This piece is indeed a poorly written one but made others believe that it's very "high class". It's a plethora of plethoras! Plethora shouldn't be used in this context. Yes, it means abundance but it's bigger than abundance, according to the dictionaries, it means too freakin' big of choices! I don't think I remember seeing their freakin' number of choices of tea.... how many would know that epicurean is an adjective meaning a devoted to the enjoyment of good food and comfort?!!

Okay, we'll leave the English Language lesson behind and proceed to the set-up and the food of the restaurant.

Fresh black & white concept using portraits of people's faces

Cute Chairs and tables but the tables are really uncomfortable!

Interesting black & white corner

Cute Chairs with faces that face our backs or sometimes asses. Lucky it's not my face!

Chinese Tea that comes in cute transparent cups that costs RM4 per person!

The Hong Kong style "Chee Cheong Fun" with prawns

Ginger Chicken and Yam in claypot - I hate ginger so I don't fancy this dish!

Egg whites that resembles crab meat with salted egg yolk

Braised pork ball and they called it Lion's Head in Chinese.

Lotus & pork soup - Very big portion. Should be shared!

Overall, they serve very much of Shanghai dishes but at a quite expensive price. It's prices are higher than Dragon-i. It's good if you can go in a group of 4 people as most of the portions are made for 4. The soup is good as I was surprised that they have used red bean to boil this very traditional lotus and pork soup. However, it's best if you can share it within 2 persons as I find it a bit too much. 4 dishes, 1 soup each for 3 and chinese tea will cost you around RM120. It's rather expensive I must say but no harm trying. Wouldn't return too often.

[Disclaimer: This is strictly my honest opinion and tastes vary with tastebuds. Please do not even waste your time trying to sue me because just like my sister, we ain't rich! Thnx]


KY said...

You gotta try the creamy flowy pau!!

EilinG said...

Oh serious? But it'll take me a while for me to go there again. Thanks for your recommendation!

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