Monday, February 18, 2008

Choco-lentine @ 1Utama

Let's have a "choco-lentine" this year instead of the usual Valentine's Day celebrations! Fidani has just completed it's 5-days specials at 1Utama in conjunction with Valentines Day.

Beautiful Giant Chocolates!

It was quite a last minute thing. When everyone else is busy enjoying the Chinese New Year celebrations, I was scratching my head trying to solve the problem of looking for 2 promoters to mend the stall during those 5 days. I was desperate and no one wanted to work during that time because it was CNY and Valentines. So I had sms the 1Utama organiser and tell her that Fidani decides to call it off but she begged me not to because the press ads have all been done. In the end, through her contact, I managed to get 2 promoters to work for me for those 5 days. One of them have just finished SPM and the other was on a semester break in Sunway College. Boy, I was lucky to get both of them to solve my headache.

Fidani Booth in front of Armani Exchange

Chocolate Roses and Bears for sale.....

Besides Fidani, Lavand was there with their impressive couch and products. I say the chocolates have nothing to shout about except for some nice colour wrapped chocolates. You go ahead and try their chocolates and then compared it with Fidani's. I would say Fidani would win hands down not because I work for Fidani but just in my humble opinion. Then there were Laura's Selection of chocolates. An English name, but in actual fact, it's chocolates are locally made like us and the chocolate couverture is belgian of course. Very impressive for a homemade chocolate brand but has yet to try it's recipe. In terms of packaging, it's simple and nice but not as impressive as Fidani's as we have spent quite a substantial amount into developing it's packaging and all.

The first two days was quite crowded as it was the eve and Valentines Day. Everyone was rushing to buy last minute gifts. The next 3 days wasn't that good as sales dipped more than 50% compared to the first 2 days. I hope that all the customers are satisfied with Fidani Chocolates and the services we offered. I had received a mail from a very satisfied customer from USA who ordered a chocolate heart shape filled with Fidani chocolates and also another box of 40 pieces of Fidani Chocolates that I personally helped to deliver to his fiance staying in Bandar Sunway. The next day after Valentines Day, he sent me an email saying how happy he and his fiance were with the gifts and my service and he looks forward in ordering more chocolates from Fidani! I was so happy that I forwarded the email to my colleagues and bosses! Haha...this is what you call marketing!

One happy photo with my promoters, my assistant and IT Exec.

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