Friday, February 22, 2008

Borneo Rainforest Cafe, Bistro and The Ruai @ Sunway

I was at the official opening of the Borneo Rainforest Cafe, Bistro and The Ruai on Wednesday. It was the brainchild of Datin Seri Tiara Jacquelina (yes she have her own blog). She have had a soft launching somewhere back in December but Wednesday night was the official opening with the presence of other local celebrities and the press.

The bistro is just located at the open space carpark opposite the Sunway Resort & Spa Hotel. It used to be Canai & Such last time but she took over the place and turn it into a ka-ching generating place. What an intelligent lady! It was crowded even I arrived there at 8pm. As I entered the place from the main entrance, I was greeted by the receptionist who handed me a beaded necklace and I also signed the guestbook. I was invited by my colleague to join her there as she is a personal friend of Tiara's. The rest of the pictures and event can be view here, written by some of the other bloggers. I was just too lazy to notice what was going on that night because I met my old colleague and we were busy chatting. Of course, there were free flow of booze up to 10pm and I had the whole table full of drinks just to make sure I make the best out of it. I have had 3 vodka lime, 1 shot of the dunno-what-rice-wine, and 1 glass of white wine. The booze was diluted. Maybe it was due to the amount of liquor the guests were consuming that can send Tiara to an account deficit for the month! The music was okay with some really impressive dunno-who-singers whom one look and you thought they were gangsters with long hair whom doesn't know a thing about music notes! I was really surprised by their voices. They're so good, they will send Mawi to shame. the only setback was their looks which I feel that will hinder them from being famous.

Some of my colleagues were there and Shereen brought along Lynn, the principal for Hershey's in Asia and this was her first time coming out at night in KL despite numerous visits. She was happy to come and she even requested my colleague to take her out for some street food after the party. The biggest challenge was my Boss's presence. He was there with his friend, a top brain-surgeon in Malaysia. He told me it's good to get to know his friend so that he can attend to me in instantly when I have brain problems. I said the Chinese always say "Choi" in all these issues. It's just same as "touch wood" meaning we hope it wouldn't happen by trying not to mention it! So I had to be a good girl that night as in trying not to get too wild in front of my colleagues and boss! My boss even said that he'll tell my dad that I've been naughty and I said it's okay since my dad is working in Dubai, he wouldn't know how his daughter became a occasional party animal.

Lynn & Me

I went home at 11.15pm because I need to work the next day. Knowing that you have to work the next day is always the party spoiler! The place was full of good looking guys and ladies and some of them are of course VIPs but I don't know and don't give a darn who they are. All I care was why the waitresses and waiters are so mean. Whenever you place an order on drinks with them, the drinks wouldn't come. I have to ask 4 different people for the same drinks and only one came back with it. So I learnt that the trick is to ask as many waiters as possible for the same thing and hope that one of them will eventually send you the drinks. This wouldn't happen if I'm paying for it. It only happens when things are free.

In conclusion, I had fun and I will be looking forward more parties this year!


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