Thursday, February 28, 2008


Dear Almighty-Whoever-You-Are, please grant me a cute baby when I give birth in the future who will eventually be the face of Baby Gap or the infamous Baby Guess label. And please make me the super model mom with perfect figure and youthful complexion so that I can walk down the runway with my baby. Babyllujeah.

Haha...sounds so vain right? Well, I'll be going on and on about baby today and if you are wondering why, it's due to both of my colleagues have just given birth to a baby boy and a baby girl respectively. I wanted to get both of them a gift to congratulate them and thus I went shopping for baby gifts today at 1Utama. The first thing that caught my eye was Baby Gap. What a better way than to give baby clothes as gifts? Somemore it's branded hor.... I don't even wear Gap and these babies are wearing Gap at just 2-months-old!

Recognize the blue label?

I spent almost an hour in the shop trying to search for the perfect clothes for the baby boy & girl. It was not an easy feat due to the many choices and designs to choose from! After much comparing and ooh aahing at the cute clothings and shoes, I finally made up my mind. The clothes especially the baby suits and rompers are so cute! So cute! So cute! Okay, I'm overreacting but seriously even babies are spoilt for choice. And the price tag are quite an eye opener. An infant's (0-12 months) dress will cost about RM139-169, a top costs RM49-69 and a body suit or rompers will cost RM59-139. Whoa, even some of my clothes that used more cloth than these baby clothes also don't cost that much. Even a Zara tank top costs RM35 only. I bought a white romper with collar (RM69) and a bucket hat (RM39) for the baby boy and a spaghetti top(RM49) and a pair of matching sandals(RM49) for the baby girl. The best thing is, they do gift wrapping and I saved some bucks on wrapping papers.

The Gift Box and Paper Bag

The Bucket Hat

The White Romper

The sandals and the spaghetti strap top

The width is just the size of my palms!

OMG, so tiny!

Ok, I know I'm camwhoring the sandal but i couldn't help it. It's too cute and I need to put it beside my feet to show you how big my feet have grown into!

And measure again with the handphone...

What can you do with unused baby sandals/shoes?!! Or if you think that baby shoes are so cute and yet you do not have babies, don't fret, because you can still make the purchase. Just follow:

Eiling's 101 guide to use baby's shoes...

You can play with them by sticking fingers in it.
After that, lift up the shoes with your fingers and use them to slap people. Sure to make a shoe mark on their faces rather than the usual finger marks! Ouch!


You can use them as adorable keychains for your bags and as fashion accessories!

And to more cute babies.....
He'll be the next Baby Gap Jeans Collection model. Look at the tummy, so cute. I'll be worried if he has muscles!

Don't you wish that you can bite his cheeks. I don't know about you but I really want to!

Ooh, everything is so babylicious today! Who wants to marry me? Let's have a baby! Muahaha..


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