Thursday, January 24, 2008

My Worst Day Ever

Wednesday was my worst day ever. I woke up on the opium bed in my living hall at 7.30am feeling dizzy and smelly. I just came home after a night of drinking at Zeta Bar in KL Hilton. What I thought to be a night out of a few drinks and some dancing appeared to be the venue of my 1st encounter with drunkenness. Yes, I officially announced that 23rd of January 2008 was the first time I have ever been drunk. Haha what a conincidence, being drunk at 23 years old on the 23rd! I had no idea I was drunk, because one minute I was sitting on the couch after 3 glasses of Chivas and 3 glasses of Henessy, and the other minute I realised that Jessica and Greg was helping me to his car. Apparently, Greg told me that I said I'll never puke in his car and then the next minute, I was doing the you-know-what in his car! Lucky, he had all the bags ready for me and I didn't dirty his car or else he would have killed me by then. I puked twice and then before I knew it, I reached home and I just climb onto the opium bed and lay dead.

It was a horrible feeling. I had stomach ache the whole day, my food couldn't digest properly and I have to take 2 packets of Eno. I felt dizzy and the only thing I want to do is to sleep and the feeling of throwing up. But I managed to catch Alvin & The Chipmunks at 1Utama in a half dead condition. I love the movie. So cuteeee.... After this incident, I told myself that I'll never get myself drunk again. All these while, I was quite proud that I can hold my drinks pretty well. I can drink 7 glasses of wine and still drive home myself and I can drink a few glasses of a mixture of liquor and still walk out perfectly fine. This time it was embarrassing. Greg just told his colleagues that I can hold my drinks and then after 6 shots, I'm out. Why should I drink and suffer?!! So for now, I'll be alcohol-phobic for these few days!

Happy Thaipusam!

May the Lord Murugan be with you!


-liwei- said...

hey babe, i guess all it takes is one time to be drunk and you will never try it again, or at least try not to. i've been there and done that and was never drunk again ;)

btw, been visitng ur blog lately. a fantastic blog u got (esp on the food) :)

EilinG said...

On a positive note, yeah like you said, I can proudly say I've been there done that. It was terrible!

Thanks for the compliments. you should look at how fat I've grown!

Anonymous said...

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