Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Deep-Fried "you-tiau"

After breakfast@Oldtown White Coffee, sis drove to Asia Cafe to buy mum's favourite "you-tiau" (in Mandarin) or "yau cha guai" (in Cantonese). Among most of the stalls we have tried so far, the best is still this stall in SS15 which was initially at the corner of Mee Yoke which has turned into Starbucks. It is now situated at the corner of Asia Cafe just opposite Starbucks and Inti College. The prices have gone from 50 cents a a piece to now 60 cents. Not just the price has went up but the size has gone down too! However, the taste and texture is still good and it is justifiable for the money paid.

You know-lah, we Ipoh people are very fussy when it comes to food and it's so difficult to find good "you-tiau" nowadays and I fear that no one would want to continue this type of business in later life.

The Verdict:

I like it. It earns my 4 **** ratings.

Polo Pau Cravings

Dunno why after music class last sunday morning, youngest sis has a craving for polo bun at Oldtown White Coffee in SS15. Since she offered to pay, I offered my tummy. The Oldtown White Coffee is situated in the same row as Taylor's Business School.

The interior is simple with backwall portraying the old shophouses scenes and also dark furnitures to match the overall coffee concept. Having a look at the menu has already made your tummy start growling and your head start spinning because they really have a wide variety of toasts, dishes and beverage. My sis knew what she wanted - Ice Fire Polo Pau but I was undecided. i was thinking about choosing between the normal bread and kaya toast or the thick kaya toast. In the end sis ordered both! Good, no choices to make and no headache. She ordered a Xi Mut tea and me a cup of Enrich hot chocolate. I wonder why do they called it Enrich?!! Something to do with the act of making the chocolate drink rich by adding more chocolate? I'm still curious but was not bothered to ask.

The Verdict:

I don't like it.

Seriously, honestly and IMHO I think the food here needs improvement in terms of taste. Having been to so many kopitiams and "kopitiams look alike" I would have to say that this is just another franchise with concept but not the taste that I look for when it comes to authentic kopitiam food. The toast was not hot, butter too little and the food presentation is not up to my expectations.

With so many kopitiams mushrooming in the city, why not they copy from the best? A drive down to Kluang town is not too big a deal isn't it? Or send the worker to work at the best kopitiam to steal a trade or two?

The Toast

The Hot Chocolate and Xi Mut Tea

The Thick Toast

The Ice Fire Polo Bun

My ratings for Oldtown White Coffee will be 2 ** . Still running behind Kluang Station.

The two of us ate all this!

Accidentally dropped one piece!

Me having some fun with the toast that I tried to bite it into a heart shape.

A very serious flogger (food blogger) taking pictures.

For my sis's review at this outlet : Sunday breakfast @ Oldtown White Coffee

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Beautiful liar....

You Are a Pretty Good Liar

Your lies are somewhat believable, but sometimes you get caught.
Work on keeping your body language and emotions calm.
And you'll be a better liar in no time!

Wow, looks like I can lie pretty well! haha.... maybe someone should strap me into the Hitz.fm lie detector.

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