Monday, December 31, 2007

The Year That Was 2007

Come to think of it, today is already the last day of 2007 and tomorrow, everyone in the world will be ushering into 2008. No doubt the 4D shops will be loaded with people trying to buy the you-know-what 4 digit number. Big chances it won't strike so don't waste your money. I plan to do something more practical, I'll buy the Mega Toto, it's RM15 million now and why not try my luck on a new year's day huh? This is going to be the longest post ever. If you feel that you have to take a pee, go now or never.

*This is a strictly no photo entry (rare occasions when I have no picture for posts)*

As everyone can't wait for the new year, I was still stuck in 2007. A part of me wanted to just stay there for a while more till I cleared all the work for 2007 because 2008 is a year of more work to come. People say the end of the year is the best when everyone is clearing leave and no one is in the mood of working. For me, it's the busiest month of my life. Let's not deal into why I had been so busy because I'll probably bore you to death.

People always say I have the best job in the world which includes my very own youngest sister whom calls me a lucky bitch. Just to give a short introduction on what I do, hmm...where should I start?

I graduated in year 2005 and started working in the same year itself with a company trading and distributing chocolates & confectionery. At that time, I was handling a compound chocolate brand and it was doing pretty well. Total turnover was RM4million a year considering it only appeals to the lower and middle income group consumers. My boss at that time was a very nice man. He pretty much allow me to run the whole show and earlier this year, he sent me to Koln, Germany for a confectionery exhibition (ISM) which is the largest confectionery exhibition held annually. With that Germany trip paid by the company, I managed to get a 2-week leave from him to allow me to travel to other parts of Europe. There's when I went to Austria, Milan, Bratislava & Prague all at one go. I consider myself pretty lucky and blessed because I was a fresh graduate and he had trusted my capabilities to handle the brand.

Later on, my portfolio has been increased to another 4 more brands, namely biscuits, cereal bars and spaghetti. However, the politics in my previous company is taking a toll on me. My beloved boss retired, a new person takes over and put me under some stupid marketing manager who doesn't even know how to write a marketing plan. I was under tight control. She banned my ideas, cut my promotions and worst of all, she asked me to prepare unnecessary reports! One day, someone called me up from another confectionery company and offer me a job. The pay was 50% much higher than what I am earning there so there were no second thoughts about it and I resigned. Better money, better environment, an office and a assistant for me, what's there to think about right? considering I am just 23?

The job was good. I had the flexibility I wished for. No fixed lunch hours for me since I do need to go out a lot. Above everything else, I have the power to control the work I do - it's like I'm pretty much on my own at the factory. There's no boss on top of me monitoring my every move or timing my toilet breaks. Everyone thinks I've landed a job in haven. I get to determine the prices I want to sell and the margins I want to make for the factory. I get to decide the packaging I want and the publicity I need. Sometimes I think so too but no money and power comes easily. I had a lot of work and KPIs to fulfill. Expectations are high and challenging. It's like there will be someone out there waiting for you to make the wrong move and there's always people who loves to hate people like me. However, I was quite happy and satisfied with the harvest after what I had sowed so far. I knew people I've never dreamt of meeting. I had dinners with people I've never dreamt of talking to. I've gone to events I've never thought I'll be invited. So it's pretty much a lucky year for me.

Many would have wanted to trade places with me huh? The smell of chocolates at work everyday, free flow of hand made gourmet chocolates and a chocolate show room for your friends to hang out is just too cool to be true.

So let's take a break from chocolate and move on to my other side of life. Life is not all about work. I regretted one thing in 2007. I would have live life to the fullest. Sometimes there are just times that you feel so lazy and all you wanted to do is to laze at home every weekend. I need to work on Sats and so Sunday is always a homely day for me. I don't party much, maybe once in a month or two and which I deeply regret. I should be on the streets more knowing that I can only go through 23 once in a lifetime. For someone who loves to dance, making presence at the club once a month seemed to be an injustice to my body. I need a new resolution for 2008 - perhaps a minimum of 2 times a month!

Travel luck has been good to me. I have gone to a few European cities such as Koln, Milan, Vienna, Bratislava and Prague. As for China, I have been to Shanghai, SuZhou and ZhouZhuang. I have also visited my Dad in Dubai in July. This year will start with a trip to Langkawi tomorrow as I have been invited to attend the annual dinner there. What a way to start 2008 - with the company and my colleagues!

As for new friends, I've met countless of them but some of them will just remain as hi & bye friends when some have gone to be one of my good friends. I've had better relationships with my siblings. Since one of them started working, I am working and the other busy studying, we have less time to fight. We all have our ow lives but towards the year end, since my mum is not around, we have had more outings together for food and groceries shopping. For my love department, it will remain as private and confidential, leaving the saucy details out for your own imaginations.

Yes, I had fun with 2007. I think it's the best year of my life so far. Therefore, I hope there's more to come next year, which is just less than 24 hours away. Haha...

Have a Happy & Sweet New Year


dicky said...

lucky gal! can i trade jobs wif u?

YilingL said...

u lucky bitch (again! before the year ends). haha.

kesian saya, im at home alone. you and ziling never bring me out one :(

EilinG said...

Dicky: You really want my job? How much you willing to pay for me to make the switch? haha

Yiling: I want to bring you out but the company can't allow...hehe

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