Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Home Alone Part II

You know what?!! I'm home alone again today on Xmas day. Woke up darn early this morning to rush to the factory to restock Bangsar Village. Yesterday's sales was overwhelming resulting in out of stock situation. Lucky someone was there to open the factory for me. After I delivered the goods, I hang around for a while there before heading home. What a disappointment that I didn't get a snapshot with Asha Gill yesterday as she was at our booth. Bugger.

Oh I had instant noodles again. I had it for more than twice this week. Mum...please come back soon or I'll turn into an instant noodle! Mum is still in Dubai and will only be coming back in mid Jan. First time when she was gone for 2 months early this year, we were delighted as we were as free as a bird. This time around, I almost died doing all the housework! Thinking what to cook everyday is hazardous to my health. I got so stressed up! Had my nap the whole Xmas afternoon and then now blogging.

I am living in misery la. There was only 1 piece of bread left and I had that for dinner 5 mins ago with cucumber, meat floss and a slice of Cahill Irish Cheese that was given to me by a customer a few days ago. This customer had been super nice. He had bought almost RM1k worth of chocolates from me and then he even bought a pack of his favourite cheese and nougat from Village Grocer for me. Why can't we have more customers like him?!!

Feel like listening to the "I'm out of love, I'm so lost without you...." song. What's that name of that song? I'm so out of love right now. Where is the love?!! Be caring this Xmas season and share some love. "Give me, give me, give me...." LOL I know I'm talking "kok" but I don't care. It's my blog...Muahahahah

Ok la, I'll go listen to my other alternative songs - "The way I are"


SleekBlackMercedes said...

Gimme a call, girl! I'll fly down from Spore and bring you over for a nice dinner and the works.

Winks :)

EilinG said...

Haha, I don't think I can afford to fly you down. Oh, remember the "I don't date fans" statement?

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