Sunday, December 30, 2007

Ending 2007 with Waroeng Penyet

What's a better way to end the year than to pig out with your siblings, cousin and friend? To me, pigging out to usher in the new year is always the best way. After thousand or billion times of trying to be on a diet the whole year round, to eat my heart's out seems to be the perfect way for me to end the year.

My cousin has came down from Singapore to meet her friend from London in KL a few days ago and she had put up a night at my place. I decided to take her to The Curve, a food haven with the right crowd - youngsters! Since she has been wandering round KL for the past few days, I thought the Damansara side would be nice for her. That night, we had a gang of 5 people, my two sisters, my cousin, Greg (whom has just been officially confirmed as our Lim's family friend) and me decided to pig out at Waroeng Penyet at The Curve. It is situated at a corner a floor above Big Apple and on the left to Kim Gary.

We order our hearts out as if we have not been eaten for the past few days. The bill comes to a total of RM100 for 5 of us. But take a look at our food!

Bakso (Beefballs)

Sayur Asem (Vegetable Soup)

Gado Gado (something like rojak)


Gulai Ayam (Chicken Curry)

Ayam Panggang (Grilled Chicken)

Empel Penyet (Beef)

Ayam Penyet (highly recommended)

Ais Milo Dinosaur (Highly Recommended)

Ais Teh Sorso (Sweet Jasmine Tea)

Soda Gembira (Happy Soda)
But Greg didn't look too happy after he drank this.

See what I mean by the number of food we ordered!

The food was good. If not, I wouldn't be coming here twice. It's a very nice and friendly Indonesian food joint. The business was good too and they will only be installing the credit card line next few days because I tried paying with credit card the other day and they said they only accept cash. Lucky I have a 100 dollar bill with me. If not, I would be at the back of the kitchen doing the dishes. One reminder though, the chilli is DAMN hot! It's so spicy that it aggravated my tears gland. Greg was being so sarcastic. Since there were so much food, we had to put all the dishes in a straight line across almost 3 tables because the table is small too. He carried his plate and walked to the end of the table for food and he did it twice. Hello, this is not a buffet!

We are table 11

My cousin & Lim Sistas

Greg and Lim Sistas (lucky guy)

One for the pose - Legendary Lim Sistas

Our journey did not end at Waroeng Penyet. We went to have a walk at Ikano. I wanted to go to the Padini concept store to get a pair of sandals. That's the best outlet because it's big and it's always on sales. haha... Although I always believe in getting good quality shoes because you shouldn't do injustice to your feet by wearing cheap uncomfortable shoes whereas you always spoil the hands by buying branded handbags. I have grown a liking for middle range pricing shoes such as Zara, Lewre and Aldo. However, I find that sandals at Vincci is really a bargain. For a pair of Aldo, I can get almost 4 pairs at Vincci. Vincci shoes never last more than 2 months for me but I am so poor at this time of the year, I had no choice. I settled for a pair of white 2 and a half inch high heeled sandal with a gold buckle that matches my Chanel wallet. Hehe...

At the same time, we were fooling around with our camera at the store...

Mirror Reflection Shot

Trying to lick each other - NOT. Eeeewww...

Ms. Stuck Up and Mr. Loser Face

We had fun and it's been such a long time since the three of us went pigging out and shopping together. This is definitely a good ending for 2007. Cheers mate.

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