Monday, December 31, 2007

The Year That Was 2007

Come to think of it, today is already the last day of 2007 and tomorrow, everyone in the world will be ushering into 2008. No doubt the 4D shops will be loaded with people trying to buy the you-know-what 4 digit number. Big chances it won't strike so don't waste your money. I plan to do something more practical, I'll buy the Mega Toto, it's RM15 million now and why not try my luck on a new year's day huh? This is going to be the longest post ever. If you feel that you have to take a pee, go now or never.

*This is a strictly no photo entry (rare occasions when I have no picture for posts)*

As everyone can't wait for the new year, I was still stuck in 2007. A part of me wanted to just stay there for a while more till I cleared all the work for 2007 because 2008 is a year of more work to come. People say the end of the year is the best when everyone is clearing leave and no one is in the mood of working. For me, it's the busiest month of my life. Let's not deal into why I had been so busy because I'll probably bore you to death.

People always say I have the best job in the world which includes my very own youngest sister whom calls me a lucky bitch. Just to give a short introduction on what I do, hmm...where should I start?

I graduated in year 2005 and started working in the same year itself with a company trading and distributing chocolates & confectionery. At that time, I was handling a compound chocolate brand and it was doing pretty well. Total turnover was RM4million a year considering it only appeals to the lower and middle income group consumers. My boss at that time was a very nice man. He pretty much allow me to run the whole show and earlier this year, he sent me to Koln, Germany for a confectionery exhibition (ISM) which is the largest confectionery exhibition held annually. With that Germany trip paid by the company, I managed to get a 2-week leave from him to allow me to travel to other parts of Europe. There's when I went to Austria, Milan, Bratislava & Prague all at one go. I consider myself pretty lucky and blessed because I was a fresh graduate and he had trusted my capabilities to handle the brand.

Later on, my portfolio has been increased to another 4 more brands, namely biscuits, cereal bars and spaghetti. However, the politics in my previous company is taking a toll on me. My beloved boss retired, a new person takes over and put me under some stupid marketing manager who doesn't even know how to write a marketing plan. I was under tight control. She banned my ideas, cut my promotions and worst of all, she asked me to prepare unnecessary reports! One day, someone called me up from another confectionery company and offer me a job. The pay was 50% much higher than what I am earning there so there were no second thoughts about it and I resigned. Better money, better environment, an office and a assistant for me, what's there to think about right? considering I am just 23?

The job was good. I had the flexibility I wished for. No fixed lunch hours for me since I do need to go out a lot. Above everything else, I have the power to control the work I do - it's like I'm pretty much on my own at the factory. There's no boss on top of me monitoring my every move or timing my toilet breaks. Everyone thinks I've landed a job in haven. I get to determine the prices I want to sell and the margins I want to make for the factory. I get to decide the packaging I want and the publicity I need. Sometimes I think so too but no money and power comes easily. I had a lot of work and KPIs to fulfill. Expectations are high and challenging. It's like there will be someone out there waiting for you to make the wrong move and there's always people who loves to hate people like me. However, I was quite happy and satisfied with the harvest after what I had sowed so far. I knew people I've never dreamt of meeting. I had dinners with people I've never dreamt of talking to. I've gone to events I've never thought I'll be invited. So it's pretty much a lucky year for me.

Many would have wanted to trade places with me huh? The smell of chocolates at work everyday, free flow of hand made gourmet chocolates and a chocolate show room for your friends to hang out is just too cool to be true.

So let's take a break from chocolate and move on to my other side of life. Life is not all about work. I regretted one thing in 2007. I would have live life to the fullest. Sometimes there are just times that you feel so lazy and all you wanted to do is to laze at home every weekend. I need to work on Sats and so Sunday is always a homely day for me. I don't party much, maybe once in a month or two and which I deeply regret. I should be on the streets more knowing that I can only go through 23 once in a lifetime. For someone who loves to dance, making presence at the club once a month seemed to be an injustice to my body. I need a new resolution for 2008 - perhaps a minimum of 2 times a month!

Travel luck has been good to me. I have gone to a few European cities such as Koln, Milan, Vienna, Bratislava and Prague. As for China, I have been to Shanghai, SuZhou and ZhouZhuang. I have also visited my Dad in Dubai in July. This year will start with a trip to Langkawi tomorrow as I have been invited to attend the annual dinner there. What a way to start 2008 - with the company and my colleagues!

As for new friends, I've met countless of them but some of them will just remain as hi & bye friends when some have gone to be one of my good friends. I've had better relationships with my siblings. Since one of them started working, I am working and the other busy studying, we have less time to fight. We all have our ow lives but towards the year end, since my mum is not around, we have had more outings together for food and groceries shopping. For my love department, it will remain as private and confidential, leaving the saucy details out for your own imaginations.

Yes, I had fun with 2007. I think it's the best year of my life so far. Therefore, I hope there's more to come next year, which is just less than 24 hours away. Haha...

Have a Happy & Sweet New Year

I've got a dick for Xmas

The title is already self-explanatory. No, I did not have a sex change operation for Xmas or neither do I get a hot guy with a big dick for Xmas. All I got was this....

Look - a nice present. I was fooled by the beautiful wrapper.

Side view of the wooden dick.

The best Xmas present award goes to - The Wooden Dick Keychain from Bali.

No doubt the wooden dick is strong and hard. But it's too small to do anything with it. So if you asked me whether did I have any fun with it, no I didn't. It's still virgin and in the box, closely sealed. Now, Greg, go laugh your dick head off! What a great souvenir you got for me. I simply loveee it!

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Ending 2007 with Waroeng Penyet

What's a better way to end the year than to pig out with your siblings, cousin and friend? To me, pigging out to usher in the new year is always the best way. After thousand or billion times of trying to be on a diet the whole year round, to eat my heart's out seems to be the perfect way for me to end the year.

My cousin has came down from Singapore to meet her friend from London in KL a few days ago and she had put up a night at my place. I decided to take her to The Curve, a food haven with the right crowd - youngsters! Since she has been wandering round KL for the past few days, I thought the Damansara side would be nice for her. That night, we had a gang of 5 people, my two sisters, my cousin, Greg (whom has just been officially confirmed as our Lim's family friend) and me decided to pig out at Waroeng Penyet at The Curve. It is situated at a corner a floor above Big Apple and on the left to Kim Gary.

We order our hearts out as if we have not been eaten for the past few days. The bill comes to a total of RM100 for 5 of us. But take a look at our food!

Bakso (Beefballs)

Sayur Asem (Vegetable Soup)

Gado Gado (something like rojak)


Gulai Ayam (Chicken Curry)

Ayam Panggang (Grilled Chicken)

Empel Penyet (Beef)

Ayam Penyet (highly recommended)

Ais Milo Dinosaur (Highly Recommended)

Ais Teh Sorso (Sweet Jasmine Tea)

Soda Gembira (Happy Soda)
But Greg didn't look too happy after he drank this.

See what I mean by the number of food we ordered!

The food was good. If not, I wouldn't be coming here twice. It's a very nice and friendly Indonesian food joint. The business was good too and they will only be installing the credit card line next few days because I tried paying with credit card the other day and they said they only accept cash. Lucky I have a 100 dollar bill with me. If not, I would be at the back of the kitchen doing the dishes. One reminder though, the chilli is DAMN hot! It's so spicy that it aggravated my tears gland. Greg was being so sarcastic. Since there were so much food, we had to put all the dishes in a straight line across almost 3 tables because the table is small too. He carried his plate and walked to the end of the table for food and he did it twice. Hello, this is not a buffet!

We are table 11

My cousin & Lim Sistas

Greg and Lim Sistas (lucky guy)

One for the pose - Legendary Lim Sistas

Our journey did not end at Waroeng Penyet. We went to have a walk at Ikano. I wanted to go to the Padini concept store to get a pair of sandals. That's the best outlet because it's big and it's always on sales. haha... Although I always believe in getting good quality shoes because you shouldn't do injustice to your feet by wearing cheap uncomfortable shoes whereas you always spoil the hands by buying branded handbags. I have grown a liking for middle range pricing shoes such as Zara, Lewre and Aldo. However, I find that sandals at Vincci is really a bargain. For a pair of Aldo, I can get almost 4 pairs at Vincci. Vincci shoes never last more than 2 months for me but I am so poor at this time of the year, I had no choice. I settled for a pair of white 2 and a half inch high heeled sandal with a gold buckle that matches my Chanel wallet. Hehe...

At the same time, we were fooling around with our camera at the store...

Mirror Reflection Shot

Trying to lick each other - NOT. Eeeewww...

Ms. Stuck Up and Mr. Loser Face

We had fun and it's been such a long time since the three of us went pigging out and shopping together. This is definitely a good ending for 2007. Cheers mate.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Sonnet of Freedom

Many of you would have heard of Sonnet 18, made famous by William Shakespeare. Do you have any idea how a Sonnet is actually written? It involves quite a bit of work, time and perseverance.

How to write a Sonnet?

1. It is a 14-line poem with every line consisting of 10 syllables.
2. There will be 3 quatrains - meaning 3 stanzas of 4 lines.
3. the last section should be a couplet.
4. The rhyme pattern should be a-b-a-b, c-d-c-d and e-f-e-f.

For those who has no idea who Shakespeare is, click here. That's what I liked about Wikipedia! it's so cool. It's alright but as long as you know whom eiling is, you're doing fine. I wrote sonnets too ya know. Hmm...I wonder if my name is in it?!! Oh there is! There's one on General Wade Eiling, but he's a male and a fictional character who is also the military supervillian. Wow, that's cool. A general and a villian, uh huh. The other one was Eiling Kramer, an auctioneer and rancher whom is also one of the cabinet minister in Saskatchewan, Canada. Wow, I think I'm really named after great leaders. That's a good start. I wrote the sonnet below a few years back when I felt that I was controlled and was dying to smell freedom. So sit back and enjoy.

Sonnet of Freedom

So often I wonder in my own space,
Unable to make my own selection,
Like a sarcophagus without a face,
Wrapped in family cloth of protection.

Is my life written in the stars above,
Am I capable of changing its course,
How I wish that I am just like a bird,
Flying off to sweet freedom in full force.

I live without a life for far too long,
The time to unleash my dreams in my sleep,
Let me serenade you with my sweet song,
You know quite well I'm no more yours to keep.

All these can only be fulfilled with time,
Till then I shall wait for the stars to shine.


KLUANG RailCoffee

Yes I was in Kluang recently. Just as I was about to reach the hotel, I remembered my dear friend Julian who stays there. He will always give me a buzz when he's down in KL, so I thought it's a rare chance for me to go down to Kluang so why not text him. So I sent him a text and we decided to meet up for coffee. Kluang has the best coffee ya know? Remember the famous Kluang Station that everyone goes to in 1U and Ikano? Well, I told him I wanted the best coffee in town and there's 2 options- either the old joint or the new joint. I chose the old joint at the Kluang Railway Station. I would want to try something from its original shop. So there happily we went to the railway station. The coffee shop is really in a railway station. No kidding.

Cool Huh?

Let's talk bout the food. The menu is displayed on the window side so there's no need for them to distribute any individually. Food is cheap like 60cents a pack of nasi lemak. But beware, the cheap price comes in really small packets. I can assure you I can finish the whole packet in 3 spoonfuls. We ordered a cup of "kopi" each, one set of Roti Bakar, Roti Bun & Roti Steam. Ok the verdict - The coffee is okay, much better than those in Uncle Lim's. They have roti steam which is steamed bread, quite special. The bun & roti really disappoints me despite the appetizing look. The roti is not hot enough, wait, it's not even hot. The butter was not soft and the kaya is dripping. I have never had roti bakar with kaya dripping all over. Julian was telling me that maybe I took some time to take the pictures and the bread went cold. Hello...I only took less than 1 minute to take all these pictures! So it must be the bread that's not hot and not be being slow.

The Menu


Roti bakar

Roti Steam

Roti Bun

See what i mean? The butter is not even soft enough. I could die of over dosage of butter.

I actually scolded Julian for taking me here. I come all the way and you take me to eat dripping kaya bread?!! Nah, I was just kidding. Despite the not-so-good roti, I had a good experience there. When the train arrives, loads of people actually came into the shop and line up to buy the nasi lemak. There was this lady who walked to our table and asked if she could take the nasi lemak on our table so we permitted. She opened every packet and check the content and the best thing is, she even smelt the pack before closing it. Eew...lucky she bought that because I ain't gonna eat that pack after she smelled it. Who knows what-goes-in-to-the-food?!! Met some of Julian's friends as well. They were all nice and cool and very music inclined. We went talking from food to politics and to who knows what, everything under the sun we talked about. Haha.

I wonder what is there for the Mat Sallehs to see here?

Julian trying not to let the kaya drip!

It has been an eventful outing and nice to meet up with my old friends. This is quite a nice place to hang out but I wouldn't come here for the food again despite how many hanging publicity the place had and how many VIPs have had their kopi here. It's just not my thing.

I know the road is long. So What? That's why I'm not taking the train dude. I go by air. Muahah

[Disclaimer: This is strictly my honest opinion and tastes vary with tastebuds. Please do not even waste your time trying to sue me because just like my sister, we ain't rich! Thnx]

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Love's Journey Part I

This is a recollection of the poems and writings that I have done for the past 3 years. It's quite a long time and that's why I couldn't allow it to be gone with time.

Puzzle of Life

When the heart stops loving,
It does not beat.

Hopes are taken away,
And the soul has lost its way.

is just a piece of life's puzzle,
the cover of our story,
the sunlight that brightens the day,
yet it completes our lives,
And it is something that we need to survive.


Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Home Alone Part II

You know what?!! I'm home alone again today on Xmas day. Woke up darn early this morning to rush to the factory to restock Bangsar Village. Yesterday's sales was overwhelming resulting in out of stock situation. Lucky someone was there to open the factory for me. After I delivered the goods, I hang around for a while there before heading home. What a disappointment that I didn't get a snapshot with Asha Gill yesterday as she was at our booth. Bugger.

Oh I had instant noodles again. I had it for more than twice this week. Mum...please come back soon or I'll turn into an instant noodle! Mum is still in Dubai and will only be coming back in mid Jan. First time when she was gone for 2 months early this year, we were delighted as we were as free as a bird. This time around, I almost died doing all the housework! Thinking what to cook everyday is hazardous to my health. I got so stressed up! Had my nap the whole Xmas afternoon and then now blogging.

I am living in misery la. There was only 1 piece of bread left and I had that for dinner 5 mins ago with cucumber, meat floss and a slice of Cahill Irish Cheese that was given to me by a customer a few days ago. This customer had been super nice. He had bought almost RM1k worth of chocolates from me and then he even bought a pack of his favourite cheese and nougat from Village Grocer for me. Why can't we have more customers like him?!!

Feel like listening to the "I'm out of love, I'm so lost without you...." song. What's that name of that song? I'm so out of love right now. Where is the love?!! Be caring this Xmas season and share some love. "Give me, give me, give me...." LOL I know I'm talking "kok" but I don't care. It's my blog...Muahahahah

Ok la, I'll go listen to my other alternative songs - "The way I are"

My 2007 Xmas Eve

My Xmas Eve this year was spent far away from KL city. In fact, I was down south in Kluang to attend my cousin's wedding dinner at Prime City Hotel in Kluang. I was quite hesitant to go initially due to the long journey and realising that I need to work on Xmas day itself, I thought I'll be dead tired. However, my aunt, I called her "leng yee ma" meaning pretty aunt in Cantonese has been persuading me to go. It's been years since we both seen each other. I've always call her pretty aunt since I was little because she is the prettiest aunt among all my other aunts. She's always watching her diet, keeping in shape and of course being rich does help too. She's always taking care of her beauty and she dresses well too. So I look up to her and say to myself - I want to be a pretty aunt someday too. Growing old gracefully and all...

This is her eldest daughter's wedding to her long time boyfriend from Greece - Elaine & Panos. My aunt is staying in Ayer Itam and the nearest town is Kluang and you've guessed it right - Prime City Hotel is the tallest building and best hotel there (i think). We arrived at the reception outside Matahari Ballroom at 7pm and is greeted by my aunt and uncle. My aunt looked gorgeous in her RM2K cheongsam, just like a Shanghainese socialite. We were greeted to a cocktail party right outside the ballroom with a chocolate fountain and sweet delights. The ballroom was well decorated. I am very sure that all these are the works of the wedding planner. The hotel in Kluang is not capable of doing that. Okay, I'm not trying to be sarcastic, but I think some personal touches have been given to the wedding and it's not the typical set up provided by hotels.

The setting

The food - yummy especially the lobster

It started off with a video of the couples - not the usual wedding photographs that have been touched up. It's actually an animation where it showed my cousin from Malaysia and Panos from Greece flew to England to study and they met at some club. It's a short story telling but cute and funny. My cousin and this Geek Greek guy has been staying in Manchester together and she runs a boutique there. The whole setting of the dinner is nice but 1 big complaint. It's really hot! I had a feeling the air-conditions were not working or the hotel is trying to save on electricity. Maybe it has to do with the name of the ballroom remember? Matahari? Haha...LOL

Me, My aunts and the bride

Me & my adorable cousin

Just like any ordinary wedding, we have the "yam seng" sessions. It's funny seeing how the "Ah Mos" doing the yam seng. We did 2 rounds of yam seng and a round of "yamas" in Greek which means a toast to health. Then the night ended with Panos friends & families doing the Greek dancing on the stage. I think it must be a tradition to dance in their weddings. That was not all. They actually smashed the porcelain plates on stage. Stacks and stacks of it. Can you imagine the reaction of the guests? Come on, chinese hates the breaking of things on auspicious day and there you have a bunch of Greeks smashing plates...Must have shocked the small town guests. Worst of all, the hotel manager might be standing there calculating the number of china smashed. Since my aunt could afford a new BMW 5 series and a some other 5 figure cars, what's the cost to her on some broken china plates right?

The highlights

Enjoy the short videos guys.


The video is sweet huh? Makes me jealous. What a way to start my Xmas day.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Home Alone Part I

I'm home alone this evening. in fact, I have had a tiring day. Everyday, I have been rushing to work and then getting the stocks ready to be delivered to Bangsar Village. I have also committed myself to be stationed there every weekday from 10am - 1 pm. So if you want to empathise with me, do drop by and buy my chocolates. Then take me out for lunch and then "tar pau" some tea time snacks for me and my promoters!

When I left the office at 6.15pm, the traffic was crazy. Everyone is rushing home early since tomorrow is a public holiday. My excolleague, spotting my car still parked in front of the factory called me and asked me how come I was still there?!! Yeah I know I have been leaving the office latest by 5.30pm daily, it doesn't mean Eiling can't work late! Work was crazy too. So many last minute corporate deals that I have to close and my assistant is taking a week off. It's not like she'll be any help to me but not having her also means I'll be working to death. Please get ready some money for my funeral if you see me in the obituary page in The Star after Christmas.

Then, I was rushing home, thinking I need to cook for my sister who finishes work at 6pm. I have decided to cook some "choy sum" and a plate of "stewed tomato pork". Happily, I reached home and remembered she had a steamboat party with colleagues tonight. Haih..looks like I'll be home alone tonight as my youngest sis is working for me at Bangsar Village.

What do you eat when you're all home alone, with no one to eat with and no one to cook for? The answer is simple - INSTANT NOODLE. Ooh... I just loveee instantaneous instant noodles. So good to eat, anytime, anywhere! But I am not so lazy until the extend of adding hot water and that's it. I make it a point to make my IN nutritious. Don't laugh, I know, I know, how can IN be nutritious. Well, it can. Please let me show you - the new way of having IN and not having the guilty after-effect.

The ingredients:

1. Instant Noodles of course!
I've never liked Maggi.

In fact if you ask me to rate the noodle texture, Cintan is the BEST!
Then followed by Mamee and then Mi Sedap.

If you rate the whole package, Indomie ROCKS!
Then followed by Mamee Asam Laksa and Mi Sedap Onion Chicken.

2. Vegetables - Choy Sum
This is your source of nutrition.

3. Meat - I used pork. Chicken can do.
This is your source of protein my friends.

4. Soup Base - ABC Soup
I boiled it myself the other day. Not from the packet of IN.

The method:

1. Marinade meat with a lil' pepper & salt. Wash Vege clean.
2. Boil a pot of hot water. A lil' water will do.
3. Put the meat into the boiling water and dish out after a few seconds in the boiling water.
4. Use the same pot and fill with new pot of water and boil. When boiling, cook the noodles.
5. Once noodle is cooked, pour away water and add in the ABC soup.
6. Then add in the meat and vege. For seasoning, add 1 teaspoon of soya sauce.
7. Once boiling, it's ready to serve.

My wholesome dinner

There you have a very healthy meal with carbs, protein and minerals all in one bowl of wholesome IN!!! Haha... Why have I used ABC if you're wondering. Actually it's leftovers. I boiled it the other day but we did not finish it because I boiled a lil' bit too much. okay, it's not lil' bit but way too much that I've been having it for dinner for 3 days!

Just in case you are wondering how to boil that ABC soup, it's as easy as 123. Just buy a chicken, tomatoes, carrots, potatoes, onions, pepper and salt. Just make sure that the pepper are partly grounded and the tomatoes are sliced. Boil it with high heat until boiling hot and then switch to low heat and boil for another 30 minutes. However, for ABC soup, the longer you boil, the better it tastes. Just remember that you have enough water in the pot ot keep it boiling for hours!

That's all for today folks. Try it. it's really nice. Recipe tried and tested by myself.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Marmalade Afternoon

B dropped by this afternoon at my booth in Bangsar Village to purchase some chocolates and then we decided to have lunch together. Since B did not want to have anything to do with Japanese, I made the decision to try Marmalade. I have not tried it despite hearing the good reviews about it so I thought, why not give it a try since someone will be paying for my review?!! Sorry B, if you're reading this, I really did not expect you to treat me. Having bought chocolates from my booth, I thought I'm the one who will be giving you a treat!

This is the entrance to Marmalade. It's situated on the 2nd floor of Bangar Village II, just above L'occitane. It was a simple entrace, nothing fancy but you will not miss it since the Marmalade sign is big enough!

It's a cafe with boutique

Centre Piece

Upon entering, we looked for a comfortable seat. Ah, as usual, I like the seating with cushions or couch-like seatings. It's more comfortable and I like fancy... However, I was shocked that no one actually cared that we walked in. usually, there'll be a waiter showing the seats to patrons but this one, just find wherever you want to sit then sit la! The menu came shortly. Was quite disappointed how they present the menu. It's so simple, too simple. Just like their deco and ambiance. Despite being a minimalist in deco, the ambiance is nice. You don't get the next table seated beside you just an-inch away where the next table hears all your juicy gossips like Kim Gary and all the HK-styled cafes.

Can't really decide what to eat actually. At that moment, I think the choices of food is really limited but I understand that it's important to just stick to the good ones rather than having 100 over types of food and nothing tastes good. You get to choose from a variety of salads, foccacia, rice or spaghetti. I chose the Oriental Escape with multigrain bread. B chose the Passage thru India Focaccia, since he said that he will be going to India soon. My as well, get used to the food first eh. For drinks, I had the Peachy Passion smoothie, just like a lassi and B had an ice lemon tea. unadventurous...Oops someone's gonna kill me :P

B showing off his ball Oops I mean tomato

Look the other ball! I mean tomato...

Oriental Escape with Multigrain Bread
Chicken Char Siew, homemade pear, wanton strips and ginger & chilli gravy

Passage Thru India
Chicken Tikka Masala, cucumber & tomato cubes and mini papadum

Sorry half-way through and I realise I have forgotten to snap a picture

Overall, my Oriental Escape tasted okay. Not very good-lah. I felt that the chicken char siew don't really have a roasted taste. The pear cubes does not have any taste. However, the gravy was nice but they should have provided a bigger opening for the gravy instead of filling up in that tequilla shot-like glass which makes it so difficult to dip! The Peachy Passion is nice but I don't think it's worth the price. A hefty price of RM9 per glass and I don't see my bits of peach in there!

I'll give it a 3***rating. Ambiance wise a 4***. Good place to recommend for a meet up with friends as you can sit and chat comfortably.

Oh, btw if you're wondering why I call this friend of mine whom I got to know recently at my buddy's gathering of colleagues is that he wants to stay anonymous. That's why I had to blackened his eyes too. So, B, if you're reading this and at anytime you think you're ready to be exposed, please let me know. I can undo the black stripe.

[Disclaimer: This is strictly my honest opinion and tastes vary with tastebuds. Please do not even waste your time trying to sue me because just like my sister, we ain't rich! Thnx]

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