Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I tasted Reunion....

Reunion meaning a get together or coming together are only words you hear during Chinese New Year where families get together to have a meal. I am not going to talk about a reunion but to provide a review of my lunch today with a friend at Reunion in Bangsar Village II. I have heard of it but have not personally tried it. The name sounds chinese and you're right, they serve chinese food@Reunion.

Let's talk about the entrance to Reunion. Very modern and yet simple interior but incorporating the elements of chinese culture using the antique chinese doors as partition between the entrance and the restaurant.

As we entered the restaurant, it was very different from the usual chinese restaurants that I have been to. One can easily recognize a chinese restaurant by it's bright lightings, red tablecloth, chinese paintings and noise. However, Reunion is differentiated. It has very dark coloured chinese furnitures and white brick wall paired with dimmed lightings. I loved it. It gives traditional chinese dining a fresh new look. The overall setting gives it a fine dining ambiance.

Even the table settings is given ample attention with the placements of cutlery and dishes. The chinese tea cup is transparent so you can see the colour of the tea! We ordered the Jasmine tea and it tastes fine to me. At least you can smell the fragrant jasmine scent in the tea. Waitresses have been attentive. I have been asking one waitress on how to read the chinese words on the menu and why do they give such a name to the dessert and bla bla bla and still she did not get irritated by me. I was quite satisfied.

Jasmine Chinese Tea

Cold Braised Peanut and Lotus (appetizer)

For mains, we both had the Suckling Pig 3 Combination Platter where you can choose two other types of roast meat to accompany the suckling pig. When I saw the word "Suckling Pig", my eyes lit up and I couldn't believe it. I can actually for once have suckling pig for lunch! However, let me warn you, it's not cheap. A normal char siew with rice here costs RM12.80 when you can have it at a kopitiam for RM3.80. A 2 combination platter with suckling pig is RM24.40 while what I ordered was RM28.80. However, it's worth a try. It's an experience and the dish was recommended by my friend whom has been patronising the outlet a few times. I think that the roasted duck at Sunrise (Taman Paramount) tasted better. The suckling pig is fine but not crispy enough for me and the roasted pork is not the best I have eaten. One comment though, the rice is a bit too starchy. We also ordered a plate of Kai Lan (RM16.80), very succulent and fresh indeed.

Suckling Pig, Roast Duck & Roast Pork Set

Garlic Kai Lan

Just the main course itself will set you full to the neck but my friend highly recommend that I should try the dessert. He kept insisting its good, so good so I said yes to dessert. I forgot the chinese name but I called it the Pomelo and Sago in Mango Puree (RM8.80). One word to describe the dessert, it's great! Not the usual longan and sea coconut dessert...or the lotus seed with snow fungus or the shanghai pancake...typical chinese restaurant desserts. This is something different, a must try despite I personally thinks the pomelo is not sweet enough. Maybe it's not the pomelo season or it's not the pomelo from Ipoh! haha...Ipoh people very fussy with food and it's true!

At the end of every meal, a fortune cookie for each patron will be served. I chose my fortune cookie and break it open to reveal my lucky note. It reads "You will always be successful in your professional career". Haha, just exactly what I needed. it's not just any career ok, it says professional career! Unfortunately, my friend's fortune cookie does not have any messages. maybe he doesn't need one, he's already successful in his own ways.

Pomelo and Sago in Mango Puree

The bill comes to a total of RM109.94 for 2 persons. It's expensive for a lunch of roasted meat and tea but it's the ambiance and service that you're paying for. I think it's a nice place, will definitely be coming back but not so soon...
BTW, they are really famous for its upmarket Hokkien Mee. Big enough for two at the comfort of air-conditioned dining. Their dim sum spread is commendable with the well prepared carrot cake!

I've give it a 4 out of 5.

[Disclaimer: This is strictly my honest opinion and tastes vary with tastebuds. Please do not even waste your time trying to sue me because just like my sister, we ain't rich! Thnx]

Monday, November 26, 2007

Scouting for FOOD

It was a Saturday, a dull Saturday with nowhere to go thanks to the ongoing protests and road closures. I rather stay at home than be stuck in the traffic jams in KL. Thus, for lunch my sister, Jon and I decided to eat around my neighbourhood - the dull KOTA KEMUNING. We wanted to try something which we haven't had before and The Ranch seemed to be the perfect place until we ate the food.
I had spaghetti and it was so bad I wanted to just leave it there untouched after the first bite. However, being as hungry as a hungry ghost, I reluctantly gobbled up the whole plate. I would never put anything unfit for human consumption into my mouth again. It's sad and it's not even worth my time reviewing the food there. For pictures and more, read here instead because my sister is nice enough to blog about it!

Food in my neighbourhood is strictly for survival. If you have been starving and can drive another 15km, I suggest you stop by Subang Jaya and grab something there. but then again, if you're desperate and running out of petrol, you can always have the safest food, the Scottish Family Restaurant @ McDonalds! It's 24 hours here!

So Yiling went to do some research on some flogs and we decided to have dinner at My Elephant @ Happy Mansion in Seksyen 17, where the Food Foundry is. It's a thai restaurant and one look at it, you'll think why this restaurant owner with this type of concept would want to open here- below some old flats?!!

Seriously I was quite impressed with the deco - minimalist but simplicity with taste. To read about the food, try clicking here. I just want to comment about a few things about the place. First of all, there are only 2 air-conditioner which makes the place a bit stuffy. Secondly, the have uncomfortable chairs paired with low tables. Thirdly and sadly, why do they have to add lemongrass into every drink except plain water where they should?!! My coconut cooler sucks!

Even plain water tasted better.

We ordered two appetizers which to my surprise, they served them last. Does the chef tell them that the appetizers are meant to be served first?!!! Or is the chef has no knowledge about the word "appetizer"...I wonder...

The simple deco is well paired with simple food. Moreover, the price isn't that cheap either. Nothing to shout about My Elephant until I hunt a better one.

[Disclaimer: This is strictly my honest opinion and tastes vary with tastebuds. Please do not even waste your time trying to sue me because just like my sister, we ain't rich! Thnx]

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Second Session @ Scarlet

Was invited to join the chairman @Zeta Bar right after Fukuya but I had promised my friends to be at Scarlet (new joint at Cineleisure Damansara). In fact, it was my second time to Scarlet. The first time I was there, it was a Friday but definitely not as crowded as last Friday. Greg has invited me and my sister to join him there although initially I had suggested Atrium which is a bit too far for my sister and my friends.

Greg was being so nice that he treated us to a bottle of Hennessey. I only arrived at about 11pm and he was already red like a tomato. I have had 2 glasses or beer, 4 glasses of wine @ Fukuya and at Scarlet, I was having another 3 glasses of whiskey! Just look at my sleepy expression. I wasn't sure whether I was sleepy or half drunk!

This was me and I had no idea my sis took a photo of me & red tomato.

That's my youngest sister. Don't ask me who the hell is the guy beside me - he just stuck his head there when we were taking the photo! So rude!

With Greg and Jessica (my schoolmate from Kindergarten till College). How come I looked like an intruder to the picture?!! Am I the 3rd party *wink*?!!

Ipoh gals rulez! With my sister and Hue Gee.

One happy picture. Must be the booze....

The ambiance was okay but it was a bit crowded that night. The music was great because I love R&B. Not exactly a place for heavy clubbing like shaking your heads and booties but a nice place to hang out with friends. I hate driving all the way down to KL.

The crowd.

The bar

I liked the whiskey with coke better. Green Tea whiskey tasted way better at Velvet in Zouk.

Cheers Big Ears

Thanks Greg! However, my friends and I are disappointed as you promised us to bring your so-called handsome bro! Why are you keeping him?!!

Enrich-ing Experience

Wohoo! I am invited to the MAS Enrich Gold "Kakuteru" Evening at Fukuya KL - that was the first thought that ran into my mind when I received the invitation at my office. Wow, I haven't been to any Enrich events and to be honest, I am just a new Enrich member (still blue card). You have to travel business class and 1st class to obtain a Gold Enrich card and I think I'll never have a chance to be a gold member. However, receiving the invitation is truly an honour. So happened that Fidani is a partner of Enrich and is a sponsor of door gifts for the night. I have been dealing with the Enrich staff for some time now and they have invited my boss and I to attend the event. No doubt my boss is a Gold member and have been to many of these events but for me, this is my first!

See my name there?!!!

KAKUTERU means cocktail in English. Thus it's a cocktail evening at Fukuya or The House of Hapiness when translated. The venue was great however parking is a problem. You know how tight and narrow the roads are at Jalan Delima where all the old bungalows are. They have converted the place into a tourist destination with the Pasar Rakyat, Chocolate Boutiques and restaurants around it. Upon entering, I was greeted by the beautiful ladies in Japanese Kimonos at the door and also 2 ladies in the MAS airline air stewardess uniforms. I was asked to sign the guestbook and to take a lucky number - 087.


Seriously I knew no one there. I only know the organisers, whom are my designers for Fidani new range of chocolates and a staff of Enrich. I was still determined to make the best out of my evening there being a total stranger to all these high society events. Making myself comfortable, I had a glass of orange juice. Boy, it was really pure orange juice with no trace of sugar syrup and lots of saps. I took some time to snap pictures of my chocolates served during the cocktail party for maximum exposure at the event.

I made the table standees by myself (cost saving..hehe)

The event finally started at about 8pm although it says 6.30pm! It started with the MC giving a introduction on the event and then inviting the Chairman of MAS, Dato' Dr. Munir Majid to give a speech. After that, they kicked off with some geisha girls dancing, followed by some Harajuku girls.... I didn't really enjoy the dances. The girls are not pretty and I was not aroused at all with their geisha looks.

I was waiting for the food! So when they announced that the dinner is served, boy, I was relieved. I was really hungry since I did not have lunch in the afternoon. It was buffet style dinner and the dishes served was great! I have smoked salmon, sushi, soft shelled crabs, prawn tempura and some green beans. The food is thumbs up! It's really worth my visit. Free booze (Red wine, white wine, beer, sake and spirits) and good food. What more can you ask?!!

The night went on with a good singer belting out some favourite numbers and also models strutting their stuffs. The models are so cute looking and they really looked like mannequins! So handsome and fit! I really wanted to feast my eyes on them but then again it will be rude since I was talking to the chairman, Dato' Dr. Munir himself. I met quite a few of "powderful" people. It's just so embarrassing to give out name cards as everyone there was either a president or vice president of some companies (Petra Group, Measat and bla bla bla.....) and there you have a crazy girl giving out her executive-titled-name cards! However, I did receive some compliments on having such good poise despite being only 23. I didn't expect to have ended the night knowing the chairman and also some great people and chatting till the event is over. I felt honoured and it did propel me to climb the corporate ladder faster so I need not give executive-titled-name cards anymore. Having not win any lucky draw prizes (Grand Prize was ticket for 2 to Tokyo) did not bother me since I was already lucky enough to have the company of the great guests.

Everyone went home with a goodie bag filled with.....

FIDANI Gourmet Chocolates!

I was satisfied with event. My brand has the mileage and I had nice company for the night.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

You think it's impossible? Think again....

Sometimes, our minds are programmed to such a way that we often think that some things are impossible to be done. The training provided by my company last Friday opened up my mind to something new - to think out of the box. Our minds are sometimes cluttered and we tend to use only our common sense when we should be thinking the unthinkable.

The trainer put us on a test. He gave us 13 nails with 1 nail stuck to the cork. We are supposed to arrange the 12 nails on the 1 nail stuck to the cork without the help of foreign objects. The best we could do is to balance 1 nail on top of it. How the hell we are going to balance 12 nails?!!! We were telling each other that it's impossible and he's crazy. He came over and gave us a hint. Then it struck us to think of the impossible. After all, it is possible to balance 12 nails on a nail! Our group was the 1st group to accomplish the task. To arrange the nails was easy but to balance the whole thing on a nail is difficult. According to the trainer, those who drinks alcohol will not be able to do it but my friend proved him worng. He got it at first attempt! Bravo!

This is what i am talking about:-

Amazing right?

After all, our minds are too rigid to think of something like this.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Termeloh's Patin Fish Treat

On the way back from Kuantan, we stopped by Termeloh to have a taste of what the locals' have been telling us about the famous "patin" fish there. FYI, Termeloh is a small town famous for it's fresh patin fish. Patin, or better known as silver catfish is a type of freshwater fish. After a friend's recommendation at which shop to satisfy our sudden "patin" cravings, we managed to locate the shop after making 2 U-turns in the town center. Termeloh's town center is just a few rows of shophouses, 1 shell station and a hotel....

This is what we had:-

Herbal Chicken With Lotsa Soup

It tasted great. Not the usual herbal soup with no herb & chicken taste. This is good stuff as the kampung chiciken meat is tender. Been having repeated helpings.

Fried Taufu With Minced Pork

Wow, the taufu was smooth and the minced pork compliments the dish well.

Mashed Brinjal

It's an unusual dish but it's great. Very fragrant taste of shrimps & salted fish.

Steamed Patin Fish

This is the highlight of the visit to the restaurant. OMG the fish is so fresh and it was cooked just right.

Empty plates and 4 satisfied stomaches.

Overall, food has been nothing but good and lots of compliments from 4 of us. Been praising the food non-stop. However the price is not of Termeloh standards. Total bill was RM104 for 4 dishes which I think it's a bit too pricey. I would have guessed that the old man knew we were "orang KL" and just charge us KL price. haih... i would give it a 4.5 out of 5 for this food rating.

For those of you who wants to stop by Termeloh and try these dishes, I recommend you to go to this restaurant WEE KEE at Persiaran Damai 1 at the Damai Court new shophouses in town, about 5-10mins drive from the toll booth.

These images to help you find the place. If still can't find it, ask Shell. they'll know.

Feeling hungry already?

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Is it an offence, Mr. Polis Trafik?

As usual, on my usual route to work, after the Batu Tiga toll gate, there will be a traffic police to direct the traffic flow. I was following very closely behind a stupid f@#*ing slow kancil (no offence to kancil drivers out there) but this particular kancil is taking his own sweet time driving to work when the whole world is rushing to beat the traffic light. Well, don't bother the traffic light because the police is directing the traffic.

And out of a sudden as I was about to pass the traffic light, he was holding his hand up with the second finger pointing and it didn't occur to me that he's asking me to stop. So when i realised that, it was too late and I was in the middle of the road. I was scared. A part of me wanted to accelerate and cross the road but my legs just jammed the brakes. He showed an angry face and at the same time scolded me and ask me to "jalanlah!" F*CK F*CK F*CK ING stupid Traff*c P@l*ceman. After that I just drove off....Still can't believe what I have done the day before yesterday but I learnt one thing - never follow a stupid and slow kancil!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Ziling's Big Day

There's no need for words... Picture tells a thousand words....

She has finally graduated. Haih!

Look at how stuck up she is!

We met celebrity blogger Kenny Sia

Beautiful Daisies

Magnificent Lilies

My Bling Bling

Oh. By the way, Ziling is my younger sister.

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