Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Yummy Pineapple Tarts

I've always liked pineapple tarts especially when it comes to CNY. But the problem is, it's too expensive and often, it's not up to my standard simply because the pastry is too hard, not buttery and the filling is tasteless. In 2005, I started baking these little indulgence myself. I have an aunt who bakes perfect pineapple tarts in Singapore and it costs as much as S$0.50 per piece, which is 3 years ago! I managed to get hold of that recipe, so I start experimenting and then after a few rounds of trials, me and my mum managed to bake it perfectly.

What was meant to be gifts to my friends and colleagues soon turned into a business. I've received so much orders in 2006 that I have to bake till midnight everyday to fulfill them. The tarts came under the branding "Sweet Tooth Delights" in short STD (not the disease la)! I managed to bake 1000+ tarts and after that I bought myself a new esprit jacket with the money I earned!

Don't they look yummy?

Packed in colourful containesrs - microwave, freezer & diswasher safe

I didn't sell any this year because I was busy preparing for my Europe trip to Germany (for work), and some other countries on my own. It was not totally a bad thing for me as I get to relax during the CNY without the need to bake until midnight again.

Pineappple tarts in conventional red bottle

My mum's delicious and crispy sunflower seed cookies. It tastes great and I can finish half a bottle while watching TV!


Anonymous said...

I'd really like to order and try your pineapple tarts IF you are taking order for next year's CNY.

EilinG said...

I might bake for CNY next year. Actually I do bake for christmas as well. You can always contact me at eilinglim@gmail.com

If you wanna try I can give you a box when I do make 'em.

Anonymous said...

Did u receive my 2 emails?

EilinG said...

I did not receive any mail from you. Did you send it to the wrong email add?

Anonymous said...

I hv sent to eilinglim@gmail.com. I think the mail has been sent to junk mail alr ... :)
I'll try to send again later ...

EilinG said...

I better go check my junk mail :P

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