Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Cupcakes Anyone?

Recently, I've bought a box of muffins for Emily's birthday and boy, it looked so good and too adorable to be eaten. Then it strike me, maybe I should try baking some myself and decorate them. I started with cupcakes, because they are small and simply too cute to be eaten! At first, the decorations did not turn out too well, far from what you see below. But after a few rounds of baking and learning how to squeeze (the icing...what were you thinking about?!!), it gets better.

This is the box of muffins for Emily. Too pretty to be eaten isn't it?

A few days were spent on research - the buttercream icing, the marshmallow fondant and of course the delicious lemon poppy seed cupcakes! Then I went sourcing of ingredients and decorative materials at baking shops in Taman Megah and Shah Alam. Finally, the pictures below showed that I have made some improvement despite being an amateur at cake decorating! Nothing is impossible...when there's a will, there's a way....

eL's creations

A taste of Happy Land anyone?

Perfect for wedding bells....

Your garden won't blossom? Don't worry you can always have a pink blossom-anytime!

The colour of the season- PURPLE

How about a sweet escapism sometimes?

There you have it. eL's homemade cupcakes made with love and determination. Although they don't look pretty and professional, hey at least I've tried my best. Wanna have a bite? Call me.


Anonymous said...

Do u sell ur homemade cupcakes? Can make order? Minimum must order how many?

EilinG said...

Actually I'm just making them for fun. I don't sell them. If you want, you can let me know, I'll make some for you to try.

Anonymous said...

Huh? No need purposely made some for me to try. If possible, i will buy from you. But i don't need a lot .. how big is ur cupcakes? issit something like the size of 50 cents(coins) or even slightly bigger?

EilinG said...

yup. it's about the size of a 50 cents coin, the standard size. how much do you need actually? For a special occasion? Let me know, I'll see what I can do for you.

Anonymous said...

Hmm .. about 50 cupcakes only.
I saw ur homemade pineapple tarts and WOW!!! It really looks delicious!!! Can order that too?:-)How much do u sell for per container?

Anonymous said...

But if u r not free then it's okie ... no special occassion though ..

EilinG said...

Oh ok. I think there shouldn't be a problem making 50 cupcakes for you but the only problem is the box. Currently I have a box that only fills 36 cupcakes. Are you okay if I split them into 2 boxes? You want it by next week? I think I can make it during the weekends.

Why don't you email me the details i.e when you want them, contact no.. at eilinglim@gmail.com

haha...about the pineapple tarts, I'll need to be totally free to make them. I'll let you know.

Anonymous said...

Ok. I'll email you .. :)

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