Tuesday, October 31, 2006

A Morning Request

"My marketing plan is due tomorrow!" I panicked. Interestingly enough, I haven't done much except for a few tables and few pages. OMG it's tomorrow and to write a marketing plan in one day is definitely MI:4 after the Tom Cruise's MI:3. Thus, I knocked on my CEO's door and told him that I would like to make a request.

"I would like to extend the dateline till this Friday"

With a serious look on his face, he said "ok"

I thanked him and went to inform his EA, whom is also my buddy that I could hand in the plan later on Friday.

With a puzzled look, she said "but the dateline is 10th Nov"

"Is it?!!!" I realised then that I did not read the memo properly. I thought it was tomorrow! It was actually due in 10 more days and what was I thinking when I ask for this Friday's dateline?!! Realising how stupid I was, I knocked on his door again.

"Another request again?" He asked

"Hehe...Boss, I would like to request to cancel the previous request. The dateline is actually 10th Nov"

He smiled and I closed his door. His EA was laughing, my cubicle neighbour was also laughing. That was one of the stupid things that I've done in my office. Haha...what a morning. Knowing that I still have 10 more days has reaffirmed my status as a last minute queen. I'm occasionally a procastinator but I will definitely have a plan by dateline.

The moral of the story for the above is to always ask the boss's assistant before knocking on his door if you don't want to be embarrassed!

Guess what? Today is 31st! Today is ICE CREAM day.. Baskin Robbins 31% discount on all handpacked ice cream. I had a quart of Rum&Raisin and another quart of Jamoca Almond Fudge mixed with World Class Chocolate. I would really recommend Green Tea and Love Potion. These 2 are definitely the best flavours at BR but sadly they discontinued these 2 flavours. Can't find them at most BR outlets. Really missed 'em. Can't wait to stuff those ice cream into my mouth tonight after CF (Celebrity Fitness). Yummy Yummy....

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Monday, October 30, 2006

Lunch Time

Did you know that you can accomplish quite a number of tasks during lunch time? You could if you manage your time well and make full use of the 1 hour.
My company is a bit different. If I count every minute correctly, I should have about 80 minutes of lunch time. There is always a buffer time of 10 minutes before and 10 minutes after lunch. Huh? The 10 mins before lunch existed because people went to lunch before it's even lunch time and the 10 mins after lunch is for them to pack up and slowly trudged to their own cubicles. The funny thing is there are two clocks in the office and the one that we used to clock in is 5-10 mins slower than the clock at the receptionist. When they went out for lunch, it's following the timing of the receptionist's clock and when they are late, then they are following the clock-in-clock. Haha...
I can usually accomplish at least 3 tasks during lunch time if I'm not going out to a far place for lunch. If I would just walk over to have lunch at the canteen just opposite my office, I would have time to MSN chat and then take a nap. Today, I sacrificed my nap and blog instead. So..the conclusion is lunch time can be quite long if I have a quick lunch and lunch time can be quite short if I am enjoying myself elsewhere. Okay I think I've crapped enough about my lunch time today. Moreover my buffer period has exceeded 10 mins. Back to work.... : (

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Friday, October 27, 2006


This few days, all I could think of is allaboutchocolate.

My marketing plan for 2007 is due in 5 days and look what I've been doing - blogging. Honestly I'm very tired and to write so much in so little time seemed almost impossible. However, I'm still doing my best by drafting my A&P table where I will allocate RM700k for below the line and trade promotion activities for the next 12 months. To have an above the line activity ie. TVC would almost be impossible with my budget thus I have to make full use of what I have. Even the Chinese New Year have not started, I already have to plan for the coming Hari Raya, Christmas and CNY promotions. Life is hard but to plan and forecast what will be happening in the next 12 months is even harder.

Working when everyone else is on holiday can be such a bummer. I've used up all my leave for my 1 month Europe trip in May and now I have to suffer. Was working on Monday too where only 3 people is in the office. It's quite fun because I was just wasting time in the office and no one knows about it. The downside to it was me having to open up the office and lock it up after work. There were almost hundreds or locks to be opened... ok, I was just exaggerating, it's about 8 locks to be opened and locked. Would never want to hold the keys to the office again.

I shall end this with a quote of the day:

"Don't work if you don't feel like working. Just act busy and end the day".

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Monday, October 23, 2006

Is that my car?!!

Is that my car, or is it a car?
This is what happens if your car is found to be stolen. Even if you can ever find your car, it would not be a car anymore. How could it be a car if it has no engine, no meter, no tyres and no lights?

My car had chosen to end its life in a state that I've ever imagined. My sis has been using this car all along when my parents upgraded me to another car last year. My 1st car which I got for my 18th birthday died a terrible death. One fine day, she parked her car at USJ6 in the morning before going to work and when she returned in the evening, the dear car has vanished. At first she thought the car has been towed so she went to the MPSJ and it wasn't there. After a few rounds of searching, it dawned upon her that the car had been stolen and I lodged a police report. Well, I thought if the car is stolen, so be it. May no one will find it because I know the outcome would be worse that what I have expected. True enough, the police found it a week later. My car has been found and err... it wasn't quite a car, it was just an empty shell with some seats and a steering wheel.

I was in complete shock.. I was appalled to see my dear car ripped apart, and even my original CDs, new car fragrance and Ikea containers were not spared. Those buggers even toke my 4 new Yokohama tyres!

What I was about to show you can be devastating and disturbing. Please do not continue if you have a weak heart.




Since I don't usually swear profanities in my everyday life nor in the blog but I shall break the rule once -


Still can't believe that it happened to my car.........
Well, the most I can do is to hope that the my insurance agency will write it off and give me my money!

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