Tuesday, October 31, 2006

A Morning Request

"My marketing plan is due tomorrow!" I panicked. Interestingly enough, I haven't done much except for a few tables and few pages. OMG it's tomorrow and to write a marketing plan in one day is definitely MI:4 after the Tom Cruise's MI:3. Thus, I knocked on my CEO's door and told him that I would like to make a request.

"I would like to extend the dateline till this Friday"

With a serious look on his face, he said "ok"

I thanked him and went to inform his EA, whom is also my buddy that I could hand in the plan later on Friday.

With a puzzled look, she said "but the dateline is 10th Nov"

"Is it?!!!" I realised then that I did not read the memo properly. I thought it was tomorrow! It was actually due in 10 more days and what was I thinking when I ask for this Friday's dateline?!! Realising how stupid I was, I knocked on his door again.

"Another request again?" He asked

"Hehe...Boss, I would like to request to cancel the previous request. The dateline is actually 10th Nov"

He smiled and I closed his door. His EA was laughing, my cubicle neighbour was also laughing. That was one of the stupid things that I've done in my office. Haha...what a morning. Knowing that I still have 10 more days has reaffirmed my status as a last minute queen. I'm occasionally a procastinator but I will definitely have a plan by dateline.

The moral of the story for the above is to always ask the boss's assistant before knocking on his door if you don't want to be embarrassed!

Guess what? Today is 31st! Today is ICE CREAM day.. Baskin Robbins 31% discount on all handpacked ice cream. I had a quart of Rum&Raisin and another quart of Jamoca Almond Fudge mixed with World Class Chocolate. I would really recommend Green Tea and Love Potion. These 2 are definitely the best flavours at BR but sadly they discontinued these 2 flavours. Can't find them at most BR outlets. Really missed 'em. Can't wait to stuff those ice cream into my mouth tonight after CF (Celebrity Fitness). Yummy Yummy....

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UnkleBus said...

you should check out this month's juice. velvet members party section ;)

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