Tuesday, September 26, 2006

CopyCat Me

I should give credit to UnkleBus for the following banners as I've stole it from his blog and I did some editing to suit my mood at that moment. To view his full collection - http://unklebus.blogspot.com/2006/09/my-banner-page.html

I was very angry with some of the marketing managers in my company one day and to vent my anger, I did this! Well, it was quite a quick job where I did some modification to the original banner where the lady in the pic is actually a guy. Well, might as well let you know that the marketing managers that I'm talking about are ladies...
t-rex : yum yum...

There's no particular meaning to this banner. I just like it. It's fcool (fcking + cool) man....


UnkleBus said...


hahaha im femes being mentioned on your blog


EilinG said...

u asked me to give you credit mah!
I'm forced!
ok ok..hold back the fork..put it down.. bad unkle bad unkle
(blood gore)

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