Friday, September 29, 2006

Armour peut-etre?

So are you game? With the recent hype of Cornetto Love Perhaps Reality Show going on, I finally have the pleasure of meeting at least 10 of the 15 bachelors yesterday at Asia Cafe @ Subang Jaya. It was 8 and after my work out session at CF, I dropped by to see my friend Allan who had invited me to join him earlier. There I was - ruffled-blown hair, baby-T, denim skirt and flip-flop as opposed to neatly tied/combed hair, perfectly-done-make-up and nice clothes and even the guys were all dressed up. It's okay, I'm not the star of the day. The bachelors, Joy and Shree was there to watch the show which is broadcasted on ntv7 every Thursday @ 8.30pm.
For more details -
Guys, don't say I didn't promote you! This is free publicity man...

At first glance, nothing spectacular, just some unfamilliar faces and some akward hie's. However, they're like a big family. Sometimes i wonder what they said about each other in the show was true? How could they throw nasty comments at each other and at the table, everyone is so friendly?!! It was a game after all right? So there's no reason to be your trueself so I guess whatever I'm watching on TeeVee, it's just an entertainment. "All the world's a stage, all men and women are merely players".

Honestly, those guys looked much better in person and those girls are hot! Once the show started, they were all glued to the gigantic TV projector screen and laughing at each other's silly antics on the show. It was Teoh's birthday yesterday and we were all singing the usual Birthday song and I felt totally out of place because I find myself singing this song to a total stranger. It was so nice of him to invite me to his Bday party tomorrow considering me being a total stranger. He's a nice guy, I'm not saying that because he bought me beer...oops..Well, there's always a first for everything. What was rather perculiar that nite was when everyone at the table was well-dressed up and is making so much noise about the show, no one (the other patrons) there seems to know what's going on!

Sadly, I didn't have enough time to mingle around to dig some bad stuffs outta 'em since I've got to rush for a residents' meeting. Haha I'm just kidding guys. I left before the show has finished and I missed the best part of the show - elimination! All the best to you guys!

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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

CopyCat Me

I should give credit to UnkleBus for the following banners as I've stole it from his blog and I did some editing to suit my mood at that moment. To view his full collection -

I was very angry with some of the marketing managers in my company one day and to vent my anger, I did this! Well, it was quite a quick job where I did some modification to the original banner where the lady in the pic is actually a guy. Well, might as well let you know that the marketing managers that I'm talking about are ladies...
t-rex : yum yum...

There's no particular meaning to this banner. I just like it. It's fcool (fcking + cool) man....

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