Thursday, November 04, 2004

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If i'm going to put a title for this piece, i better not because i'm sure those who are reading this will be bored to death with the title before they even have a look at the first sentence of the content. So, this is the first untitled piece of my writing...

Actually, i was about to name this "My Family" but just typing these two words, i'm already started yawning. I just felt like talking a bit about my family this minute. The feeling of writing this piece reminded me of my primary school times. We were always asked to talk and write about our family. This topic is the top pick for most of the essays in school but it's content is always limited. We were never into writing how we felt about or family. Those essays were just mere description of my family.

I have two sisters beside of course my dad and mom. We were never really very close to both of our parents because my dad is always working outstation and overseas and my mom is a very strict lady- mother of all ragers, i would say. We fear her more than our dad. My dad is a very nice man, i admire him in most ways because he loves us very much despite the fact that i disliked him for treating us like 3-year-olds when i'm already 20! Oops, did i said that out loud? I just hate to admit that i've already touched the big 20. How i wish i'll never grow!

As i grow older, i've realised that i've often agree to what my parents said without thinking much about them. I do have my own thinking, but they were strictly not to be heard. Any word against them is considered a rebel. i've kept all to myself until recently. A volcano, long reserved and well-contained has finally errupted. We had a fight with mom, things will never be the same again. Adults don't seem to understand us. They may have gone through a lot during their times but none of them had gone through what we have at this moment in time. Who are they to say that we were wrong? Who are they to tell us that they can't be wrong?

Things might not work out between us but in the end they are still my parents. I'm doing what i can to salvage what is left from our arguement. I've learnt, realise and more determined than before to seek for happiness.
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