Friday, October 08, 2004

I jez love my ABCs

I'll never known how blessed I am until I went to a movie today.
There's nothing wrong with the movie I watched (Princess Diaries 2) or the plot of the story that I want to comment about.
It was my ABCs i missed during the whole movie.
The cinema was packed and crowded although the movie has been on the screen for quite some time. I was there alone...
The cinema was full but i felt rather empty...
An emptiness that a person like me rarely felt - for many years.
My ABCs were not there to laugh and giggle with me during the entire movie,
nor were there any strangers that share their laughter with me.

I've never stopped to ponder how blessed I am to have my
Best friends
with me all the time whenever I need them

But at this moment I know.
I thank them for standing by me all these while.
A gratitute which i could not repay.

So cherish thy ABCs and you'll realise how lucky you are today!

Song Of The Moment : Miracles Happen (Myra)
Currently Feeling : Lonely

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